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Facebook marketing strategy for small business – Tips and tricks

Marketing is the biggest problem faced by all Tiny and Small business sector.  They are much worried over the fact that though quality products are ready they cannot reach the customers.  However, Face book has turned out the easiest marketing tool that takes the product or the service to many others.

In this modern age, most of the people open their face book account the moment they wake up in the morning. Started as the best communication tool to increase friends circle, it now has turned out as the best social media marketing platform. Lots of people earn tremendous profits by successfully marketing their products or business through face book.

A new mode for Marketing:

Today, we come across many business profiles among the face book pages.  Facebook, the social platform has been turned entirely into a new mode for marketing. School and college students, employees, self employed entrepreneurs, house wives and senior citizens – everybody are face book users and it has 1.2 billion users all over the world. We can easily popularize our business among these billion number of Face book users.
How to create?
Anybody can open face book pages with their business related details focusing their business. There are no separate rules and regulations as well as no fees for this.
When one starts marketing his products in face book, he must not only concentrate on the products but also must post all connected details about the products or the business. If these postings are interesting and attracting then the face book users will soon become customers of the products or the business.
The postings made on these pages must not be ordinary. The details posted must prove the authenticity and the reliability of the business. The messages can be different form like text, creative picture and videos. In case of images they must be accessible.
Images are the best
For example, if beauty parlor owners want to do marketing in face book, then they can post crisp and clear details regarding how to maintain their face fresh, how to protect their eyes, how to shape their nails, etc.,  in simple language. If possible, you can upload videos on these topics instead of textual explanations. Videos are more effective than writing.
In between these efforts you can post about your beauty parlor as if advertising. Users will start visiting your page if your page is interesting and useful to them.  It is up to you to turn these visitors in to your potential customers.
Conduct frequent contests and quizzes to your visitors and award them prizes for the winners. They will be highly encouraged and become your loyal followers thereby your regular customers.
Things to consider
  • Your postings must attract the right age group concerned for your business and do not disturb others.
  • In case you find difficult to write messages then you can take the information from anywhere you like and post it in the face book. This is ‘content curation’ and is gaining popularity fast.
  • People who are in the music, books and sports fields can target users by going through the details in user profiles. You can also learn the user details from ‘face book insights’.
Advantages and Disadvantages
  • You can get the feedback instantly and correct the mistakes immediately if there is any.
  • You will come know the expectations of the customers instantly.
  • There is expenditure for getting all these facilities.
  • Since face book information can spread faster throughout the world it is very easy to spread your business information.
  • You can conduct surveys and get the result immediately and hence can use it for business improvement.
  • All the information posted in Face book can be used by others.
Help Desk
After you start you page for business marketing and in case you find any difficulty or you want to report, you can contact help desk. You can file complaints in the help desk against spammers or on anybody if you think they violate the rules. All said about face book marketing for which you spend less and gain more, it is up to you to take advantage of it and be successful in your business.
Facebook marketing strategy for small business – Tips and tricks
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