Top 10 Best Refrigerator in India 2017 | Tips To Buy Refrigerator


Want to buy the best refrigerator in India? Do you know what are the refrigerator features that are worth buying? What are the best budget refrigerators for a new married couple?

To beat the summer, one must have a combination of split AC or air cooler and a good refrigerator or fridge. Refrigerators have come across a long way and one can find various types of refrigerators in design, features and as per need. In this article I will help you to buy the best refrigerator as per your need.

Things to note while buying the best refrigerator in India

Before explaining in detail, let’s have a look at few points that one should keep in mind when they are looking to buy a refrigerator

  • Try to focus only on the top brand refrigerators. Many new brands are offering good looking, feature packed and cheap refrigerators, but there is no point to try those if those features are not at all useful for you.
  • Look for the after sales service. I highly recommend choosing a brand based on that point only.
  • As per your need decide the size of the refrigerator. E.g. if you are a bachelor, then a single door small refrigerator is enough. Similar for a new married couple, a basic double door refrigerator is good. But in case both husband and wife are working couple, you have relatives or parents stayed with you then you may have to look for a bigger size.
  • Don’t waste money for attractive features like side by side refrigerator, freezer on door, instant cooling feature if you really don’t need them. These things may cause problem when maintenance require.
  • Consider BEE star rating while buying best refrigerator in India. But it is not necessary as one have to pay an extra amount to get that product. If you require a refrigerator with many features and will use that excessively then choosing a refrigerator based on BEE star level is a good idea.
  • Now a day, one can buy a refrigerator from online itself from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. If you are going with a top brand then it could be a great idea to buy online. Look for best refrigerator deals online to save money. But still it is always advised that you should do some ground level experiments by visiting some physical shops and collect necessary information even though you buy a refrigerator online.
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Top 10 best refrigerator brands in India

First of all it is always better to buy an electronic product from a reputed well known brand who is expert in the area. The after sales support plays a big role as electronics can stop working any time and at that time if your seller doesn’t respond to your query then you can lose the trust.

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Anyway, one can look for best refrigerator from any of the trusted brand in India

  • LG –
  • Samsung –
  • Kelvinator –
  • Electrolux –
  • Videocon –
  • Haier –
  • Godrej –
  • Whirlpool –
  • Hitachi –
  • Panasonic –

Among them LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej are the most popular refrigerator brands in India, who capture more than 80% of this market.

Types of Refrigerator

When you are looking to buy the best refrigerator, then you should know what the various types of refrigerator available in Market are. There are various parameters based on which refrigerator price has been decided.

Refrigerator Door Type

For a basic need a simple and single door refrigerator may be enough, but if you are looking for more different design then there is couple of types of Refrigerator based on door types. E.g.

  • Standard Single Door
  • Standard Double Door
  • Standard Triple Door
  • Multi-Door
  • Side-by-Side
  • Freezer-on-Bottom

Refrigerator cooling types

In many feature packed Refrigerator one can control the cooling temperature for better result. You can choose from Direct Cool or Frost Free Refrigerator.

Size of the refrigerator

Now this is a very critical point to decide before looking for the best refrigerator. The size of the refrigerator is decided by the capacity in litre. One can find various sizes in leading online portals or any offline electronic stores like

  • Up to 120 l
  • 121 – 200 l
  • 201 – 250 l
  • 251 – 300 l
  • 301 – 400 l
  • 401 l & above
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As per your usability you can choose the size of the refrigerator.

Power consumption

Power consumption plays a big role for any electronic product. Now a days with the BE star level, it is easier to buy a good quality product. As we all know that the meaning of 5 star rating is more efficient as per electricity saving and this will add around 5000+ costs for the same refrigerator with Be 4 star rating.

List of 10 Best Refrigerator in India 2017 based on online popularity

I have decided to provide a list of good refrigerators considering price, features and size. And I think 20,000 could a be a bench mark for that. Check out such few refrigerators based on reviews in various online portals. These are the most popular refrigerators.

[amazon bestseller=”1380365031″]

So these are the few of the refrigerators collected based on various online review portals. It is better to do your own research by reading couple of user experiences & reviews from the people who bought them.

Which one is the best refrigerator in 2015 for you?. Share your experience or any question related to refrigerators here by writing a simple comment.


  1. I have just now read through your suggestions on choosing a refrigerator. Thank you for the wonderful effort. Presently I am looking forward to buying a fridge and a washing machine. The ones which I owned at my residence which were purchased 12 to 13 years back have now started mal-functioning. I am not trying for any repairs considering the age of the items I own. Repairs in our Kochi is expensive. I feel it is only sensible to go for new ones. I am willing to spend an amount within Rs.50K for this purpose. We are a family of two, wife and self and my son and wife may join occasionally. Do you have some suggestions on buying, brands, model etc?

    • I think you have a very good enough budget to get the best refrigerator. Recently I have purchased a Samsung fridge. I think look for the one who is good in after sales service.

  2. Yes, fantastic points and a great guide for buying a fridge anywhere! I can personally vouch for the LG fridge because that’s what I use and it’s a great looking and great operating fridge.