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Do you know about Income Tax Department’s TRPS (Tax Return Preparer) scheme ?

In our country earning money seems like easy than managing. That’s why there are many business opportunities while the topic is about Income Tax Return preparation and submission. Income Tax Department has prepared various types of forms to calculate income tax of an individual. Its really tough for an individual to know the forms 100%. Most of the salaried class people has to know only ITR-1 and ITR-2 form only. But we all know that more than 90% people are not aware about these form in depth to fill every details of their own income.

Actually the fact is patience. It requires huge concentration and patience to fill these forms. Anyway here the discussion is about TRPS which Income Tax department has launched to help people who are not able to file their IT Return own. You can visit their website and contact them and they will assist you at the cost of some money.

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What is TRP (Tax Return Preparer) Scheme

Here we will not discuss in details about TRP Scheme, rather I want to share a very good pictorial presentation prepared by Manish Chauhan of

what is TRPS scheme

TRP Scheme Review

After reading this article you might agree with us that TRPS is another IT Return filling service like many other online portals. Here it is launched by Income tax department. Though they claim that in many cases they can file your IT return free or maximum they might charge Rs 250/- but the reality is different. In many case they use to charge Rs 500 also and with that they also get commission from IT department on each return submission.

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But definitely if your income is in higher bracket and there are many components then TRPS might be your perfect option. As they are the team of well trained income tax consultants. With this step collaborating with NIIT they are able to create many jobs in current market. Anyway this is the other side of this TRP scheme which may not be relevant in this topic. But one have to admit that now you can have your CA consultant at an affordable cost to manage your financials and file your income tax accurately.

So the last word is if you don’t have time to file your return on your own then you have no other choice to call TRPS or some other IT Return portal guys to do it on behalf of yourself. But always keep an eye on what they are filing on behalf of you to be aware.

Do you know about Income Tax Department’s TRPS (Tax Return Preparer) scheme ?
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