How to withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) amount in India

Want to withdraw your EPF amount with your last employer and don’t know how to to proceed further, then this article will help you to find out the steps to withdraw EPF amount in India. Generally EPF is a long term investment which one can not withdraw before retirement. But in today’s world changing a job has become very common which actually creates an opportunity to withdraw this EPF balance. 
how to withdraw epf amount in india
Till today the process is whenever you left a company you lost your EPF account number and you have been provided a new EPF account number in the current company. But this is going to change after the introduction of UAN ( Universal Account Number ). We will talk about it in detail in upcoming articles and see how UAN is going to make our life easy.

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Steps to withdraw EPF amount in India

While changing a company or Job you can withdraw your EPF balance or you can transfer the balance to your newly created EPF account with the new Job. Its completely up to you how you should proceed with your money. Here I am including the steps so far everyone has to follow to withdraw EPF amount as per current system rule.

1) Generally you can claim you previous company PF balance after 45-60 days (Depends company to company)  of your resignation. So better collect all the information about company’s internal procedure to apply PF withdrawal after resignation. Because you have to submit the forms (PF withdrawal) to company itself and they will process your request and communicate further to govt body.

2) Next download or collect form 19 & form 10c. You can also get them in your company portal. Otherwise  visit EPFO website to download them.

3) Next you need a bank account number (Nationalized Bank). In the form you will find SB account and address. Fill the form with all details of bank and your contact number properly. You will receive money in this account and also any alert in the mobile number mentioned. So be careful while updating these details. This is very important section, if any information is found wrong or missing your application will be returned and again it will take 45 days to process your request.

4) There will be another form among them where you will authorize them to deposit the amount on behalf of  you in your bank account. As the money will be sanctioned as a cheque. So be careful while filling that form as well.

5) Next step is, take Xerox copy of the filled forms set, to keep with you for future proof. Then send the forms to previous employer office or PF office as instructed by previous company. Every company has its own procedure to deal with it. Some company have their own PF trust offices where you can send them directly, otherwise companies will collect all these documents from you and then verify from their end and finally submit them to PF India office on behalf of you.

6) After submission of these forms you have done your part. You can always communicate with the PF body of previous company, where you have send the filled up forms. Check with them every after 2-3 months, if it takes time to get the money. 

I have already experienced with both PF withdrawal & PF transfer, both scenarios. 

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First was PF withdrawal, where I got the money in my account after 1 year (almost) of application. In that time I have communicated with my earlier company couple of times. They helped me till they had authority. In between for some reason my  
form got rejected and I have to reapply. After final submission to govt office, they can’t provide any  information further. Finally 1 fine day I received 2 sms from EPFO India regarding the payment, after 1 year. That was a superb feeling. But now a days seems like process has changed as I have seen one of my friend received his EPF amount in just 2-3 months time.

Recently services have been improved a lot and many can be done online itself. You can visit the EPFO India  website for more info regarding balance check, challan submission and many things. Visit official website for accurate and latest updates:

Hope with the introduction of UAN we can access our EPF account smoothly. You can also share your experiences here while dealing with EPF account.

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  1. azam says

    Hi bro.I have send my pf documents to Maharashtra kandivali pf office one month back. How many days to get the money .and minimum how many months of work experience required to claim our pf….

    • says

      Hi Azam,

      So far I have withdraw EPF money 2 times at the time of quitting previous companies. First time it took around 6 month, but this time it took less than 2 months after submission of my EPF forms properly.
      Actually first time due to some incomplete information, EPF application got rejected and it returned back to me.

  2. Gov says

    Hi, i am working under the same company from last 5.2 years. Can I withdraw of amount deposited by this company??


    • says

      Hi Gov,

      Why do you want to withdraw the EPF amount? I hope you know that you have to provide a genuine reason like Education or marriage, Medical treatment, Purchase of plot, Repayment of home loan, Pre-retirement etc. Its better to contact your employer for more details about the procedure.

    • says

      Hi Rajani,

      Now a days process have improved, as per my experience in 1-2 months max you should get the amount in your bank account if submitted to PPF department from your employer successfully.

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