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What Is Your Reason To Retire Early from 9 To 5 Job


Early retirement or how to retire early is a term gone viral within human psychology in last couple of years. I have been following many money management and personal finance websites in USA and found many people are leaving their 9 to 5 job and started doing something by own to live their life in their own terms.

They have different background & reasons to leave their typical job early and choose retirement to enjoy life, making sure that their financial life not get effected. But when I discussed the same with my friends & colleagues I found several types of views about early retirement. In this article, I may not share about top ten reasons to retire, but will try to share this discussion and hopefully want you to add your reason to retire early from your 9 to 5 job.

Why people want to retire early from their 9 to 5 job?

I didn’t conduct a survey or case study by asking people why do you want to retire early or what is early retirement according to you. In last couple of years while discussing this topic I found generally people are thinking in these types only. Let’s find out them and try to link what you are thinking actually.

Case 1: One of my IT friend wanted to leave his IT job and join his dad’s own business at home town. He stayed at home with his relatives and enjoying a established home based business. According to him, early retirement is to leave this place, city life, IT job and get back to old values.

Case 2: Left his job after 2 years only, then started his own tuition center. According to him early retirement is getting out of the control of typical earning culture of our society and make something by own skills which will help society and at the same time generate money for him.

Case 3: He is always looking for onsite-opportunities and crazy to make money. Want to make some serious money before settle down in home town and family after that by running a small business or shop. Early retirement means stay a stress free life where money is not an issue by creating a huge corpus. Can live a moderate life from his savings.

Case 4: He is a travel freak. He wanted to travel the entire world, give reference to Vijaya Mallaya to have a life like him. No work, no stress, but a regular supply of money till he die. People should be around him to serve him. Early retirement means luxury, travel, living the life of a king in own terms when it matters to money.

What is My Reason To Retire Early from 9 To 5 Job?

It’s my turn now to define what I feel about early retirement. But before proceeding further, I am a working professional and personally I feel it is very difficult to achieve this kind of dream in India, with the way our society mind set and our income & financial security.

Like everyone I am also carrying almost every dream or aspiration people are looking for. But I am workaholic person and can’t stay without work even if I am financially free. Right now I am working for a MNC and making good money, but I would love to start something by my own which will make me busy & also generate income. Nothing like physical business, but definitely something online like blogging or digital marketing.

Should you retire early?

According to me, early retirement is the phase of life when I would feel that I have done with all my major family & social responsibilities, saved some good amount of money, have a hobby to make myself busy and off-course my partner with me to fill the gap of best-friend or sole-mate or everything. Definitely I also love to roam the entire world and try some crazy stuffs before I die. But I am not sure I will be able to save that much money to pursue them before I retire from my 9 to 5 job.

So, if I want to conclude this article by stating what is early retirement, I think all the 5 cases indicates the same thing only, save huge money for retirement to get financially free and continue to do as per individuals aspirations or dream. What do you think?

What Is Your Reason To Retire Early from 9 To 5 Job
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