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Aadhar card registration online or by phone from March 1st

As per the latest news regarding Aadhar card registration, Govt. is going to implement phone registration and also online registration facility from March 1st. From March 1st onward people can book a slot by dialing the toll free number 1100 from any service. After that an appointment date will be provided to you. On that day you have to visit your nearest centre with all necessary documents. You can also log in to and book your slot by registering online.

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Online Aadhaar card slot booking from March 1st

This facility is going to roll out in Hyderabad so far. Right now the deadline for LPG connection holder is up to 15th March 2013. So priority is given to those people first. Due to huge rush in many Aadhar card centres in Hyderabad Govt has included 12 new centres to the existing list of 60 centres  While booking your slot you have to provide your mobile number and gas connection consumer id. As soon as you book your slot online or by phone you will get an SMS back with further details. If you book via land-line then you have to note down those details in a page carefully.
This step will surely relax many people who do not have much time to visit centres couple of time. At least now you can book a slot online and then plan on that appointment day accordingly. But instead of trying from a land-line phone better to book by a mobile phone only. Let’s see how this step from Govt. eases the existing pressure of Aadhar card registration.

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Aadhar card registration online or by phone from March 1st
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