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Pocket Banking app launched by ICICI bank – India’s first digital bank

icici pocket banking app features benefits reviewIndia’s largest private sector bank ICICI Bank recently launched Pocket Banking facility on mobile phone platform. This is India’s first digital banking application. With this Pocket Banking app one can to multiple transactions without any hassle in many platforms in our daily life. Even if you are not a customer of ICICI bank or don’t have bank account with ICICI bank you can download this e-wallet app from Google play-store and recharge your Pocket Banking account. One can also ask for a physical card like credit card or debit card to use in retail stores directly. Besides that this Pocket Banking app can be utilized in many ways to perform our everyday life’s expenses.

How to send money with ICICI Pocket Banking app?

The concept of this Pocket Banking is similar to already launched Facebook banking or twitter banking. You have to download the app and then register with your mobile number and email id. Link any of your savings bank account with this and then you are ready to use Pocket Banking facility. May be you can visit this link to check how it works. Your friend also have to register in a similar way with this app. After that you can send money to your friend easily. So the major think is sender and receiver has be in the same pocket banking application to enjoy this facility. In fact this is true for every other service as well.

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How to use Pocket Banking facility?

Now there is a huge list of services that we are using everyday that could be very easy with this app. Let’s check how this Pocket Banking app is going to change our life.

Money Transfer: We have already shared that one can transfer money easily to friend or family without log-in into bank account internet banking. Simply send money to that mobile number or email id. The rest will be automatically taken care by this application.

Share bill amount with your friends: Now this what I will call a new trend which is really awesome. As these days everyone is spending with credit card or debit card, it is impossible to split restaurant bill and pay divided. But with this Pocket Banking app one can do this without any hassle. One can pay the bill and split the same and send the notification to rest of the members. He/she will get time to time reminders to pay his/her part.

Tag your expenses: In today’s life when every one is busy spending, then how to track your expenses? With this app now you can tag your expenses and later analyse as per your need. This is a good features which will definitely help people to manage their money.

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Send e-gift voucher: Sending gift voucher has become very common these days as most people not to prefer gifting in old fashion box wrapped way. With this application one can easily send gift vouchers to dear ones.

Online payment gateway: With this Pocket Banking app one can pay any bill or payment to any service. But initially it may allow only few service, check out more regarding this service.

Zero balance facility: ICICI has declared this as a zero balance account for 2015. May be some minimum balance apply after 2015, but so far one can use this account as zero balance account.

So looks like a new banking facility has launched which is going to change the face of digital banking in coming days. Security wise there may be some issues, but this is again too early and you have to take care of your mobile security. One can use Pocket Banking facility up to amount of Rs 10,000. If you need more limit then you have to submit KYC documents to bank and get it approved. We may get more news on this app in coming days, stay subscribed to this blog for further updates.

Pocket Banking app launched by ICICI bank – India’s first digital bank
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