13 Best Online Tax Filing Sites / Service in India 2018

How do you file your income tax return every year? Do you file your it return by own or take some tax consultants help or prefer a income tax efiling website? Is your tax consultant able to attend you on-time and provide income tax efiling status accordingly?

As e filing of income tax is mandatory for people who have a taxable income in a financial year, one have to file tax return on time and send the ITR V form duly signed to CPC Bangalore to complete the process. As per new process, you can do the acknowledge the ITR using the Aadhaar OTP process also without sending any courier.

But many people find it difficult to track the date of efiling of income tax and even forget to send the ITR acknowledgement to CPC Bangalore. For them I think the best option is to take help from any of the third party income tax e filing websites or services in India and stay relax entire year.

Why Income tax efiling websites are best alternative?

There are many doubts whether to file income tax return free via IT department’s website or choose a paid service from any of the popular income tax efiling website.

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Do you know the with launch of new ITR forms, it has become quite difficult to provide all necessary information and fill the form with 100% accurate data?

In that case, why do you want to take any chance? Of course you can fil your form by own if you have good knowledge and time to spend. But most people file IT return on a hurry in last minute only.

So for this people, it is better to choose any of these income tax efiling website and provide for 16 and other necessary documents to them. They have a very good team of tax consultants and Chartered accountant who will help to process your application.

Top 13 Online Tax Filing Service in India 2018

Before proceeding further, let me clear one thing that this is not a sponsored post. I am writing this article as I have taken services from 2 of the below mentioned websites and really feeling happy that my IT return is completing every year on time. You should check out few tips while choosing a efiling site.

I have included IT department’s website on top as one can file income tax return free. Followed by other 12 paid websites for income tax efiling online this year.

Website NameWebsite AddressMin Cost
IT Dept Websiteincometaxindiaefiling.gov.inFREE
Tax SpannerTaxspanner.comRs 449.00
Clear TaxCleartax.inRs 599, For Women & Sr. Citizen Free
Tax ChanakyaTaxchanakya.comRs 150
My It ReturnMyitreturn.comRs 299
Make My ReturnsMakemyreturns.comRs 100
Tax MunshiTaxmunshi.comRs 249
Tax ManagerTaxmanager.inRs 250 + tax
Tax ShaxTaxshax.comRs 181
Tax SmileTaxsmile.comRs 500
HR BlockHrblock.inRs 499
VittenaVittena.comRs 280
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Note: Among them one of the link is not working now, but able to open few times back. Do you have another service player with which I can replace this name?

How much an income tax efiling website charge?

As per my knowledge, I found various websites are charging a very nominal fee of Rs 300-500 for a salaried people with regular investment profile. It will increase according as per one’s investment profile only.

The more diversified investment means, more complex income tax calculation and they will charge more.

As this is an yearly activity, I believe this amount is absolutely acceptable. In case any mistake in IT return or declaring your income, it may cause income tax penalty in future.

Tips To File Your IT Return Free Using These Website

It’s very simple actually. Almost all the websites are offering a free tax filing plan also in which you just have to upload your Form 16 and complete the process. As I said earlier, this is for a straight forward salaried person who is investing in typical 80C investments and everything has been captured in the form 16 itself.

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Frankly speaking I have used couple of them just to check how the service or interface they are providing. All of them are good as there is nothing to provide extraordinary. They will simply ask you to provide form 16 and other documents and accordingly file your return.

On successful filing you have to take a print out of the ITR V and send it to CPC Bangalore. But remember, if you have Aadhar card, then as per new income tax efiling rules, you don’t have to send ITR V to CPC Bangalore. rather you can do that verification via mobile phone using your aadhar number.

But, if you really want to know how to file income tax return then try IT department’s website and try to file your own. It will be an awesome learning curve you.

Did you use any of these income tax efiling website? How was your experience? Are you satisfied with the money you have paid to them? Share all your experience and queries regarding income tax return here.

13 Best Online Tax Filing Sites / Service in India 2018
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