How to Cancel or Reschedule Passport Appointment Online?

cancel or reschedule passport appointment online indiaWant to cancel or reschedule passport appointment online? In that case how to reschedule appointment for passport online without visiting PSK or passport office?

Let us check how to do this activity below. With the implementation of new passport application process, now one can do everything with the Passport India website.

Few rules also applied to make the first passport application valid for a period. In the other hand reschedule limit has also been defined. In this article we will talk about passport appointment reschedule rules and procedures.

Why do you want to reschedule passport appointment online?

I think there could be various reasons & we don’t want them to happen. But we can not control everything in our life. So I think the 2 major reasons to reschedule passport appointment could be
1) Might be some other priorities are planned on that day and for that you can not visit the PSK
2) You might forget the date and miss online passport appointment

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Steps to cancel or reschedule passport appointment online

  • You have to visit Passport India portal and follow the steps to cancel or reschedule passport appointment:
    Login with your email id and password created while applying for a fresh passport.
  • Go to Saved/Submitted Applications screen and click on Schedule Appointment link. In that screen you can find two buttons: Reschedule Appointment and Cancel appointment.
  • Click the Reschedule Appointment/Cancel Appointment button. It’s not like first you have to cancel and then only reschedule. As per the new rule, one can perform this cancel / reschedule option twice per year from the date of fresh passport application. In fact you will get a pop-up message with similar text on it. So be careful and keep a track of your actions.
  • If you click on reschedule appointment button, you will be asked to provide PSK location and then you can see the appointment booking screen. If you are lucky then you may get a date to book your passport application appointment immediately. Otherwise it is the similar process you followed while applying for a fresh passport.

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Tips to remember to reschedule passport appointment online

After successful booking you have to take the print out of the new generated form. Visit your nearest PSK to complete the process this time. In case you want to cancel the appointment and may be rescheduling in future within 1 year than simply click on Cancel Appointment button. You will get a message saying your cancellation request completed.

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So both the situations are different. You have to think wisely before clicking on cancel or reschedule passport appointment online. Remember you have a limited chance to complete the process. In case you missed out both the chances, then you have to apply for a fresh passport again by paying the passport application fee.

Did you reschedule passport appointment online? Was that experience good? What is the status of your passport application freshly taken? Do you think the current online passport appointment system is the best system so far? Share all your questions related to passport appointment online process and make this article useful for readers.

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  1. Akshita says

    I applied for passport online and successfully made the payment. Though after which i realized that one should visit the PSK on the designated date with original certificates(I don’t have them with me now and i don’t want to be put on hold).
    My scheduled appointment to PSK is on 12th of this June, I am aware that the application remains valid for almost a year, And the next possible time from now that i can visit PSK is after 6 months i.e maybe on Dec/Jan.
    Should i reschedule or cancel the appointment?
    I do not wish to make another application and paying twice.
    Now as the rescheduling option is also limited, I am confused as to what should i do?
    If i cancel the appointment for now and then schedule it during Dec, Would i be asked to make the payment again.
    I am sincerely confused.
    Hoping for a quick response from your end.
    Thank You!

    • says

      Hi Akshita,

      I think the passport application is valid for one year only. And within 1 year you can re-schedule 2 times max. If you have consumed that limit, then better to contact nearest PSK only.

  2. keerthi says

    hi, i recently applied for passport but i entered the wrong street address and submitted it. I didnt see any option to edit my application. Is there any possibility to change my address?? and also i canceled my appointment because of some document problem. Can i reschedule it after a month??

  3. Shreya says


    I had got an appointment booked through an agent. However at the PSK I was told my appointment has been cancelled. Is it possible that my agent has cancelled my appointment and in that case is there any way I can get a new appointment without repaying the fees. The application was made through the agents login ID. However after taking payment the appointment is cancelled. Please help

  4. says

    Yesterday (8.5.15) was my appointment ,I had been gone to passport office at aminjakari Chennai, I was not bringing to my parents. passport officer instructed me you have to bring your parents and then you have to rescheduling appointment date. I was tried many times to rescheduling but I can’t get the rescheduled date. So pls help, my application I’d – 100006763819015.

