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Blogger’s Interview – Shreekanth Reddy of

In our Blogger’s Story series, today let us introduce you to the Relax Man behind, who gets new post ideas while he is simply walking 🙂

Shreekanth Reddy or Sree was too interested in personal finances that he quit his job of a top IT company to enter into the finance world. His main intention behind blogging is to provide unbiased & simple views on any financial product.

We sincerely thank Sreekanth for his patience in answering all the questions & make the discussion interesting 🙂

Blogger's Interview Shreekanth Reddy of Relakhs.comMDLT: Who is Shreekanth? Please share about yourself in brief.

Sreekanth: Hi. I am Sreekanth, friends call me Sree or Sreek. I was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh. Did my schooling and graduation in AP. I completed MBA from ICFAI Business School, Chennai. I am married and have a 6 year old son.

MDLT: What is all about?

Sreekanth: is all about PERSONAL FINANCES. I try to update the blog with latest news, views and reviews on Financial services and products. Articles on are written in such a way that most of the blog readers or investors understand them easily. Also, it is a platform where a blog reader can get unbiased views on Financial products and also unbiased replies to his/her queries on  Personal Finances.

MDLT: Would you like to share about your professional career?

Sreekanth: After completing my MBA, I got placed with, Chennai. After a brief stint, joined Infosys, Bangalore in 2003. I worked in IT industry till 2010. In 2010, I had quit my job with TCS and enrolled for CFP course. During this period, I was lucky enough to get trained under Padmalochani mam (my Mentor) and even took training sessions for CFP aspirants along with her.  I had started ReLakhs Financial Services in 2010. Since then, I have been providing Financial Counselling, Property Consultancy and Tax planning services through my firm. I started Blogging on from June 2014 with a clear aim of providing unbiased suggestions or views on Financial Planning / Personal Finance topics.

MDLT: Why did you decide to start a blog?

Sreekanth: I was not comfortable with SEBI’s Investment Advisor regulations. I personally feel the regulations are not well-framed. So, in 2014 I decided to stop providing fee-based Financial Planning (one-to-one) services. I couldn’t stay away from FP and was not at all happy with my decision. I am passionate about providing FP services. Basavaraj of inspired me to start my own Blog. I am very happy that I took a right and prudent decision to blog.

MDLT: How is your blogging journey so far? What is your family’s response on that?

Sreekanth: Everyday is a learning day when it comes to Blogging. So happy and excited to read my blog reader’s comments , and assist them in planning their finances. It is a wonderful feeling. Each person’s financial profile is different, so you get a chance to learn and at the same time assist him/her in planning their finances.

My Family believes in my abilities and skills. They always support and motivate me.

MDLT: Do you provide Personal Finance Services? In case I want to avail that service, then how should I approach you?

Sreekanth: I have recently stopped offering Financial Planning services. Investors can reach me at sreekanth [at] and I am more than happy to reply to their Personal Finance queries.

MDLT: How difficult it is to blog on personal finance niche?

Sreekanth: I do not say it is difficult but it is a very challenging task. We are writing on topics related to MONEY, so we should be extremely responsible and careful. We just can’t write whatever we feel like.

MDLT: Did you complete your CFP course? How difficult it is to become a CFP?

Sreekanth: Yes, I completed CFP. If one is really passionate about Personal Finances, I believe that it is not at all a difficult course to complete.

MDLT: Do you provide any service via your blog?

Sreekanth: As of now, I am providing free service through my Blog. But, I do get lot of clients for Property Consultancy and Tax Planning via my website.

MDLT: What are your blogging mistakes?

Sreekanth: Initially I started with .IN domain, I believe it is better to stick to .COM domain names. If one is serious about blogging, it is advisable to take a Professional / Expert help regarding the Technical stuff. I realized the importance of taking an expert help after 6 months of blogging. We are constantly exposed to many new things (technical or non-technical) when it comes to blogging, so committing mistakes is part and parcel of the learning process. But, we need to learn from our mistakes.

MDLT: Who is/are your role models in Blogging?

Sreekanth: I personally follow, Subra sir’s blog (, Prof Pattabiraman sir’s, etc. Basavaraj ( is the one who motivated me to have my own blog.

MDLT: How do you research for article ideas? Would you like to share few tips to write regular content to a newbie blogger?

