How To e-verify ITR-V / Return Through Net Banking


Do you know you can now e-verify your income tax return or ITR-V using Net banking facility online? Yes, income tax India has recently gone through couple of technology & process upgrade and one of them is e verification of return through net banking. You might have heard about the other one using Aadhaar number. In this article I will guide you to follow the step by step guide to complete your income tax return verification using net banking process.

Steps to e-verify return through net banking

To begin the process, let me tell you one thing that this process is little different for people with taxable income less than 5 lakh and more than 5 lakh. In the first case, you will get 2 option to complete the verification:

  • Via Net Banking and
  • using their mobile number or registered email id.
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But in the 2nd case only Net Banking option will appear. So, straight way we will discuss the common process of verification, that is the Net banking process.

Click EVC Through Net Banking button appearing on your screen. You will find a screen like below where couple of steps will be written.

steps to e verify return through net banking1

Read them carefully and after that click on the continue button. In the next screen you will find the list of banks providing e-filling login options in their net banking facility. Or you can say list of authorized banks for e-verification of income tax return.

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steps to e verify return through net banking2

Click on the bank you want to continue with. Off course you should have a savings account from that bank. Provide your banks internet banking credentials and then you will find a screen like below where you will find your income tax e filling details with PAN number and e-verify link appearing on the screen.

steps to e verify return through net banking3

Now click on this e-verify link and you will find a screen where you have to click on the continue button. There will be some details printed on that screen, make sure you go through them once. After clicking on the continue button your income tax verification will be completed and you will find a confirmation screen like below.

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steps to e verify return through net banking4

So this is the simplest way to e-verify your income tax return online. You can also follow a detailed step by step e-Verification user manual guide prepared by income tax department here. Please feel free to share your queries if any and also any tips or experience so that our readers can be benefited.