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Top 10 Places To Invest In Bangalore Real Estate For Long Term


Do you know where to invest in Bangalore or what are the best places to buy land in Bangalore or best place to buy property in Bangalore? Actually recently I have been asked about this question and after that I have started researching about Bangalore real estate market trends.

Things has changed a lot as Bangalore has been expanded like anything in last few years. The reason is obvious, almost every IT professional is dreaming to settle down at Bangalore, but the cost of living is not permitting everyone though. Anyway, if you are planning to invest in real estate in Bangalore, then check out he most preferred places to invest in property in Bangalore below.

Best areas to Invest in Bangalore real estate property

Buying a flat or land or ready made house in any growing city is always good if you are able to spend your accumulated money rather than applying for home loan. If you are planning to by a flat to stay there then, definitely home loan is a best way to get that. But for investment purpose, one should try to spend from your own savings or assets. Anyway here are the 10 hot places to invest in Bangalore.

You might be from North Bangalore, East Bangalore, South Bangalore, West Bangalore, Central Bangalore and any other places of Bangalore. This list is prepared considering overall Bangalore without considering any specific area. So, I am not sure whether it will help your property search query for investment or not. You can mention your query or any kind of question below by writing a comment below.

LocalityAverage Price (Rs/Sqft)
Electronic City3,107/sq.ft
Ramamurthy Nagar4,095/sq.ft
RR Nagar4,395/sq.ft
RR Nagar4,395/sq.ft
K R Puram3,673/sq.ft

Note: These data is collected from various online property search websites in India and these are completely our choice. You have to do your own research as per your budget and the locality you are looking to invest.

Which area is best according to you? I know there are many areas which are growing day by day and becoming very good investment options for many people. Mainly people who are from IT background are looking to invest in flat in areas near to 10 – 15 kms from Bangalore.

Remember that Bangalore is a huge city and the same place might be best to invest for one person, when it is too far from your work place. So, do your research properly before investing. Do share your experience or any tips to help people who are looking for investment options in Bangalore.

Top 10 Places To Invest In Bangalore Real Estate For Long Term
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