  5. PN REDDY says

    I Applied for renewal of my passport on 1-4-2015 at Hyderabad-PSK center. Due to unavoidable reasons i have rescheduled my appointment twice and attended on third appointment date. After finishing all the verification and allotment of file no. i have been told to submit additional address proof during next visit. Now i want to know how to submit that document as i left with no appointments. can i walk in directly or any other procedure ? is there any other appointment slot for on-hold cases
    The same when i asked calling call center their is no clear information with them. I request you to help with the way i can approach PSK without paying amount again, as i need to provide only single document of address proof.

    thank you

  6. Santosh says

    The passport office has requested additional documents and also have a given an appointment. However the date is not suitable and need to reschedule the same. I do not see the “reschedule” option to proceed further.

    Any thoughts on the same.

    • says

      Hi Santhosh,

      I think you can reach out to passport customer care or visit nearest PSK. Otherwise it would be very tough to answer why you are not getting that link.

  7. kranthi says

    I have applied the passport in online tatkal to reissue of my passport due to exire in less than 3 months. I went to the PSK on sheduled date 22/04/2015 and they resheduled the my appointment date to 05/05/2015 due to missing document.

    Is their any way to reshedule my appointment before the given date 05/05/2015, because I already applied in tatkal to get early as early as possible,but the given appointement is too long time for me.

    Kindly help me in this.

    Thanks in advance

    • says

      I don’t think it would be possible, as they might have already checked the dates and then only provided you a new date as per availability.
      I think the best way would be asking them only.

  8. Umar says

    I Spoke to Customer care people, they told me if you miss the appointment you will get the option to schedule it again.

    • says

      Hi Umar,

      Thanks for sharing your update. I think this will help many readers who are looking for answer related to passport appointment reschedule process.
      Can you please share more information about
      How the customer support people are responding?
      Are the polite or rude in nature?
      How much time it took for some one to attend you?

      You experience while talking to Passport Seva customer care people.
      Thanks in advance. :)

  9. Kuldeep Kaushik says

    Hi Santanu,
    I have applied for the passport and the machine generated a date for 21st April,2015 which is not at all possible as I will be away for 3 days from 21st to 23rd April. When I checked for the reschedule option it says the next available date is 22nd April,2015, which is again not possible. So can you please suggest what shall I do now?? Is it possible to cancel my appointment ?? Also if I cancel my appointment, can I schedule an appointment with the same id after a week? or do I have to pay 1500 bucks again and start afresh?? your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  10. parul chaurasia says

    due to some date issue i have cancelled my passport application which i have applied on 9 april 2015. it is mentioned we can cancel or reschedule it 2 times and i have cancelled it 1 st time. i want to know if i apply again within 1 year with same id do i have to pay again wiithin ???

    • says

      Hi Parul,

      It is about cancelling the appointment, not the passport application. I think it is better if you can visit your nearest PSK and raise your issue. :)

  11. sushma says

    sir i have applied for fresh passport and in my first appointment my file is on hold in counter B.and they have given me date on next month but i cant attend on that day because i am working at mnc as fresher so i cant get leave easily.And if i miss two chances of appointment then will they put penalty sir i am worried sir please reply

    • Nahush says

      Please let me know what did you do for the problem you faced as I too am facing the same issue. Respond asap please

  12. ANIL NANDWANA says

    I have registered online for Passport and got appointment on 11/03/2015 & 18/03/2015 & 24/03/2015 but objection still stand and for submit & Complete the document process I need one more date of appointment . how I can do this because I have not reschedule any date but this happen due to some document requirement.

    on C counter officer told me to submit the old passport

    so please consider and tell me process

  13. Akshat says

    Hi, I want to take appointment for TATKAL application. But it is not showing date in 1st week of April but instead only 20 Mar. I want appointment of 6th Apr. How can I do that. Please guide.


  14. Begari Anil Kumar says

    Dear Sir,I have visited PassportSevaKendra on 16-03-2015. But Verification Officer not accepted my application & gave me next appointment date on the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER.i.e on 11-04-2015. But I want to cancel the appointment as I need 3 months time for getting document. But I am not getting “SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT”highlighted though I tried a number of times. If I send a FAX message to PSK office,Can they cancel my appointment ?& I may be allowed to reschedule it in future within one year. IF cancelled, they will not delete the data captured (ARN number) from the computer system? PLEASE REPLY SOON. THANKING YOU,SIR

    • Deepesh Parswani says


      I have a solution for this, click edit form and without changing any details submit the form again. Then it will give you option to schedule/reschedule appointment.

