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Top 5 Excuses Not To Invest Money For Long Term {Info-graphic}


Are you the one who don’t like to listen about how to invest money, where to invest or how to save income tax or similar kind of discussion. These are common discussions or queries every salaried or business person is trying to figure out and there are thousands of resources available online to gain knowledge about money & investment. But still investing for long term goals is a big deal for you? In this article I will share about the common excuses people like to give when they have been asked why you are not investing for long term or what is your long term financial goals? Let’s find out whether you can find a similar reason not to invest money.

Why To Invest and Why People Don’t Like Invest for Long Term

I think there is no compulsion that everyone must invest money for long term like others. In fact if my father would have been a billionaire, I hardly bother what I am earning and how much I am saving. But majority of people are like me only, who don’t have a solid financial background automatically get from forefathers. I have to make my future & my family’s future financial targets secure by saving enough money by investing only. Then why people don’t like to save money or find various excuses?

Top 5 Excuses Not To Invest Money For Long Term

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Less Knowledge About Money Management & Investment

If you don’t know why you should invest money, then there is no point to discuss about this topic. There are people who have very less knowledge about investment. At least they don’t do self-study about why people are investing, what is the need of planning for retirement or saving money.

I don’t have money to invest

Are your income not enough to support your family & personal expenditure? Do you think that after the next increment or salary hike you will be able to save some money? Then let me tell you that you will never feel comfortable with your monthly expenses and find the actual amount to say enough, as it will grow gradually with your income.

Live life today, who cares for tomorrow

You might have too much impressed with the dialogue of Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, “Kal Kisne Dekha, Aaj ko jio”. Do you think you can apply this logic to your personal life? Definitely if you think that you will live alone rest of the life without taking any responsibility like family, kids etc then definitely you can do this. But for everyone else you have to save for future to live a life like ZNMD (may be after retirement). 🙂

Don’t have to pay Income tax

Do you know that most salaried people start their first investment due to income tax saving only. And many people think that this is the only purpose of saving money which further leads to miss-selling of insurance policies in our country.

No liability so far

This is perfect fit for many bachelor people in our country, who are really getting busy in work and individual priorities that they are not getting time to get into a family and thus no responsibility. Personally in my first 2 year of service, I felt exactly the same thing and not only that, after marriage also I found motivation to save money after becoming father only.

So, that’s the story of many people who either don’t know why to invest, or confused about where to invest or don’t get the purpose to invest money for long term. What is your reason not to invest money for your retirement or other financial goals?

Top 5 Excuses Not To Invest Money For Long Term {Info-graphic}
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  1. Asha Bansal Asha Bansal

    Hi, very informative article.
    I am 28 years old and I am searching for good investment options. I just came to know about peer to peer lending as an emerging platform in India and wanted your views on that.

  2. Pankaj Srivastava Pankaj Srivastava

    Hi Santanu,
    Nice blog.
    I want to invest in a short term investment option. Is peer to peer lending a viable option?

    • This kind of investments are good if you are comfortable, investing in trusted network and ready to take risk. But you should not make it as major investment option, rather you can try for a little amount.

      • Pankaj Srivastava Pankaj Srivastava

        I researched on the web and found out some good websites for Peer to peer lending like I am thinking of investing a small amount in them.

  3. Great read. I loved your comments on the common excuses. Thinking long term is a really mature approach when dealing with your money, it is common sense that if you actually wish to keep your money, always plan ahead and think what you are going to do next.

  4. Subhankar Dey Subhankar Dey

    Well, my age is 24 right now and I do understand the need to invest for the long term (15 years or more or even for retirement; seriously!? ). However, my share of hiccup is the probability of whether or not I would continue to work as a salaried person in the future. What if… around 6-7 years later, I get fired and spend the next 6 months without the lump-sum amount that I have, for now, got much used to. Or maybe I would leave the job myself to pursue something on my own. Or I may wish to go for further education abroad. You know something of that sort.
    My point is: I would need the money badly in those kinda situations, which, inspite of the fact that it is with me but is stuffed across in some bond or investments which cannot be broken at the crucial moment like for example in PPF, etc.
    Alternatively, if I am supposed to put forth an amount such as 20-25k every month and I find myself in the unemployed category, irrespective of any aforementioned reason, what is it that I should do, in order to recover. Because during such a time, I would not be able to pay the premium.

    This may sound very inarticulate and immature, which it is by the way, but really this is something that I find very amusing and worth pondering upon.

    Any advice, sir ? 🙂

    • I think you have to decide about your career aspirations first. If have a plan to start a business in next 6-7 years, then definitely the investment purpose will be different. Save money in FDs of max 5 year duration or mutual funds to get good return. Long term investment is good if you have forecast about your earning methods. In case you have landed in a situation when there is option to earn, then definitely it will be a problem. To deal with such situation, you should also build emergency fund.

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