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How To Apply New HP Gas Connection Online

how to transfer lpg gas connection from one state to another state

Do you know that now you can apply for new lpg gas connection online, without visiting your nearest LPG gas dealer showroom? LPG gas connection is a must to have at home and most of time we find it difficult to get new gas connection or transfer lpg gas connection form one city to another city. In […]

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What is LPG Connection Portability?

LPG Connection Portability

Did you hear about LPG Connection Portability for the first time? You might be aware about MNP or mobile number portability, similarly LCP has launched to transfer your LPG gas connection within distributors. This is a step towards providing power to consumers, as now one can opt out and join a good distributor in case facing […]

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What is kyc form for LPG gas connection and How to apply?

In specific terms KYC means Know Your Customer. This means you are authorizing or providing all your necessary personal details to the company, so that company can be sure that they are completely aware about their customers. Actually this is not for the benefit of company, rather it’s for the consumers only. As per new rule by LPG Control Orders, […]

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