How to open a bank account online by filling e KYC

e-KYC to open a bank account in IndiaIn India opening a bank account is a real hassle for consumers. You have to travel to that branch many times for collecting the forms, providing many supporting documents, looking for someone’s references and many other things. But in a recent step taken by Visa group and Unique Identification authority of India to reduce this hassle by providing the option to open a bank account online which will give the consumers best and fast service. Now a days a KYC (Know your customer) form is a must. If you are an existing customer of that bank, you might get some SMS or mail about submitting the KYC form at nearest branch. And for a new account opening it’s a must. With this bank can now control the fishy applications for a new account.

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Anyway with the tie up, you can now easily open an account online itself with the e-KYC process. This is a complete paperless procedure where you have to provide your Aadhar Card 12 digit number, a photograph, address details, contact details online. You have to fill up some other personal information as well. After verification of all the data bank will instantly issue your account with VISA card. With this step both RBI and consumers will be benefited in coming days.

So no need to carry your originals with you to bank many times for verification, no need to carry numbers of photocopy or xerox copies of your documents anymore. Simply open an account online. Before attempting this service I would say you can have a discussion with with your preferred bank’s customer service desk about this process in detail. It might vary a little from bank to bank. So first do the inquiry and then go ahead.


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