HDFC Life Sanchay Plan Review

HDFC Life Sanchay Plan is a guaranteed savings insurance plan, like many other typical insurance cum savings policies.

As per the plan, one can earn guaranteed return of around 8% to 9% after maturity of this policy. This is an endowment plan from HDFC life. At the end of policy term insurer will not get any bonus, but some guaranteed additional amount.

HDFC life has done a very good job with their click 2 protect term insurance plan. In this article we will review HDFC life Sanchay plan and also compare & find out whether there are any different between typical LIC endowment plans and this plan.

HDFC Life Sanchay Plan Key Features

  • Limited premium paying terms of 5, 8 and 10 years
  • Minimum age of entry is 30 days and max is 45 years
  • No maximum investment limit
  • One can pay premium Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly (ECS)
  • Choose policy term from 15-20 years according to your need
  • Guaranteed addition of 8% to 9% at the end of maturity.
  • Total guaranteed benefit will be 220% to 325% of sum assured
  • EMI facility available for HDFC credit card holder
  • No medical test require for this plan
  • You can buy HDFC Life Sanchay Online.
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HDFC Life Sanchay Plan Benefits

Death Benefit: In case of death nominee will get any of the highest value of 10 times annual premium paid, 105% of total premium paid + accrued guaranteed addition as death benefit

Maturity Value: At the end of the policy term policy holder will get sum assured + guaranteed addition as maturity benefit. This can be varied from 220% to 325% of sum assured which looks very impressive.

Income Tax Exemption: Get income tax benefit for the premium paid under section 80C and under 10(10D) for the maturity benefit

Riders: There is no rider facility in this HDFC Life Sanchay Plan

Policy Revival: You can revive the policy within 2 years of last premium paid, in case of stopped premium

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Surrender Rules: To surrender HDFC Life Sanchay Plan you have to pay at-least 2 year premium for policy premium paying term 5-8 years. And 3 year for premium paying term more than 10 years.

Loan Facility: You can avail loan after your policy is eligible for Surrender

HDFC Life Sanchay Plan Premium & Return Calculation

We will consider the example explained in HDFC life brochure with beautiful graphical presentation. Let’s assume the below details of the insurer

Age: 35 years

Premium : 1,23,125.00

Premium Paying Term: 5 year

Policy term : 15 years

Sum assured: 5,00,000

Now as per HDFC life Sanchay plan he will get Rs 11,00,000 after 15 years on maturity. Now lets check in detail further.

Amount spend from you in 5 year = 1,23,125 X 5 = 6,15,625.00. This figure is excluding the service tax which insurer has to bear as per new IRDA law.

You can visit to HDFC life website and use their HDFC Life Sanchay Calculator to check your desired premium amount.

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Should I Buy HDFC Life Sanchay Plan

So, in 5 years you are investing more than 6 lacks and after 15 years you will get 11 lakh. This looks good for people who don’t want to take much risk investment and happy to get a decent return over the period of time. But how this return will fight with inflation in coming years?

But if you want to invest smartly, you can avail much more benefit from this investment and find out many alternatives of such endowment policies.

Let’s say, if you a enough life insurance with any online term plan and then invest rest of the amount via mutual fund way then you will get more benefit for next 15 years period. Do a thorough calculation and read the HDFC Life Sanchay Brochure carefully before buying this policy.

HDFC Life Sanchay Plan Review
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