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Blogger’s Interview – Suresh KP of


Our next guest in the Bloggers’ Story series is Suresh KP from MyInvestmentIdeas. It is really amazing that being a part time blogger he not just made his blog one of the most successful personal finance blogs, but also managed to achieve some great numbers like 10,000+ daily visitors, 15,000+ facebook likes and 4,500+ email subscribers!

We are really thankful to Suresh for his patience in answering all our questions & providing some really invaluable investment tips. So without wasting much time, let us meet today’s guest.

Blogger's Interview Suresh KP MyInvestmentIdeas.comMDLT: Who is Suresh? Please provide a brief bio of yourself.

Suresh: Hi, I am Suresh KP, founder of Basically, I do 9 to 6 job, but out of my passion, I created this blog. Personally, I have been tracking financial markets for the past 15 years. Blogging has become part of my life now.

MDLT: Would you like to share some interesting facts about your blogging journey?

Suresh: In Jan-2012, I have created a goal to earn money through part-time. I started writing several ideas on a piece of paper. I started filtering them based on my interest. Finally, I decided to do blogging and created a website which talks about various investment options in India. Currently has more than 10,000 daily average visitors, 15,000+ facebook likes and 4,500+ email subscribers.

MDLT: Why Personal finance niche? Are you a certified Financial Planner?

Suresh: I have done my MBA Finance. Here I am sharing what I know and how I analyze deeply for making investment options.  I too make mistakes. My experience, analysis and mistakes are written in the form of blog to educate investors.

MDLT: Why do you think someone should hire a CFP?

Suresh: Certified Financial Planner (CFP) provides financial planning services where investors can plan and invest their money in disciplined way.  While CFP provides way to invest, ultimately it is investor who need to decide, implement and start investing or saving money.

MDLT: Do all CFPs share honest reviews? I found many people are making this a business and a way to make money.

Suresh: I would not say most of the CFP’s are doing honest reviews. I do agree that some of the websites do paid reviews too. However, there are several blogs now which started educating investors.  This investor education is giving less room for any one getting cheated with investment advisors.

MDLT: What is the role of blogging in your life?

Suresh: I see blogging as an education channel. While I am educating myself with various investment options now and then, the same are posted on my blog. I do blogging only in weekends or when I am free.

MDLT: What are the major financial mistakes people generally do? Would you like to share from your experience?

Suresh: My blog has 20,000+ comments answered in last 3 years. However a few of them are most repetitive.  Many investors do not know where to invest and how to invest their money. E.g. Many investors invested in Unit Linked Insurance Plans knowingly or unknowingly. Another example is investors invest in mutual funds for short term instead of long term. These are common mistakes made by investors.

MDLT: As a blogger, what are your strategies to keep your blog secure & alive all the time?

Suresh: Currently, I analyze and write articles + managing technical side of the blog. I do see hackers and competitors try to inject virus and make site down. I check my blog performance regularly by updating with latest security features.

MDLT: How active you are while replying comments? How did you manage time to do the same?

Suresh: This is one of the question which I keep asking myself. While I do 9 to 6 job from Monday to Friday, I generally do blogging on weekends. However when a query comes from investors, I would respond only when I am free during the week or on Saturday and Sunday. I am working on this aspect to see that I reduce the response time.

MDLT: How to plan retirement, this is the biggest worry of this generation as we don’t have any fixed pension planned. What would be your suggestion on that?

Suresh: There are several pension schemes, life insurance policies etc., which indicates retirement planning. However, for me, retirement planning can be done in several ways. You can invest in equity mutual funds every month through SIP and move to debt atleast 4-5 years before your retirement. Mutual Funds can give you 12% to 15% annualized returns.  Hence this is one of the best ways for retirement planning.

Other ways could be simply investing in bank FD’s which would fetch you 8% annualized returns. I don’t believe in investing in life insurance policies or pension plans which may provide 5% to 6% annualized returns. New ULIP’s which has zero or low allocation charges could also be a way to save for retirement. They may provide 6% to 10% annualized returns.

MDLT: We found you are mostly sharing about Mutual Funds, IPOs, NFOs etc. Would you recommend them for a beginner and why?

Suresh: Mutual Funds can be invested by any one as low as Rs 500 per month. However one should invest for long term. If you are beginner in investment, your first option should be mutual funds apart from investing in fixed income options. However IPO’s are high risk. Hence investors who has high risk appetite can invest in these IPO’s.

MDLT: What are the major difficulties you have faced while blogging in finance?

Suresh: Major difficulty in blogging is about positive conclusion for the investment option or investment product. If I am saying an investor should invest, I need to be more careful and give handful of positive factors why an investor should invest. Otherwise, my view would be different from investors view and blog would lose trust.

MDLT: How to change people’s perception about investment? We can find the problem while buying an insurance policy.

Suresh: I feel, investors’ perception can be changed by giving facts. E.g. I reviewed ICICI Pru Life Wealth guarantee ULIP and given all positive and negative factors. There were 100’s of comments on my blog indicating that they surrendered the policy within 15 days or changed their decision not to go with such policy. I just educated, decision was taken by investors.

MDLT: Any tips you would like to share while buying an insurance policy?

Suresh: My advice about insurance is to take term insurance plan first. If you do not believe in stocks or mutual funds, invest in zero or low cost ULIP plans or invest in bank fixed deposits. Don’t go for insurance cum investment plans which generate 5% to 6% annualized returns.

MDLT: 5 quick Mutual fund investment tips you would like to share?

Suresh: While there are several mutual fund schemes, I am personally investing in ICICI Focused Blue chip fund, Birla FL Frontline Equity fund, HDFC Mid-cap Opps fund, Franklin India smaller companies fund, ICICI Balanced fund etc., This portfolio suits every one. However one should invest for long term of 8 to 10 years.

MDLT: Would you like to share the best article you have written in your blog?

Suresh: My favorite article is “Top 10 Best Performing Mutual Funds for 2015 .

Thanks again Suresh for sharing your investment ideas with the readers of

Please write a comment below in case you want to know anything else about Suresh’s blogging journey.

Blogger’s Interview – Suresh KP of
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  1. Hey Suresh,
    It is great to know about you.
    I do follow your blog and this article on you and why you started with blogging gives a completely new picture of you and your passion towards blogging. I hope I get to learn a lot more things from your blog.
    I wish you all the best for your success!

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