How to Cancel or Reschedule Passport Appointment Online?

Want to cancel or reschedule passport appointment online? In that case how to reschedule appointment for passport online without visiting PSK or passport office?

Let us check how to do this activity below. With the implementation of new passport application process, now one can do everything with the Passport India website.

Few rules are also applied to make the first passport application valid for a period. In the other hand reschedule limit has also been defined. In this article we will talk about passport appointment reschedule rules and procedures.

Why do you Want to Reschedule Passport Appointment Online?

Hope you have got an appointment for you by following the tips to get Passport Appointment Online. But after that, you have to reschedule passport appointment date.

There could be various reasons & we don’t want them to happen. But we can not control everything in our life. So I think the 2 major reasons to reschedule passport appointment online could be

1) Might be some other priorities are planned on that day and for that you can not visit the PSK

2) You might forget the date and miss online passport appointment

Steps to Cancel or Reschedule Passport Appointment Online

  • You have to visit Passport India portal and follow the steps to cancel or reschedule passport appointment date:
    Login with your email id and password created while applying for a fresh passport.
  • Go to Saved/Submitted Applications screen and click on Schedule Appointment link. In that screen you can find two buttons: Reschedule Appointment and Cancel appointment.
  • Click the Reschedule Appointment/Cancel Appointment button. It’s not like first you have to cancel and then only reschedule. As per the new rule, one can perform this cancel / reschedule option twice per year from the date of fresh passport application. In fact you will get a pop-up message with similar text on it. So be careful and keep a track of your actions.
  • If you click on reschedule appointment button, you will be asked to provide PSK location and then you can see the appointment booking screen. If you are lucky then you may get a date to book your passport application appointment immediately. Otherwise it is the similar process you followed while applying for a fresh passport or the procedure to apply for reissue of passport before expiry date.

Tips to Remember to Reschedule Passport Appointment Online

After successful booking you have to take the print out of the new generated form. Visit your nearest PSK to complete the process this time. In case you want to cancel the appointment and may be rescheduling in future within 1 year than simply click on Cancel Appointment button. You will get a message saying your cancellation request completed.

So both the situations are different. You have to think wisely before clicking on cancel or reschedule passport appointment online. Remember you have a limited chance to complete the process. In case you missed out both the chances, then you have to apply for a fresh passport again by paying the passport application fee.

Did you reschedule passport appointment online? Was that experience good? What is the status of your passport application freshly taken? Do you think the current online passport appointment system is the best system so far? Share all your questions related to passport appointment online process and make this article useful for readers. Check the questions regarding passport application with valid answers for all of them.


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