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IndiGo Airlines IPO of Rs 2,500 crore to launch in next FY (2015-16)

IndiGo airlines IPO is going to hit by next year April-June, 2015-16. India’s largest airline company as per domestic market share is planing to launch their first Initial Public Offering (IPO). With the launch IndiGo will become a Public company from a current Private Ltd company. Company is planning to collect $400 million or Rs 2,500 crore with this IPO launch. Although the IndiGo Airlines Ipo launch date is not yet disclosed. After Jet-airways and Spice-jet, IndiGo will be listed out in Indian stock market very soon. Generally whenever a company is planning to expand it’s business, they used to launch themselves in share market to collect capital amount from investors via IPO. This amount will be used to expanding the IndiGo business further.

IndiGo Airlines ipo launch date

Why Indigo Airlines IPO is launching in India

IndiGo is one of the most successful domestic low cost airline in India. From last couple of years they have done very good business covering many domestic sectors in India. After Vijay Mallay’s Kingfisher Airline failure and recent ups & down in Spice jet airline, IndiGo is the only Airline who is able to deliver as per expectations. IndiGo has managed to offer many discounts and festive offer which attract customers more compared to other Airline in India. Besides that due to fall of crude prices in last few months IndiGo has booked good profit. You can check outthe statement of their owner below:

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As per ET sources, the Rahul Bhatia-owned airline is expected to net a record profit of up to Rs 2,220 crore this fiscal (2014-15), mainly due to low oil prices. Sources said bankers are working on the IPO at a frantic pace as current market conditions are favourable for going public, especially for a company with a proven track record like IndiGo. The air line did not offer comments on this issue.

Do you think IndiGo Airlines ipo will be a success? Or it will also face tough time like other airlines faced already. Is it advisable to invest money for this launch next year? Anyway we have enough time to review this IPO, till the time just enjoy this as a news only. 🙂

IndiGo Airlines IPO of Rs 2,500 crore to launch in next FY (2015-16)
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