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Top 10 Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2015

Are you looking for the best mutual fund to invest in SIP for long term? Do you know how to choose a mutual fund scheme when there are hundreds of such funds & advisers?

Mutual Funds are one of the best way to invest for long term to create wealth. It is not every one’s cup of tea to understand how stock market work and how to deal with the high & low of stock market. By investing via mutual fund way, one can taste the flavor of stock market.

But that doesn’t mean that one can avoid the risk factor of share market. But through mutual fund, you can invest in various stocks of various sector to minimize the risk factor. It is far better to invest in an particular share of a company. Anyway, in this article let’s find out the best mutual fund to invest in SIP for long term and how to decide which mutual fund to buy.

How to choose Mutual Funds in India

Although I am not a certified financial planner, but I am a DIY (Do It Yourself) investor. I always read various online sources, popular personal finance bloggers knowledge to improve my knowledge. So, as per my understanding one can choose a mutual fund based on few points like:

  • Check out the returns history at least of last 5 – 10 years and try to pick those who gave highest returns.
  • Try to check risk-return trade ratio. This might not be easy to check, but with that one can identify funds which can give good return, but at the cost of high risk. In such a case, it is better to avoid such funds, as per your investment need.
  • All mutual funds are rated by Crisil, a rating agency. They provide trustworthy rankings after reviewing many factors. So, a mutual fund having a crisil ranking 1-4 can be considered as good for investment.
  • VRO or Value Research Organisation is another rating agency and one can consider their 5 & 4 star rated mutual funds for investment.
  • Another important point to check is how big is the fund as per assets. If AUM or Assets Under Management is more than 100 crore, then you can consider that as a good mutual fund.
  • Investing in Mutual fund is not at all free. There are always some fund management charges and many other that you may not be aware while investing. Check out the charges applied for your selected mutual fund, as there is no point of investing in a mutual fund which gives high return with a high maintenance charge. The net return will always be moderate only.

I hope I have covered the major points one can research about Mutual funds in India and choose the best mutual fund to invest in SIP for long term.

Best Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2015

Category if FundCrisil RankNAV1 yr ReturnAUM (Rs. cr.)
   (Rs./Unit) (%) Jun-15

Large Cap

Birla Sun Life Top 100 (G)Rank 140.523.81,415.34
Franklin India Oppor. (G)Rank 153.248.8380.49
SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)Rank 127.019.81,737.07

Small & Mid Cap

Can Robeco Emerg-Equities (G)Rank 157.3918.9427.66
JPMorgan (I) Mid and Small Cap (G)Rank 118.8824.7442
Principal Emerging Bluechip(G)Rank 165.6716.3468.6

Diversified Equity

Birla SL India GenNext (G)Rank 152.0118.8245.08
Franklin High Growth Cos (G)Rank 127.812.62,462.40
ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G)Rank 1108.959.48,686.06
L&T India Value Fund (G)Rank 123.6716214.06
UTI MNC Fund (G)Rank 1150.130.41,030.10

Thematic – Infrastructure

Can Robeco Infrastructure (G)Rank 135.247.5106.38
Franklin Build India Fund (G)Rank 127.2514.7387.35


Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G)Rank 129.9215.74,996.45
Religare Invesco Tax Plan (G)Rank 133.7910.2239.56


GS Nifty BeESRank 1774.25-5.4793.01
Kotak Nifty ETFRank 1791.29-3.498.23

Debt Long Term

BNP Paribas Flexi Debt – RP (G)Rank 124.5312356.79
HDFC High Interest – Dynamic (G)Rank 148.7212.31,556.67
Tata Dynamic Bond – Regular Plan (G)Rank 122.0811.6557.27

Debt Short Term

DWS Banking & PSU Debt – RP (G)Rank 112.4510.4163.33
HDFC Short Term Opportunities (G)Rank 115.779.62,068.41
L&T Short Term Opport. (G)Rank 113.839.2236.09

Credit Opportunities Funds

Franklin (I) ST Income -Retail (G)Rank 12,971.2510.79,288.06
UTI Income Opportunities Fund (G)Rank 112.8610.1667.47

Ultra Short Term Debt

Axis Banking Debt Fund (G)Rank 11,323.608.9403.16
IDFC Banking Debt Fund-Regular (G)Rank 112.418.9729.75
Kotak Banking & PSU Debt – RP (G)Rank 132.228.8188.83
Religare Invesco Credit Opp (G)Rank 11,652.129820.79

Gilt Long Term

L&T Gilt Fund (G)Rank 135.5314.755
SBI Magnum Gilt – LTP (G)Rank 130.8916.1669.48


Tata Balanced Fund – Regular (G)Rank 1163.9113.93,121.04

MIP Aggressive

Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25 (G)Rank 129.3413.5868.3
Tata MIP Plus Fund (G)Rank 124.813.886.18


Axis Liquid Fund – Reg. (G)Rank 11,603.718.73,267.51
Indiabulls Liquid Fund (G)Rank 11,407.438.7502.29
JPMorgan Liquid-SIP (G)Rank 118.758.61,454.62
L&T Liquid-Super Inst (G)Rank 11,984.518.71,469.77

Now you can choose Top 10 Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2015 form thsi massive list of best mutual funds in Inida. This data is collected from and will be updated regularly as per their analysis.

Top 10 Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2015
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  1. amit amit

    I am 32 years old and looking for investment opportunities, basically for retirement purposes, since I am just 32, I am ready to take bold investment ideas that bring me great rate of returns.
    What would you suggest is better, p2p or mutual funds?

    • I have not explored much on P2P, but definitely Mutual fund is the right choice.

  2. Partha Partha

    Where to find Top 10 Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2016 for a long term view…

    • Hi Partha, I think the best platform is FundsIndia, ZipSIp, Scripbox etc. Approach any of them and start investing via SIP for long term from 2016.

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