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CA-Assisted Income Tax-filing absolutely FREE @ MyUniverse.

Income Tax e Filling procedure is finally taking the pace as the last date of e filling of income tax for 2014- 15 FY has reached to the last week of August 2015. The final date is 31st August and you can count now how many days left for your ITR file.

You can easily file your ITR online absolutely free by log in to income tax India official website. But with the change of ITR Sahaj forms recently, you may find it difficult. In such a case you can approach to any income tax broker or take help from any income e filling website.

CA-Assisted Income Tax-filing absolutely FREE @ MyUniverse.jpg

CA-Assisted Income Tax-filing absolutely FREE @ MyUniverse

This year I have seen many promotions from ITR online filling websites and in this article I will share about a similar promotional offer. But this is not a sponsored post though. Already IDBI has collaborated with Cleartax and offered such service.

If you are looking to take help of any online income tax e filling website, then check out the CA-Assisted Income Tax-filing from MyUniverse. They are claiming to provide a CA assisted ITR filling without taking any money. That means absolutely free. To know more about this offer check out the ITR e filling @ MyUniverse.

Actually, Myuniverse has tied up with H&R Block, one of the leader in income tax filling. And they are offering a free service with them up to a certain level to attract people.

How to file income tax return online with myuniverse

The process is very simple and its common for almost everyone. I feel this process is only for those people whose income source is from salary only and received a less complex form-16 from employer.

  • Simply upload your form-16 online with H&R Block Myuniverse tax filing portal.
  • Their team will prepare your ITR data and file accordingly.
  • After successful submission, you will receive the ITR V.

Now if you have Aadhar card, then you can simply verify your income tax return online. In that case no need to send your ITR V to CPC Bangalore, but if you don’t have Aadhar card you have to follow the old procedure.

CA-Assisted Income Tax-filing absolutely FREE @ MyUniverse.
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