New Cancellation charges of IRCTC Train Tickets

Do you know that from now onward you will not be able to cancel train ticket after departure or cancel train ticket after chart preparation. Yes, IRCTC has circulated a new rule which has already implemented under which one can’t get refund in case cancellation of a train ticket after departure. In fact the cancellation charges of IRCTC Train Tickets has also been changed and new charges with different time frame has been updated.

From when the new Cancellation charges of IRCTC Train Tickets  apply

The new cancellation charges of IRCTC e tickets has been applied from 12th November 2015 onward. This rule is applicable on all 3 types of reservation like SL, 3AC and 2AC. From now onward, one can get refund only cancellation happened before 4 hours of the journey only.

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Why this irctc ticket cancellation policy?

As per the current cancellation rule, one can cancel a train ticket even after departure of the train. In such a scenario various agents use to buy tickets in advance so that they can sell them to a person in need with higher money. In case they were not able to sell them, they can easily cancel them and get their refund.

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But now this new IRCTC ticket cancellation rule will stop them to do such malpractices and stop corruption in current system. Check out the new charges below.

Cancellation charges of irctc Train Tickets (SL, 3AC,2AC)

 Normal48 Hrs to 12 Hours12 Hrs to 4hrs4 hrs to Train Departs
Sleeper SL6025%50%No Refund
3rd AC12025%50%No Refund
2nd AC20025%50%No Refund
1at AC20025%50%No Refund
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IRCTC has taken couple of action recently to change their current system for the betterment of daily travelers only. They have also launched luggage insurance, Cash on delivery ticket facility and many other useful features to improve the comfort and security while travelling via Indian railways.

New Cancellation charges of IRCTC Train Tickets
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