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How to buy a car – Tips and Suggestions to decide

Now a days having a car is just a click away. With the availability of finance schemes and Car loans, it is very easy to buy a car in India these days.

While buying your first car, one should do a thorough research to know more about the cars. In this article I will try to elaborate 5 points which will help you to decide how to buy a car in India.  These points are not from technical point of view, but from psychological point of view.

Tips to buy a car in India

Car has become a requirement, rather than a luxury these days. But still you should ask yourself, why you need a car. What is the exact requirement of having a car as per your daily driving need or family need?

If you are planning to buy a car for your family need then you might go for a budget friendly and efficient car which can save your money. In such case many people does not bother much about the look. Cars like Nano, ALTO 800 are of these type of cars which many people buy to serve the requirement within budget.

Otherwise there are a huge list of international cars now available in India, you can buy for luxury with out thinking about the budget.

Hatchback or Sedan or MUV

These terms actually defines the size of a car, how much space or people one car can accommodate. For a 3-4 member family a hatch back car is enough. You can buy any such car from a budget of 2.5 to 7 lacs. As per my need I purchased Honda Brio, a cute hatchback car recently.

But if you have 5-6 member family, then you have to choose Sedan or SUV. In fact in a Sedan car also max 5 people can sit comfortably. But if you want, you can put more as space is quite more for a sedan car compared to hatchback.

Anyway the last class is MUV, which are actually big in size. MUVs are really spacious but may not suit as a personal car status for a budget friendly family. Max 7 people can sit comfortably in a MUV, e.g. Honda Mobilio, Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga etc.

New Car or Used Car

Now this is a point of debate in many cases. Actually in many cases people buy a car without knowing how to drive a car in our country. After purchasing only they learn and then become expert gradually.

In many cases people take a 1 month training from a car driving school and then go for their own car. But driving a brand new car for a learner is always risky.

So in such a case, a Used Second hand car is not a bad idea. Buy a 2nd hand car, drive for few years and then sell it again. The used car market in India is growing rapidly and with the launch of many new cars every year, people are also not able to continue with a same car for years.

In such a scenario, one can actually buy a 2-3 year old car in good condition by spending less than 1/2 of the price. If you are not obsessed like me for a new car, then you can go for a used car.

Diesel or Petrol Variant

When I bought my Honda Brio, I don’t have to go through with this dilemma, as Honda Brio Diesel was not launched by that time. Anyway, people have different options on that. I would say, there could be 2 things to decide whether to go for a diesel car or a petrol car.

First point is the cost. A diesel car will definitely increase the initial purchase price of a car by 1- 1.5 lakh for hatchback segment. Not only that, later the maintenance cost is also very high for a diesel car. Besides that, people also say that, the driving comfort is more for a petrol car.

The 2nd point could be your driving need. If you drive too much daily, may be your office is too far from your home, then it is better to buy a diesel car, as it will save huge fuel cost.

Desi/popular Car Brand or New International

Although Maruti Suzuki is a trusted brand in India, but you may not get surprised these days cars of various international brands are also running on Indian roads.

People are showing huge interest for brands like Datsun, Nissan, Renault, Volvo and many such new brand Cars. Those companies are designing their cars very attractive and stylish to beat the age old perception of Indians.

So, which car to buy?


So are you planning to buy your first car from Maruti only? As your father or relatives may have already bought or provided many positive feedback. Or you are planning to buy a stylish car, may be little out of your budget? Share your experience while buying your Car and how do you decide which car to buy for your need & dream.

How to buy a car – Tips and Suggestions to decide
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  1. Beautiful tips which is necessary for anyone who is planning to buy a New Car , i bookmarked the blog and hoping for more good tips on cars

  2. Every one have financial difficulties in their life. You can cross your financial difficulties by taking a loan to fulfill our dreams. Please visit for all type of loans.

  3. Ganesh Ganesh

    Hi Santanu

    What type of car would you suggest for a family consisting 4 adults and 2 kids (6 and 3 years old)?
    Compact Sedan like Honda Amaze, Ford Figo Aspire OR MPVs like Maruti Ertiga?


    • I think Amaze will be perfect, but you have also mentioned Ertiga, which is a MUV. If you have plan for that, then go for Ertiga.

  4. Nice tip, chew over every point of buying a used car . And Thanks for defining the size of a car by how much space or people one car can accommodate.

  5. Thank you Buddy.This is extremely valuable to me. I am planning to sell my car online. I can’t wait to begin implementing your tips.

    • Thanks Nayana for finding this useful. Buying a car is really getting tough these days as many cars are launching with some competitive price in the hatch back segment.

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