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Top 5 Paid and Free Conference Call Services in India

Do professional business conference with these best free conference call services in India! The business magnets or the people with high ranking in the business scene use the word conference. Conference calling is more preferred by these people compared to general public. But with the advent of virtual work culture, nowadays it has become a necessary option for a big section.

It is actually very easy for someone to make conference call with anyone in the world they like, for example your business partner, associates, or any other person whom you might like to meet online. The way of communicating through VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is better.

And when you have access to this app, tools and platforms for free, it is all possible in the fraction of seconds and with no cost. You might require to pay for your internet calls, but with Jio free data service you can boot up your free conference calls from anywhere you like, whether in a gym or café. In this article we will share the top premium and free conference call service providers in India, that will serve your need a great way.

Best Free Conference Call Service in India

1. Skype

Skype is the best app for video conference call which is free of cost. It provides platforms for windows, MAC, and audio for Linux, IOS, android or Microsoft phones, blackberry. With Skype, you can appreciate bunch voice rings with to 25 individuals and video rings with to 10 individuals. No premium record required.

Still, if you possess a Business membership, you may begin a video gathering with 250 members. Skype prescribes video bunch rings with to 5 individuals since it follows their reasonable use arrangement. Bunch video calls are restricted to 100 hours for each month without any than 10 hours for every day and 4 hours for each individual video call.

2. Google Hangouts

It is probably one of the quickest and best way to make free conference calls. You can use it literally on any device that has either video or audio support, and the quality of the call is remarkable. You can even organise your contacts in hangouts.

It’s also providing free platform. If you’re searching a tool for sending 720HD video then it is best app. It also provides a platform for both IOS and android. You can have access to hangouts through your laptops by downloading hangouts plug-in and allow notification through hangouts.


Though the name of the company may not be quite interesting they have a decent audio and video conference service. It has been a great benefit for the small scale business owners.  It also provides a great encourage for the participants’ and polling and hand rising option to know the lead and defeat.

It has a variety of audio and web conferencing and has been running effective for more than 3 years. The advantages of this software of it provide the most interactive calls for many years. The main disadvantage is that the calling service is not integrated with Microsoft outlook.


It is the most users friendly conference call service in India. It has the most necessity for holding a quality conference. It comes with feature that, high quality phones get the better and best phones. This platform also allow for international calling, file sharing and some of the interactive services. The disadvantages are there are no ways to continue the conference call.

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Infinite conference calling service is one of the most reliable and feature filled conference calling service. It has features that which can never be disappointed for someone who rely on conference calling. It also provides high quality and user friendly meeting. It helps you to attend a meeting that takes place in various places in the world.

It also has some of the special features such as ability to customize your own greeting for the meeting and helps you to share the numbers. This also helps easily in the data transfer or share documents easily. It also has polling and hand rising features. It has been the most award winner platform for the conference call by several website. It also has strong customer support due to its quality and user friendly interface.

So these are some of the most user friendly premium and free conference call service providers in India. Get up and running with both audio and video conference call from today. Do you know some other free conference call services in India that can be added to the list? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Top 5 Paid and Free Conference Call Services in India
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