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14 Long Weekends in India 2017 & Public Holiday Calendar

Long weekends 2017 India: Looking for the holiday calendar 2017 to find out the long weekends 2017 India? Then you are at the right place as this page will bring huge smile in your face and force you to spend huge money for travel plans this year. You will find information about government holidays 2017, office holidays 2017, list of long weekends in 2017 in India

If you love to travel in week ends or roam within city then this year 2017 is going to make your life different. This year there are total 14 long weekends options available which you can utilize to travel & spend time with your family. Off-course you should have checked with your office holiday calendar 2017 to very whether you are having approved leaves on these days.

Long Weekends in 2017 | List of Public Holidays In India 2017

Although I am not going to share the complete Indian calendar 2017 with holidays and festival, but I will mention about the festivals which are linked with a weekends. So that you can just apply for a leave of 1-2 days maximum and enjoy a long weekend by planning some exciting trip. Let’s explore them one by one

1. Republic Day Weekend

26 January, Thursday: Republic Day (National Holiday)
27 January, Friday: Take the day off
28 January, Saturday: Losar (Sikkim, Ladakh and Dharamshala only)
29 January, Sunday: Weekend

2. Mahashivrati Weekend

24 February, Friday: Maha Shivratri (Gazetted Holiday)
25 February, Saturday: Weekend
26 February, Sunday: Weekend

3. Holi Weekend

11 March, Saturday: Weekend
12 March, Sunday: Weekend
13 March, Monday: Holi (Restricted Holiday)

4. Telugu and Kannada New Year Weekend

March 25, Saturday: Weekend
March 26, Sunday: Weekend
March 27, Monday: Take the day off
March 28, Tuesday: Ugadi (Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh only)
March 29, Wednesday: Telugu New Year (Tamil Nadu only)

5. Ram Navami Weekend

April 1, Saturday: Weekend
April 2, Sunday: Weekend
April 3, Monday: Take the day off.
April 4, Tuesday: Ram Navami

6. Hat-trick Weekend

April 13, Thursday: Vaisakhi (Restricted Holiday)
April 14, Friday: Dr Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday (Gazetted Holiday)
April 15, Saturday: Weekend
April 16, Sunday: Easter/Weekend

7. May Day Weekend

April 29, Saturday: Weekend
April 30, Sunday: Weekend
May 1, Monday: May Day

8. Eid Weekend

June 23, Friday: Jumat-ul-Wida, last Friday of Ramadan (many states)
June 24, Saturday: Weekend
June 25, Sunday: Weekend
June 26, Monday: Id-ul-Fitr (many states)

9. Longest-Ever Weekend

August 12, Saturday: Weekend
August 13, Sunday: Weekend
August 14, Monday: Janmashtami (Restricted Holiday)
August 15, Tuesday: Independence Day (National Holiday)
August 16, Wednesday: Take the day off.
August 17, Thursday: Parsi New Year (Mumbai only)
August 18, Friday: Take the day off.
August 19, Saturday: Weekend
August 20, Sunday: Weekend

10. Ganesh Chaturthi Weekend

August 25, Friday: Ganesh Chaturthi (Restricted Holiday)
August 26, Saturday: Weekend
August 27, Sunday: Weekend

11. Gandhi Jayanti Weekend

September 30, Saturday: Weekend
October 1, Sunday: Weekend
October 2, Monday: Gandhi Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)

12. Diwali Weekend

October 14, Saturday: Weekend
October 15, Sunday: Weekend
October 16, Monday: Dhanteras/take the day off.
October 17, Tuesday: Take the day off.
October 18, Wednesday: Diwali (Gazetted Holiday)
October 19, Thursday: Balipratipada/take the day off.
October 20, Friday: Bhaidooj/take the day off.
October 21, Saturday: Weekend
October 22, Sunday: Weekend

13. Id-e-Milad Weekend

December 1, Friday: Id-e-Milad (Gazetted Holiday)
December 2, Saturday: Weekend
December 3, Sunday: Weekend

14. Christmas Weekend

December 23, Saturday: Weekend
December 24, Sunday: Weekend
December 25, Monday: Christmas

So, how are planning for the entire 2017? I am damn sure that you can’t resist to plan several short travels in your city or nearby areas. This is the best year to explore all the weekend getaways in India with your family or friends. Share your plan if you want to share here by writing a simple comment below. Don’t forget to mention the best long weekends 2017 in India according to you in this list.

14 Long Weekends in India 2017 & Public Holiday Calendar
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