Sreekanth: I read blog readers’ queries on popular finance blogs, magazines, forums etc., to know what investors are looking for. I get lot of post ideas by doing this exercise. I also try to write on the hot and latest topics.

Also, I am constantly in touch with my blog readers through my blog/facebook/emails, which enables me to understand their requirements and this gives me lot of ideas.

MDLT: How many blogs you are running? Do you have a team?

Sreekanth: As of now only one blog. I have a team for Property Consultancy but not for blogging.

MDLT: What do you do generally when you don’t blog?

Sreekanth: I Play with my son, spend time with family, love walking (I get lot of new post ideas when I am 🙂 ), read magazines…

MDLT: How your kids are taking blogging, watching you sitting on laptop most of the time working from home?

Sreekanth: My son now understands that If I am before my comp then I am busy with my office work. But he constantly keeps asking me to be with him and play with him (I work from my home). I generally try to balance my work and family life.

MDLT: Would you recommend them such a career?

Sreekanth: Yes why is neither a recommendation nor a expectation. If he likes to blog (in future), I will surely encourage him. It is as good as being employed. Sky is the limit (to get name/ to earn money) when it comes to blogging.

MDLT: Where is blogging in India? Would you like to comment on that?

Sreekanth: Internet penetration is the key parameter here. We are a young nation with rapidly growing mobile internet penetration. More and more people are accessing the internet. If a blogger can write what they need then blogging is a great profession, it will have a great future in the coming years.

MDLT: What are your future blogging plans?

Sreekanth: Write more and more useful content, planning to launch one more blog (it is in preliminary research stage) and I also have plans to launch online mobile APP or tool for Financial Planning.

MDLT: Any advice as a blogger you would like to share to the newbie bloggers?

Sreekanth: I am also a newbie ( is just a one year old blog). What I learnt in this one year is;

  • Keep learning, be approachable, stay in touch with your blog readers
  • Keep them engaged with your work, value your blog reader’s time
  • Don’t write an article to just fill up your website space
  • Initially start writing on topics which you are comfortable with
  • Reply to comments ASAP, use social media platforms to aggressively promote your posts/blog
  • Try to use lot of pictures/info-graphics to explain a topic……

Thank you Santanu & the team at for giving me this opportunity to express my views. Wish you all the very best and happy Blogging.

Thanks Sreekanth for your generosity & share your story with all our readers. If you have any questions for Sreekanth that we missed here, please feel free to ask by putting a comment below.

Blogger’s Interview – Shreekanth Reddy of
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  1. Shashikant Shashikant

    Dear sir,
    I always love to read your blogs. After reading I start mf investments. Sir, now want forward to ipo’s share purchase.
    But I confused in deciding demat and trading account partner.
    Kindly guide me .
    Dr. Shashikant

  2. Hey Manidipa! Individuals like Shreekanth are the really the case of why you ought to take after your fantasies and why you shouldn’t stop until you find what you are looking for in this world.

    i for one like the decision of your inquiries and it really has brought out much from Shreekanth. Would love to hear more from you later on. Awesome work. Here’s to you.

  3. Yash Shah Yash Shah

    Hi !!

    I am Yash Shah, Author at, one of the best websites having daily updates and articles on various topics. I read the full questionnaire and I am so glad that Shreekanth ji has made such a long journey. Thanks Manidipa for asking such amazing questions and resolving my doubts too. I love writing on many topics that I am unable to restrict it from me. It’s all because of you all guys motivating me. Thanks once again.

  4. Stock Market Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet Stock Market Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet

    Really awesome blog. Your blog is really useful for me.

  5. nikitabansal nikitabansal

    We sincerely thank Sreekanth for his patience in answering all the questions & make the discussion interesting 🙂

  6. All the Best Shreekanth and Manidipa with your beautiful and informative blogs!!!!

  7. Truly inspiring interview, Manidipa. But blogging as a career in India is still a distant dream.

    • Hi Pranjal,

      Blooging in India, may not be an usual career currently. But gradually people have started to realize its importance. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hi Manidipa! People like Shreekanth are the truly the example of why you should follow your dreams and why you shouldn’t stop until you find what you are seeking in this world.

    i personally like the choice of your questions and it actually has brought out much from Shreekanth. Would love to hear more from you in the future. Great work. Cheers.

    • Hi Ovais,

      Yes, bloggers like him are true inspirations. Thanks for liking our efforts. Keep visiting.

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