Kasba Kalibari and Kamalashagar visit – Tripura Tourism attraction

Introduction: Tripura is a place of many temples for Gods & Goddesses, made by Maharajas. Many of them are hiding their great historical reviews behind their beauty, which attracts people to visit those places again and again. ‘Kasba’ is one of them. This place is famous for the temple of ‘Kali Maa’, also known as ‘KASABA KALI BARI’.

kasba kalibari tripura

kasba kalibari tripuraHistory:  Actually ‘KASBA’ is an Arabian word which means ‘small town’. This temple is similar to other temples of Maa Kali here. But the image of Goddess situated in this temple appears like ‘Dashabhuja Durga’ or ‘Mahishasur Mardini’. Some people said that this place was known as ‘Kolaigarh’. After the attack of Moghals this place was renamed to the name Kasba. Kolaigarh was famous in Tripura by several reasons, when British Government rules India. That time Maharaja Krishna Manikya was the emperor of this state. 

After the attack, Kolaigarh had lost its identity and this place (Kasba) became the part of another country named Bangladesh.  Now the part which is belonging to India is known as ‘Kamalasagar’. It’s a lake made by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya. Kamalasagar was the name of his wife. So the locality of this place is known by Kamalasagar. In 17th century, Maharaja Kalyan Manikya established this portrait of Maa Kali in this temple. He started to build this temple but it was completed by their descendants.

kasba kalibari tripura

How to go there? : This place is 30 km away from Agartala. Local transportation is available from nagerjala bus stand in agartala. It will take more than 1 hr to reach. But for visitors it’s preferable to hire a car which will take less than 1 hr to reach there. Fare is very reasonable (depending on the current rate).

When to go? : There is no particular season for visiting this place. So people can travel this place anytime but in winter there will be rush as ‘Kamalasagar’ is also famous as a picnic spot. A fair is organized once in a year in the month of August. So it will be enjoyable to visit there in that time.

Where to stay? : There is a guest house for tourists named ‘Kumilla View’ in Kamalasagar.

kasba kalibari tripura
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