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Bengali Festival Calendar 1424 ( 2017-2018) | Bangla Calendar 1424

Are you looking for complete Bengali Calendar for 2017? Then let me tell you that the year in Bengali calendar is not same as English calendar year. Right now its 1424 as per Bengali calendar which will cover 2017 and first 3 months of 2018 also. In this article I will be sharing the festivals in every month of bangla calendar 1424 or Bengali calendar 2016-17 rather than the full Bengali calendar 1424.

Do you know the months in Bangla calendar? They are Baisakh, Jaistho, Aashar, Shraban, Bhadra, Aashin, Kartik, Agrahan, Poush, Maagh, Phalgun, Chaitra. If you are from West Bengal, Kolkata, Bangladesh then you will find this calendar useful. mainly I have shared here the popular Hindu festivals or rituals to follow.

Bengali Festival Calendar 1424 | 2017 – 2018

Festivals of Baisakh 1424 (15th April 2017 – 15th May 2017)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Nabo barsho01 Baisakh 142415-04-2017Saturday
Ekadashi08 Baisakh 142422-04-2017Saturday
Shoby-mi-raaz11 Baisakh 142425-04-2017Tuesday
Amabashya12 Baisakh 142426-04-2017Wednesday
Akhoy Tretiya15 Baisakh 142429-04-2017Saturday
May Day17 Baisakh 142401-05-2017Monday
Ekadashi22 Baisakh 142406-05-2017Saturday
Rabindra Joynti25 Baisakh 142409-05-2017Tuesday
Purnima (Budha Purnima)26 Baisakh 142410-05-2017Wednesday
Sabebrat28 Baisakh 142412-05-2017Friday

Festivals of Jaistho 1424 (16th May 2017 – 15th June 2017)

List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Ekadashi7 Jaistho 142422-05-2017Monday
Amavasha10 Jaistho 142425-05-2017Thursday
Nazrul Joynti11 Jaistho 142426-05-2017Friday
Jamai Shashti16 Jaistho 142431-05-2017Wednesday
Lokenath Baba Deathday19 Jaistho 142403-06-2017Saturday
Ganga Puja, Dashahara20 Jaistho 142404-06-2017Sunday
Ekadashi21 Jaistho 142405-06-2017Monday
Purnima25 Jaistho 142409-06-2017Friday

Festivals of Aashar 1424 (16th June 2017 – 17th July 2017)

List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Ekadashi5 Aashar 142420-06-2017Tuesday
Amavasha9 Aashar 142424-06-2017Saturday
Shabikdar8 Aashar 142423-06-2017Friday
Ratha Jatra10 Aashar 142425-06-2017Sunday
Eid ul Fiter11 Aashar 142426-06-2017Monday
Bipodtarini Puja12 Aashar 142427-06-2017Tuesday
Bipodtarini Puja16 Aashar 142401-07-2017Saturday
Ulto Ratha18 Aashar 142403-07-2017Monday
Ekadashi19 Aashar 142404-07-2017Tuesday
Purnima (Guru Purnima)24 Aashar 142409-07-2017Sunday
Naag Panchami29 Aashar 142414-07-2017Friday


Festivals of Shraban 1424 (18th July 2017 – 17th August 2017)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Ekadashi2 Shraban 142419-07-2017Wednesday
Amavasha6 Shraban 142423-07-2017Sumday
Jhulon Jatra16-21 Shraban 142402-07 aug-2017Wed-Mon
Ekadashi17 Shraban 142403-08-2017Thursday
Purnima (Rakhi Purnima)21 Shraban 142407-08-2017Monday
Rabindranath Tagore D’Day22 Shraban 142408-08-2017Tuesday
Janmashtami28 Shraban 142414-08-2017Monday
Independence Day29 Shraban 142415-08-2017Tuesday
Monosha Puja31 Shraban 142417-08-2017Thursday


Festivals of Bhadra 1424 (18th August 2017 – 17th September 2017)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Ekadashi1 Bhadra 142418-08-2017Friday
Amavasha4 Bhadra 142421-08-2017Monday
Ganash Chaturty8 Bhadra 142425-08-2017Friday
Eid Ul Azha16 Bhadra 142402-09-2017Saturday
Teacher’s Day19 Bhadra 142405-09-2017Tuesday
Purnima20 Bhadra 142406-09-2017Wednesday
Ekadashi30 Bhadra 142416-09-2017Saturday
Vishwakarma Puja31 Bhadra 142417-09-2017Sunday


