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Food Security Bill 2013 – 5 reasons why this is a curse for our people, society

The UPA Govt has recently passed the much awaited National Food Security Bill in parliament. After that there were many discussions started on the analysis of pros and cons. As a responsible citizen do you really know that this bill will hit our social life very badly in every section. Its even not at all good for poor people who are struggling to get food for one time a day. These words are hard to believe but here I have expressed my views after reading many news and articles towards the long term impact of this bill. Govt should create job opportunities and work for every person to make a poverty free country and I think this bill will add more poverty to our country.

Impact of National Food Security Bill 2013

    national food security bill 2013 disadvantages pros cons review

  1. The very first point is this the expenditure behind this step. From where such a huge amount will come to feed a huge population of our country at a negligible cost. And even at such a stage when rupee is struggling to keep its reputation. Such a huge cost will definitely cut down costs from many important development or growth sectors. I am not that much aware about fiscal deficit but I think I learnt from many analysis that this will add more pain in our country’s fiscal deficit and coming days budget.
  2. Second thing is about corruption in our country. We have already seen many huge scams and corruptions happened in last couple of years and I am not here blame any govt for that. The point is our society is build in such a way that corruption has become a part of that and it is almost impossible to eradicate that. Now with this bill a huge amount of money and food grains will travel through a long chain before it landed into poor people’s plate. And all of us know that by the time 1KG rice will be converted into 10 gm rice or may be less. That’s what is happening in our country and will be happening coming days because there is no such solid system implement to stop corruption. So with this bill many such Netas or officials will be very happy as they might get a chance to earn some extra money.
  3. Third point is about the amount of food Govt has to collect from market to keep this plan success. From here Govt has indirectly allowed to grow the black market and may be some more scams for future. This might create an emergency situation in market and food grain prices may go up unnecessarily.
  4. This bill might shake our social life balance and create more crime. Just think when a poor people will get all his food for a month soon he will realize that he/she need not to work hard for the betterment of family. This might be good for many people but here I am talking about the people who are not responsible actually. People in villages are not much educated enough and they might take this opportunity in other way. Drinking, engaging in family violation might increase. I don’t know whether I am able to clarify this point but I am not against the development of poor people but what I want to say is they should not be categorized as mercy people. Instead of free food Govt can generate schemes to provide them work so that they can earn from their own blood and feed their family with pride. This applies in our city life also. People who don’t feel the value of earning and work and have enough money to spend they indulge in such activities and definitely fall into the category of irresponsible citizen.
  5. Due to the effect of fourth point we might face a huge labour problem in developing cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc in India. In our country people are travelling across states to get job in construction and development sectors. Due to this bill people might feel less about the requirement of work and which might lead to a severe problem. Every nation need people’s involvement to develop in both ways. So instead of free food Govt might encourage people towards work by providing some wages or other benefits.

Our people need proper guidance with which they can really educate themselves and stop people to take unnecessary advantages of their emotions  In a short term this bill might feed many needy people which is a must in our country as we are still far behind to remove poverty. But may be in long term this will create a hole in our society. I hope I have expressed my views whatever I understood about this food security bill without hurting anyone’s sentiment. And also want to hear from you all about your views to understand in a better way.

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Food Security Bill 2013 – 5 reasons why this is a curse for our people, society
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