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LIC Anmol Jeevan and Amulya Jeevan – did your agent offer you these policies yet?

Anmol Jeevan and Amulya Jeevan are 2 pure term insurance plans from lic (life insurance corporation of India). We all know about term insurance plan benefits and requirement in out life’s financial planning. Both of the policies are different based on their sum assured value.

In this post we will discuss about these 2 policies details and also compare Anmol Jeevan and Amulya Jeevan plan with other term insurance plans available in market. But before that one question I would like to ask readers whether their lic agent ever introduce these 2 policies to you. I am sure many will say no as I have also faced the same. Actually from a agent point of view these 2 policies are not at all a profitable policy from commission point of view. Most endowment policies are the hot topic among all insurance agents and they will convince you with many catchy figures of return. But when I first ask my agent about these 2 policies he simply said they are not actually beneficial then other policies and also not at all popular policy. Even I am not going to get my money back after the term which is a kind of loss for me.

Before proceeding further I would like my readers to know the benefits of a term insurance policy and then read further details of Anmol Jeevan and Amulya Jeevan policy.

Anmol jeevan policy main feature
In Amol Jeevan policy you can have maximum of Rs 25 lakhs as sum assured and minimum premium should be Rs 5 lakh. Read the entire policy details here.

Amulya jeevan policy main feature
In case of Amulya Jeevan there is no sum assured upper limit. And according to the sum assured the premium will get higher and some other charges will be applicable. Read the entire policy details here.

So main difference between Anmol jeevan and Amulya jeevan policies are mainly sum assured amount only. According to your need you can avail any policy. But if you compare them with any other popular term insurance plans in India like HDFC Click 2 protect and ICICI I protect then you can find that premiums are almost double for a specific sum assured in case of Anmol jeevan and Amulya jeevan. You can read how to choose a term plan in India.

Premium comparison between Term insurance plans in India

If the sum assured amount is 25 lakh and the term is 25 years them the yearly premium of different term plans are like below (Here I have taken popular 5 term plans)

Anmol Jeevan yearly premium         8,577.00 (Here upper limit taken 24 lakh as per policy )
Amulya Jeevan yearly premium 6,950.00 
HDFC Life Click 2 Protect yearly premium 2,975.00
ICICI Pru iCare yearly premium 3,900.00
Aviva i-Life yearly premium         3,472.00

So you can clearly see that premiums are very very less if you go with other term insurance plan than lic plans. These numbers are taken using the premium calculators of individual insurance company websites.
LIC Anmol Jeevan and Amulya Jeevan – did your agent offer you these policies yet?
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