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Blogger’s Interview – Raviraj Parekh of

There are many bloggers in India who are not living their life out of blogging, but are very successful in their blogging journey. They might be doing it part time but are spreading awareness among people & at the same time earning some really good money from their blog/blogs.

We have started this Blogger’s Story series to introduce you to these highly skilled experts of blogging & know about their blog & life. You might have gone through their sites many times & want to know more about their journey.

Today we have our first guest, Raviraj Parekh of one of the most popular personal finance blog of India In our interview, we have asked him a set of questions about his life, his blog & blogging journey. We must say that he has answered all of these with utmost honesty. We are really thankful to Raviraj for his time in answering all the questions.

So, without wasting much time let us jump to the discussion with MDLT team.

Blogger Story Raviraj Parekh

MDLT: Who is Raviraj? Let us know about yourself.

Raviraj: Hi Friends, I am Raviraj Parekh, a professional personal finance blogger from Surat, Gujarat. By profession I am an Engineer and working for MNC company.

I am passionate about money matters and finance. Prior to blogging I was working as a part time Insurance planner for LIC of India. During 2012 while interacting with one of the client, I discovered that literacy level of people in terms of financial products among Indian’s are very low. I thought to start a blog where I will write about things related to personal finance, stock market, insurance planning and other financial products. That’s how Money Excel Blog was born.

MDLT: Tell us about your blog MoneyExcel.

Raviraj: Basic Idea behind Money Excel blog is to help people in achieving excellence for money. It’s about educating people so that they take informed financial decisions about their money.

Money Excel was started by me and my friend Shitanshu on 18th Oct, 2012. Thanks a lot to our readers in short span of 3 years Money Excel become one of the most popular personal finance blog of India.

At Money Excel, you will find many interesting article on personal finance, mutual funds, stock market, real estate and Insurance products. We post unbiased view on various investment options on this blog. You will definitely love to read this blog.

I have started this blog out of passion but now it is empowering thousands of daily visitors.

MDLT: Is it your first interview? How are you feeling about that?

Raviraj: Yes, it is my first interview & I am super excited. I am feeling like on the top of the world.

I am thankful to Santanu for giving me this opportunity.

MDLT: Are you a full time blogger or a part-time blogger?

Raviraj: I am a part time blogger. I spend around four to five hours daily on blogging. Blogging is not my bread & butter, I am doing a job to fulfill responsibilities of my family. Idea behind starting this blog was to spread awareness, earning money is secondary thing.

MDLT: Do you provide any service from your blog?

Raviraj: No, I am not providing any services from my blog. We are not affiliated to any agents, brokers or firm.

MDLT: How many websites do you run? Do you have a team?

Raviraj: Well, I own two website. One is Money Excel and another is is classified website which allows people to post a free advertisement to sell their products.

These two websites are jointly owned and managed by me and Shitanshu. We don’t believe in hiring people as we want to maintain quality of our blog and website.

MDLT: How does your family consider blogging as a career?

Raviraj: Truly speaking they don’t like blogging as a career. They don’t like me working on the laptop after coming from office. It is taxing them as I am unable to spend quality time with them.

MDLT: Why did you choose personal finance, money as your blogging niche?

Raviraj: A prime reason to select personal finance as niche is, I am passionate about money matters. I like to evaluate new financial product and share knowledge about the same. This gives dual advantage, I learn, invest and grow and also help people to grow.

MDLT: Would you like to share your income sources? Or how much money you are able to generate from your own business?

Raviraj: I generate most of the revenue for my blog from Google Adsense. I am able to generate average 1500-2000$ per month.

MDLT: Who is your blogging role model?

Raviraj: I have learned blogging from my friend Shitanshu. He helped me a lot to understand SEO, traffic generation and how to blog. He is my role model.

MDLT: Would you like to share how much time you are spending daily for work?

Raviraj: Daily I spend 12-13 hours for the work out of which 8 hour is for full time Job and 4-5 hours for blogging.

MDLT: Any blogging mistake you want to share with our readers?

Raviraj: At initial stages I used to do multiple mistakes in terms of writing (spelling, grammar etc). My writing style was not good. I was at learning stage, but after couple of years I tried to improve my writing skills and still I am doing the same 🙂

MDLT: If I want to ask you to share a simple thumb rule for blogging, what that would be?

Raviraj: Simple thumb rule for blogging as per me is to understand your readers and write what they want to read. Write to the point, never bore your visitor. Spend time on gathering information before writing about any topic.

MDLT: How do you spend your time, when you are not blogging?

Raviraj: When I am not blogging I spend time with my family and my kids. Sometime I watch Television.

MDLT: What are your future blogging plans?

Raviraj: Going forward,  I am planning to make forum on which common man can ask questions, share experiences and feedback. Apart from that, I am planning to launch financial planning service for rural India.

Thanks again Raviraj for taking the time to share your blogging journey with the readers of MyDailyLifeTips. If you have any question for Raviraj that we missed to ask during the interview, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger’s Interview – Raviraj Parekh of
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  1. I appreciate the blog content quality and this is a real place for sharing thoughts..

  2. Shreya Shreya

    Very interesting and Inspiring story….

    • Thanks Shreya for stopping by our blog. 🙂

    • Hi Raviraj,

      You are most welcome & congratulations on your first published interview.

  3. Manidipa,

    I like your blog and find your posts very insightful.

    Raviraj – best of luck to you my friend in your blogging journey.

    Laura Beth

    • Hi Laura ,

      Thanks for liking our efforts 🙂 Hope to offer more such in future.

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