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Top 5 Ways to Delete Yourself From the Internet

Want to know how to delete yourself from the internet? The reason that you are reading this here is because some of your personal information is out there on the internet and is publically available. Now if you are not comfortable with that, you might need to erase that from web archive. But how to remove your personal details from the internet?

It is next to impossible to completely erase your existence from the internet. However, you can definitely take some methods which will help you to remove your personal information from the web world. Now let’s see the ways to do that.

How to remove your personal details from the internet

Delete the social/shopping and other such online accounts

If you wish to remove any/all kind of personal details available on the internet, the first step in doing that is to deactivate or delete all your accounts. From Facebook and Twitter to the less known ones, you should also do away with your shopping accounts, the ones that have a link to your Amazon and other such e-commerce websites.

Remove direct information available on websites

It could be your own personal blog or any other website you work for or a firm you are an employee at. It is advisable to take all personal data down from all the places which are under your control. One of the simplest way to delete yourself from the internet is to visit and get information for the concerned person with respect to your domain name.

Delete information from data collecting websites

This is one very complicated thing to remove your personal details from the internet. However, you can make it all simple and easy by visiting sites like DeleteMe at You will be charged around $130 for a one-year membership and you shall be saved the trauma of visiting all the data collection website and checking information available about you.

Delete me from the internet is an easy option to avoid re appearance of your personal data. This site also makes sure going on a check every couple of months and avoid you the hassle of keeping yourself in loop.

Delete information from search engine

Search engine results from will include the results available from engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. In fact, Google has for itself its own URL removal tool that which helps removing particular URLs.

Do away with the email accounts

This has to be your last step because for all the others above, you’d need an email. Depending upon what email you use, you will be able to delete the email account with an option to reactivate it once again within a certain number of days if you wish to.

And that is it. This is how you can rather easily do away with all the personal information available on the internet. So, as you know how to delete yourself from the internet, be calm and make sure you don’t work yourself up in the entire process. Do you know any other way to remove your personal details from the internet? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Top 5 Ways to Delete Yourself From the Internet
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