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How To Get Gaana App Free Subscription For 90 Days

Now you don’t have to search for free download gaana app for laptop, android mobile phones etc as here I will be sharing the tricks to get Gaana App free for next 90 days. Yes, you can get the special 90 Days Free Subscription Coupon via Google Account. I have explained the step by step guide below to make your life easy. 🙂

If you are not aware about Gaana app, them I’m sure you are not that much used to listen to music or may be just bought your first smartphone. Gaana is a very popular mobile app where you will find almost every bollywood songs of all genres.

How Much is Gaana Subscription & What are included

Although you can easily download Gaana mobile app for free in your smartphone and enjoy listening to music. Then why to buy their subscription or what benefit one can enjoy with Gaana premium subscription plans.

Here are the 3 major benefits of buying the Gaana subscription plans

  • You can download music files, which you can’t in free plans.
  • You can listen to HD quality music.
  • You can listen to music without any interruption due to Ads
  • You can use Gaana app in multiple devices.

Their basic plan start with monthly Rs 99 charges, then 3 months @ Rs 297, 6 months @ Rs 549 and 1 year plan @ Rs 999 only.

So, with this special 90 Days Free Subscription Coupon, you can actually save Rs 297. That’s simply amazing, isn’t it.

Steps to Get 90 Days Free Subscription Coupon using you Gmail Account

So, the very first criteria is you should have a Gmail account or Google account and I’m sure you will have the same. Then you can follow the process below to get Gaana mobile app subscription for 90 days free of cost.

Step #1: To get the coupon code, first of all you have to visit the link here.

Step #2: Click on the button “Get your free Gaana+ subscription” button and sign up with your Google account. You will get the coupon code after that which you have to use while downloading the Gaana app from Google play store.

Step #3: Next click here to download Gaana app.

Step #4: Next register with your mobile number or you can login with your mobile if you have registered already.

Step #5: Next Go to Setting & Click on Redeem Coupon. Here provide the coupon code you got in step #2.

Step #6: You are done with the process. Enjoy Gaana App free for next 90 Days.

Hope you like this Gaana App Free Subscription tricks to get 90 days free paid package. You can share this article with your friends in case they are also want to get Gaana app for free.

How To Get Gaana App Free Subscription For 90 Days
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