      • Alka says

        Hi ,

        I also encountered with the same problem, not getting “Schedule Appointment” option to Cancel Appointment now. Also, i am not getting “edit form” option.

        Please suggest.

  15. sudipta samanta says

    I have booked an appoinment for 9/04/2015 in kolkata but i have noticed that there are somany dates before can i reshedule the appoinment.and also the psk center can i change.

  16. semonpreet says

    I have applied for passport in tatkal on 25th feb and got the next day appointment. Due to the lack of pcc i rescheduled it on the same date on 25th but there was no change in date but timing was changed. So I called in the psk and they told me to reschedule it next day so I did the same. and got 27th as my appointment date. I visited the psk with my documents but something was missing so they told me to take another appointment date. Is it possible now?

  17. Syed Rizwan says

    Mr. Santanu,

    I need your help . Can you please provide me a procedure to cancel the passport application . I have already applied and the inquiry also finished twice they said ur address is less than one year . They send me the show case notice . Now i want to cancel the application and to apply from another address . Is it possible to cancel and after how many we can apply again . I will be very thank full to you if you show me solution .

    Thank you .

  18. Kalyan Roy says

    I am applying for a passport reissue. I have saved my application and need to now pay and book an appointment. However, only one appointment date is showing which is April 7. I’d like to book an appt. for the week of April 17 -20.

    Why is only one appt. date showing? Does the system not give the option of selecting a specific date?
    Should I just book the appt. date given and then reschedule for a date that is more convenient for me?
    I don’t understand why I am cannot choose from a selection of dates and am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

    Please advise.

    • says

      Hi Kalyan,

      I think appointment dates for future dates are book, not sure. Can you please call the passport customer number and ask them to reschedule your appointment to a later date?

  19. Akshay Upadhye says

    I had scheduled appointment 2 times till now but my application was rejected due to short of document. What if I miss the 3 chance also due to document as the officer always says for a new document.

    Please help

    • says

      Hi Akshay,

      What document that officer is asking every time? Why don’t you sit and check out the required document list properly before visiting next time. Make sure that you have followed all the steps mentioned as per Passport India rules, so that next time if someone ask you for a new document you can defend your self by referring that resource.

  20. says

    Dear Sir,I have visited PassportSevaKendra on 27-01-2015. But Verification Officer not accepted my application & gave me next appointment date on the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER.i.e on 19-02-2015. But I want to cancel the appointment as I need 3 months time for getting document. But I am not getting “SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT”highlighted though I tried a number of times. If I send a FAX message to PSK office,Can they cancel my appointment ?& I may be allowed to reschedule it in future within one year. IF cancelled, they will not delete the data captured (ARN number) from the computer system? PLEASE REPLY SOON. THANKING YOU,SIR

    • says

      Hi Raghavendra,

      I don’t know why that reschedule appointment option is not coming in your case. Generally it should come with cancel option. I think the best think you can do now is call the passport India toll free number 1800-258-1800. Regarding passport data I think it will be there for at least one year as they will provide you 2 chance max to re-schedule your passport appointment.

      I hope you will get your query resolved soon and also share your experience here if anything. :)

      • Vishal says

        I have same situation as Raghavendra. The passport application got rejected and I got another date (11th March). Now I want to reschedule because some trip has already been planned in office.
        For me, after I click the “View Submitted …”, the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link is disabled. I called their toll number but, the IVR just drops as soon as I select the option for “other services”.
        Santanu, Raghavendra, if you find a solution, please let me know. Thanks Santanu for posting this information.

        • says

          Hi Vishal,

          This is very sad to hear that you did not et any help from toll free number. Due to this attitude of Passport department people are suffering. I don’t have much idea about your situation, but I think you should keep trying or if possible visit your nearest PSK and explain your situation if possible.

          Let me know if you found any solution to come out of this problem.

        • Subashini Ganesan says

          hi.. i am in a same situation now. did you find a solution for this??
          were you able to reschedule ur appointment in any way??
          plzz do reply
          thank you :)

          • Begari Anil Kumar says

            if you know reshedule deatails, plz contact me or msg me to this number 8019777603 plz plz help me

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