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Bojhena se bojhena Bengali movie 2012 ~ Story, Music, review

Bojhena se bojhena Bengali movie 2012 ~ Story, Music, review
Initially I heard about the movie as Prem Amar 2. But later on the name is changed to Bojhe na se bojhe na. After watching the movie I have to say this is a very good movie I have seen in recent times. In fact I would say a very sweet movie I have seen in last 4-5 months in Hindi or Bengali or English. So I am writing about this movie after a long gap, I think last I updated was Anjan Dutta’s Dutta Vs Dutta. Anyway lets have a look at the movie details and a small trailer.

Director   : Raj Chakraborty
Starring   : Soham, Mimi Chakraborty, Abir Chatterjee, Payel Sarkar
Producer : Shree Venkatesh Films
Music       : Arindom ChatterjeeTheatrical Trailer (Bojhena Shey Bojhena) (Bengali) (Full HD) (2012)

Bojhena Se Bojhena movie Story and review

After watching the movie, I would say there is not much story to talk about. But presentation wise it’s awesome. The story starts with a bus accident and then went to flashback with Abir and Payel’s story. Actually the plot is this accident and the travelers of these 2 buses.

Director Raj Chakroborty did a superb job showing every emotion perfectly. Although it’s a Tamil remake, but does not look like a remake for me. In the bus there were a group of school girls returning to their home after winning a trophy, a young boy and girl trying to find love between them, a newly married couple feeling the pain of leaving each other and off course our lead characters of this movie.

Payal is a small town girl and came to Kolkata to attend her first interview in Sector V. The way the city and her experience shown in the film is just superb. She acted very well as a tensed girl in this big city. Finally a trust and chemistry build between Abir and Payal which finished without a happy ending. By the way Abir was the man who helped Payal to reach Sector V after facing many obstacles.

In another story Soham as a Muslim boy fall in love with a very straight forward police man’s girl Mimi. Mimi did a very fine acting in her role. She looked very mature and perfect suited for the role. Soham as loyal and innocent lover did the same magic again.

This movie is for them who love to see fresh romance. Very soothing to watch. Finally the accident happened and I have to agree it has been shot so beautifully that it looked like a real accident only.

Music is well and with the plot it matched perfectly. May be it’s a copy or remake, but for Bengali film industry this is a real milestone movie where only acting rules. As a Bengali movie lover I don’t mind such remakes if they can be really acted and presented like that.
Bojhena se bojhena Bengali movie 2012 ~ Story, Music, review
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  1. Devarishi gogoi Devarishi gogoi

    best movie bengali….i like it…….and the bus accident is awesome….wow….what a film!!!!

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