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In our Blogger’s Story series, today let us introduce you to the Relax Man behind, who gets new post ideas while he is simply walking 🙂

Shreekanth Reddy or Sree was too interested in personal finances that he quit his job of a top IT company to enter into the finance world. His main intention behind blogging is to provide unbiased & simple views on any financial product.

We sincerely thank Sreekanth for his patience in answering all the questions & make the discussion interesting 🙂

Blogger's Interview Shreekanth Reddy of Relakhs.comMDLT: Who is Shreekanth? Please share about yourself in brief.

Sreekanth: Hi. I am Sreekanth, friends call me Sree or Sreek. I was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh. Did my schooling and graduation in AP. I completed MBA from ICFAI Business School, Chennai. I am married and have a 6 year old son.

MDLT: What is all about?

Sreekanth: is all about PERSONAL FINANCES. I try to update the blog with latest news, views and reviews on Financial services and products. Articles on are written in such a way that most of the blog readers or investors understand them easily. Also, it is a platform where a blog reader can get unbiased views on Financial products and also unbiased replies to his/her queries on  Personal Finances.

MDLT: Would you like to share about your professional career?

Sreekanth: After completing my MBA, I got placed with, Chennai. After a brief stint, joined Infosys, Bangalore in 2003. I worked in IT industry till 2010. In 2010, I had quit my job with TCS and enrolled for CFP course. During this period, I was lucky enough to get trained under Padmalochani mam (my Mentor) and even took training sessions for CFP aspirants along with her.  I had started ReLakhs Financial Services in 2010. Since then, I have been providing Financial Counselling, Property Consultancy and Tax planning services through my firm. I started Blogging on from June 2014 with a clear aim of providing unbiased suggestions or views on Financial Planning / Personal Finance topics.

MDLT: Why did you decide to start a blog?

Sreekanth: I was not comfortable with SEBI’s Investment Advisor regulations. I personally feel the regulations are not well-framed. So, in 2014 I decided to stop providing fee-based Financial Planning (one-to-one) services. I couldn’t stay away from FP and was not at all happy with my decision. I am passionate about providing FP services. Basavaraj of inspired me to start my own Blog. I am very happy that I took a right and prudent decision to blog.

MDLT: How is your blogging journey so far? What is your family’s response on that?

Sreekanth: Everyday is a learning day when it comes to Blogging. So happy and excited to read my blog reader’s comments , and assist them in planning their finances. It is a wonderful feeling. Each person’s financial profile is different, so you get a chance to learn and at the same time assist him/her in planning their finances.

My Family believes in my abilities and skills. They always support and motivate me.

MDLT: Do you provide Personal Finance Services? In case I want to avail that service, then how should I approach you?

Sreekanth: I have recently stopped offering Financial Planning services. Investors can reach me at sreekanth [at] and I am more than happy to reply to their Personal Finance queries.

MDLT: How difficult it is to blog on personal finance niche?

Sreekanth: I do not say it is difficult but it is a very challenging task. We are writing on topics related to MONEY, so we should be extremely responsible and careful. We just can’t write whatever we feel like.

MDLT: Did you complete your CFP course? How difficult it is to become a CFP?

Sreekanth: Yes, I completed CFP. If one is really passionate about Personal Finances, I believe that it is not at all a difficult course to complete.

MDLT: Do you provide any service via your blog?

Sreekanth: As of now, I am providing free service through my Blog. But, I do get lot of clients for Property Consultancy and Tax Planning via my website.

MDLT: What are your blogging mistakes?

Sreekanth: Initially I started with .IN domain, I believe it is better to stick to .COM domain names. If one is serious about blogging, it is advisable to take a Professional / Expert help regarding the Technical stuff. I realized the importance of taking an expert help after 6 months of blogging. We are constantly exposed to many new things (technical or non-technical) when it comes to blogging, so committing mistakes is part and parcel of the learning process. But, we need to learn from our mistakes.

MDLT: Who is/are your role models in Blogging?

Sreekanth: I personally follow, Subra sir’s blog (, Prof Pattabiraman sir’s, etc. Basavaraj ( is the one who motivated me to have my own blog.

MDLT: How do you research for article ideas? Would you like to share few tips to write regular content to a newbie blogger?

Sreekanth: I read blog readers’ queries on popular finance blogs, magazines, forums etc., to know what investors are looking for. I get lot of post ideas by doing this exercise. I also try to write on the hot and latest topics.

Also, I am constantly in touch with my blog readers through my blog/facebook/emails, which enables me to understand their requirements and this gives me lot of ideas.

MDLT: How many blogs you are running? Do you have a team?

Sreekanth: As of now only one blog. I have a team for Property Consultancy but not for blogging.

MDLT: What do you do generally when you don’t blog?

Sreekanth: I Play with my son, spend time with family, love walking (I get lot of new post ideas when I am 🙂 ), read magazines…

MDLT: How your kids are taking blogging, watching you sitting on laptop most of the time working from home?

Sreekanth: My son now understands that If I am before my comp then I am busy with my office work. But he constantly keeps asking me to be with him and play with him (I work from my home). I generally try to balance my work and family life.

MDLT: Would you recommend them such a career?

Sreekanth: Yes why is neither a recommendation nor a expectation. If he likes to blog (in future), I will surely encourage him. It is as good as being employed. Sky is the limit (to get name/ to earn money) when it comes to blogging.

MDLT: Where is blogging in India? Would you like to comment on that?

Sreekanth: Internet penetration is the key parameter here. We are a young nation with rapidly growing mobile internet penetration. More and more people are accessing the internet. If a blogger can write what they need then blogging is a great profession, it will have a great future in the coming years.

MDLT: What are your future blogging plans?

Sreekanth: Write more and more useful content, planning to launch one more blog (it is in preliminary research stage) and I also have plans to launch online mobile APP or tool for Financial Planning.

MDLT: Any advice as a blogger you would like to share to the newbie bloggers?

Sreekanth: I am also a newbie ( is just a one year old blog). What I learnt in this one year is;

  • Keep learning, be approachable, stay in touch with your blog readers
  • Keep them engaged with your work, value your blog reader’s time
  • Don’t write an article to just fill up your website space
  • Initially start writing on topics which you are comfortable with
  • Reply to comments ASAP, use social media platforms to aggressively promote your posts/blog
  • Try to use lot of pictures/info-graphics to explain a topic……

Thank you Santanu & the team at for giving me this opportunity to express my views. Wish you all the very best and happy Blogging.

Thanks Sreekanth for your generosity & share your story with all our readers. If you have any questions for Sreekanth that we missed here, please feel free to ask by putting a comment below.


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