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Due date of filing income tax return extended to 31st October

Due date of filing income tax return extended

I also got shocked and felt relaxed when I read this news today morning that due date of filing income tax return extended from 31st July 2013 to 31st October. But later I have discovered this is applied only for the people of Uttarakhand. Due the recent natural calamity happened in Uttarakhand Income Tax department has taken this decision to provide some relief to that state people. But for rest of India due date of filing income tax return is still 31st July, just few days left. You can read the entire notification in the IT department official website here.

In this article there is nothing much to share but to alert all of you to file your return on time by 31st July. We have published many useful tutorials and articles to aware people about how to file your income tax return online or offline for free. If you have no time for that you can go for some tax consultant who can help you file your return.

There are many portals operating today to assist you to file your income tax return on be half of you. You can do some research about these income tax return e-filling portals and the go for it which might save you head-ache at a cost of very small amount. Also be aware which form you have to choose: ITR 1 or ITR 2 and then proceed else this will trouble you in future.

Even Income tax department has their own trained tax consultant who can help you to do that. For that they have TRP Scheme portal where you can call and hire a consultant to file your IT return. You can also go through our earlier article about many useful questions with answer about income tax return. Just go through the IT Return Faqs

This is just a round up post with a small update about the due date of filing income tax return extension for Uttarakhand people. Hope our effort is useful for you.

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Due date of filing income tax return extended to 31st October
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  1. Arijit Ghosh Arijit Ghosh

    I think this is a desperate ruse by Nokia to drive traffic to their website! There are no details of this offer in their website nor does do they mention where the offer can be availed.

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    but no where mentioned where one can take this offer.No shop address no priority shops just adv???

    • Hopefully they will follow up with some more advertisements in coming days…

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