Festivals of Aashin 1424 (18th September 2017 – 18th October 2017)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Mahalaya2 Aashin 142419-09-2017Tuesday
Amavasha3 Aashin 142420-09-2017Wednesday
Durga Puja (Shasti)9 Aashin 142426-09-2017Tuesday
Durga Puja (Saptami)10 Aashin 142427-09-2017Wednesday
Durga Puja (Ashtami)11 Aashin 142428-09-2017Thursday
Durga Puja (Navami)12 Aashin 142429-09-2017Friday
Durga Puja (Dashami)13 Aashin 142430-09-2017Saturday
Mohorom, Ekadashi14 Aashin 142401-10-2017Sunday
Gandhi Birthday15 Aashin 142402-10-2017Monday
Lakshmi Puja, Purnima18 Aashin 142405-10-2017Thursday
Ekadashi28 Aashin 142415-10-2017Sunday
Dhantaras30 Aashin 142417-10-2017Tuesday


Festivals of Kartik 1424 (19th October 2017 – 17th November 2017)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Kalipuja, Diwali, Amavasha1 Kartik 142419-10-2017Thursday
Bhai phota3 Kartik 142421-10-2017Saturday
Chot puja8 Kartik 142426-10-2017Thursday
Jagodhatri Puja11 Kartik 142429-10-2017Sunday
Ekadashi13 Kartik 142431-10-2017Tuesday
Rash Jatra16 Kartik 142403-11-2017Friday
Guru Nanak Birthday17 Kartik 142404-11-2017Saturday
Purnima17 Kartik 142404-11-2017Saturday
Ekadashi, Children’s Day27 Kartik 142414-11-2017Tuesday
Akheri-Cahar-Shumba28 Kartik 142415-11-2017wednesday
Kartik Puja30 Kartik 142417-11-2017Friday


Festivals of Agrahan 1424 (18th November 2017 – 16th December 2017)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Amavasha1 Agrahan 142418-11-2017Saturday
Ekadashi12 Agrahan 142429-11-2017Wednesday
Fateha Duaz Daham15 Agrahan 142402-12-2017Saturday
Purnima16 Agrahan 142403-12-2017Sunday
Ekadashi26 Agrahan 142413-12-2017Wednesday


Festivals of Poush 1424 (17th December 2017 – 14th January 2018)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Amavasha2 Poush 142418-12-2017Monday
Christmas / Xmas Day9 Poush 142425-12-2017Monday
Ekadashi13 Poush 142429-12-2017Friday
Fateha Eaz Daham14 Poush 142430-12-2017Saturday
New Year’s Day16 Poush 142401-01-2018Monday
Purnima17 Poush 142402-01-2018Tuesday
Ekadashi27 Poush 142412-01-2018Friday
Pous Parbon and Makar Sankranti29 Poush 142414-01-2018Sunday


Festivals of Maagh 1424 (15th January 2018 – 13th February 2018)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Amavasha2 Maagh 142416-01-2018Tuesday
Saraswati Puja8 Maagh 142422-01-2018Monday
Netaji’s Birthday9 Maagh 142423-01-2018Tuesday
Republic Day India12 Maagh 142426-01-2018Friday
Ekadashi14 Maagh 142428-01-2018Sunday
Purnima17 Maagh 142431-01-2018Wednesday
Ekadashi28 Maagh 142411-02-2018Sunday
Maha Shivratri30 Maagh 142413-02-2017Tuesday


Festivals of Phalgoon 1424 (14th February 2018 – 15th March 2018)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Amavasha02 Phalgun 142415-02-2018Thursday
Ekadashi13 Phalgun 142426-02-2018Monday
Purnima (Dol Purnima)16 Phalgun 142401-03-2018Thursday
Holi17 Phalgun 142402-03-2018Friday
Ekadashi28 Phalgun 142413-03-2018Tuesday


Festivals of Chaitra 1424 (16th March 2018 – 14th April 2018)
List of FestivalsBengali DatesEnglish DatesDay
Amavasha2 Chaitra 142417-03-2018Saturday
Basanti Puja9 Chaitra 142424-03-2018Saturday
Annapurnapuja10 Chaitra 142425-03-2018Sunday
Ekadashi12 Chaitra 142427-03-2018Tuesday
Mahavirjayanti14 Chaitra 142429-03-2018Thursday
Good Friday15 Chaitra 142430-03-2018Friday
Purnima16 Chaitra 142431-03-2018Saturday
April Fool Day17 Chaitra 14241-04-2018Sunday
Ekadashi28 Chaitra 142412-04-2018Thursday
Charak Puja30 Chaitra 142414-04-2018Saturday

The data I have collected from, so we are not responsible for the accuracy of the data. If you find the list has some wrong information, kindly update the same here by writing a comment below. I have shared this article with dates of Bangla festivals just to help all my Bengali readers in India or outside India. Feel free to share your views or any special occasion if I have missed here.

Bengali Festival Calendar 1424 ( 2017-2018) | Bangla Calendar 1424
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