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LIC of India Insurance Policies, How To Guides

Life insurance corporation of India or LIC India is one of the most popular and largest insurance company in India. LIC of India has almost every types of policies as per individuals requirement. The popularity of LIC policies are huge and the reason behind this is their huge network of agents. LIC is able to spread the need of insurance in the farthest corner of this country.

This page is created to share almost every information about LIC of India, all LIC policies reviews & details, various how to guides to handle your LIC related queries and tutorials at one place.

List of LIC policies 2015-2016 as per category

LIC of India has almost every type of insurance plans in their kitty like Endowment plans, ULIPs, Child plan, Pension plans, retirement plans etc in their kitty. Every year they are launching various new LIC policies to attract customers. Here you can find the list of latest LIC of India insurance policies as per 2015-2016.

Endowment Plan

Money Back Plans

Term Insurance Plans

Pension Plans

Unit Linked Pension Plan

Micro Insurance Plans

  • LICs New Jeevan Mangal
  • lic Micro – Insurance Forms
  • lic LIC’s Bhagya Lakshmi Plan

Health Insurance Plans

Social Security Scheme

  • Aam Aadmi Bima Yojna

Disclaimer: You can click on each policy link and find out more details shared by our website. We have just collected the important data from LIC of India official website, so it is always better to check their official website for updated data and accuracy. We are not responsible for data accuracy in any case.

Various FAQs about LIC of India Insurance Policies

How to pay LIC policy premium

Now there are various ways to pay premium online. You can check out the LIC premium payment options and decide how you can pay your LIC of India policy premium. The best way is to register online to LIC India online portal and pay the premium using net banking or credit card.

How to register to LIC of India portal?

This is very simple. Visit LIC India Portal new registration page and fill up the LIC online registration form. You have to provide the policy details to complete the registration.

How to get LIC premium payment reminder online?

If you have already registered with LIC online portal, then simply add your policy and provide your mobile number to get free sms alert about your premium payment due date. Not only that, if you missed out any payment, you will also get further alerts to make payment in the grace period to avoid penalty.

Is there any HelpLine number or Customer care number?

Yes, you can visit LIC of India customer care number toll free number and find out the branch specific details. There are dedicated toll free numbers for every zone of India and also city wise to get more specific and accurate information.

How to change my lic policy address online

These days due to job change many people used to travel from one city to another city and may finally settle down in a different city. In such a case changing the lic policy address is a must. Check out the step by step guide to change your lic policy communication address.

How to get lic premium paid certificate online

If you have paid your LIC policy premium online, then you will get immediately the premium paid certificate receipt in your mail box. You can take print out of that and use as income tax proof in future. But in case you have paid your premium offline, then you have to collect the receipt manually at the time of payment only.

How to get information on LIC life certificate for pensioners 

LIC India has created a dedicated page for pensioners. Visit that page and look for various information like Existence Certificate, Advance Receipt, Mandate Form, Declaration Annexure 19 and many more information.

How to file a complaints against LIC of India?

Simply visit LIC of India grievance page and find out details about  respective area manages & officers who are responsible to address your complaint & issue. Check out the list of lic of India grievance redressal officers to file your insurance related complaints.

LIC bonus rates 2015-16 

I have already shared the latest LIC Bonus rates for 2015-2016.

How to check bonus accumulated on lic policy

Log in to your LIC online portal and click on your policy number registered already. You will be able to find the accumulated bonus amount if any. Generally this information will be updated at the time maturity or at the end of the policy premium payment.

How to revive lapsed LIC policy online?

You can visit your nearest LIC branch and ask for policy revival. Otherwise look for newspapers for special LIC policy revival campaigns where LIC provide some discounts on your revival fee as well.

How to change phone number in LIC?

Yes, you can change your phone number online itself. You have to log in to your LIC online portal and update the communication phone number details. In case any doubt, you can call your area LIC customer care number and get it done.

How to calculate LIC policy premium online?

You can easily visit to LIC online Premium calculator and provide necessary information find your premium amount for the desired sum assured value. But if the policy is launched recently, then you can’t use this LIC premium calculator online.

How to get LIC Jobs & Recruitment Notifications?

Visit LIC Career page and keep a track for all upcoming LIC jobs and recruitment notifications.

How to become lic agent and make money

You can visit this article to know about how to become an LIC agent in India.

How much commission lic agent get?

Now a days a LIC agent is not able to make much money compared to old days. The reason behind this is various other insurance players are launching more products which actually increases the competition. Not only that, many people are trying to become insurance agent these days. And with the launch online facility, many people are not ready to go via insurance agent. They can buy or manage a policy online itself. Anyway you can check how much money an insurance can make these days.

These are few and common queries related to LIC of India insurance polices and various how to guides. In case you have more queries, please write a comment below. We will be updating this article time to time to provide more information to help people.