How to find your own mobile number for Airtel/ Aircel/ Tata Docomo/ Reliance/ Idea/ Uninor/ Vodafone/ BSNL/ Videocon/ Virgin/ Loop/ MTNL/ Smart/ BPL

know your mobile number indiaDo you know your own mobile number? In this article we will see how to find your own mobile number for any mobile network.

Changing or taking a new mobile number is a very common practice we all do in our daily life. Specially people who are travelling many places for their job or business are mainly facing this situation. As roaming is still on in India, it is very tough to continue with the roaming charges. Anyway Govt has decided to withdraw roaming charges with one India roaming plan, which will be implemented soon. But till then then it is very useless to continue a number with roaming charges as charges are still high compared to local tariffs  Anyway when you take a new number the next problem we face most is we don’t know our number. Might be you have not noted or lost that document. In such case you might have call to some one else and then get your mobile number.Don’t Miss     How to send 10gb file through gmail

How to find your own mobile number in Airtel/ Aircel/ Tata Docomo/ Reliance/ Idea/ Uninor/ Vodafone/ BSNL/ Videocon/ Virgin/ Loop/ MTNL/ Smart/ BPL

But there is some other technique which mobile operators provide for their customer. Simply dial those numbers and get your mobile number on your mobile screen. This is similar to enquirying about your mobile balance. But these are all applicable for prepaid numbers only. Let’s check out the numbers for different operator to type on your mobile screen.

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AIRCEL             Type *1# or *234*4# or *888# or *122*131# or *131#  and Press OK
Tata docomo      Type *1#  or *580# or *124# and Press OK
Airtel                  Type *140*175 or*140*1600# or *121*9# or *282#  *141*123# and Press OK
Reliance              Type *1# *111# and Press OK
Idea                     Type *1# and Press OK
Uninor                 Type *555# *1# *444#  and Press OK
Vodafone            Type *555# or *555*0# or *111*2# or *777*0# or *131*0# and Press OK
BSNL                   Type *1# or *99# or *222# and Press OK
Idea              Type *789# or *100# or *1# *147# *131# or *131*1# and Press OK
Videocon              Type *1#  and Press OK
Virgin              Type *1# and Press OK
Loop              Type *222# *1# *001# and Press OK
MTNL              Type *8888# and Press OK
Smart              Type *1# *111*2# and Press OK
BPL              Type *222# *1# *001# and Press OK

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I have updated these numbers recently. Hopefully all are working perfectly so that you can know your own mobile number without any issue. In case any issue please share the updated number by a simple comment. If you don’t know then also let me know so that I can find out the updated number.

Thanks for reading and your valuable comments !!

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