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LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign – A fraud or have a justified vision?

LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign is the latest buzz in LPG gas sector. Although its being sometime but people are still talking about this LPG Subsidy Surrender initiative. Do you really know what is this LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign? Did you receive any SMS saying surrender your LPG subsidy amount that you received in your Aadhaar linked banked account? In this article we will try to understand why such initiatives are continuing in our country.

LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign review

Why LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign?

If you follow news regularly from last couple of years then you might notice that news related to LPG subsidy and Aadhaar linking is a very common topic. In last few years Oil companies were pressuring the Govt to remove the subsidy completely so that they can enjoy their business. From Govt point of view they are spending too much amount to provide this subsidy amount which further reduces the prices of LPG gas cylinder.

Now as Govt is spending too much in these expenses then how can they develop the nation? Before proceeding further let’s check out some data related to loss from this LPG subsidy scheme. Govt is paying total 46,000 crore amount for this activity. To reduce this burden Govt has already taken some steps earlier. They are fixing the number of LPG cylinders for every family per year. Initially they make it 6 and then 9. Later again they raised it to 12 cylinders / year. We can understand the Govt’s dilemma as they have to save their vote Bank. But none of these steps reduce the burden of LPG Subsidy. So the last option left is voluntary surrender. If people go for voluntary surrender by their own then without worrying about the Vote Bank Govt. can get the amount bank which they can invest for country’s future.

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But do you think we the people of our country have such a big heart to Surrender LPG Subsidy? Let’s explore few more facts about this LPG subsidy.

Who are getting LPG subsidy?

One thing need to be clear that LPG subsidy will be provided to Aadhaar linked bank accounts only as per Govt rule. But this rule has not yet applied in all the states of this country. Means other states are still enjoying the reduced price LPG cylinder. People like me who has no Aadhaar card and living in a state where this applied has no choice left. You can say by default I am supporting Govt’s LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign. I am buying the LPG cylinder at market price only. Don’t worry I know the importance of Aadhaar card, but due to changing cities frequently I am not yet able to apply Aadhaar card online.

How much LPG Subsidy we are getting these days?

In Delhi you can buy subsides cylinder at a price of Rs.414 and the subsidy applied is Rs.470. In 2003, the cost of the same cylinder was Rs.241 and the subsidy was less than half. So imagine how much burden Govt is taking.

Can Govt force people to Surrender LPG subsidy?

In a single word if Govt want to do something for the sake of the country than they can surely do that. But here the problem is who need this subsidy and who are getting. In India majority of people are living rural areas and their daily income is not significant. So for those people Govt should take necessary benefit schemes. But the question is why everyone will enjoy the same?

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Do you think a successful cricketer or businessman or a person earning 1 lakh per month should enjoy these benefits? If these people sacrifice Rs 470 subsidy amount than a needy family can get a subsidized LPG connection. So instead of waiting for what mass population will do Govt. should release a circular saying that people earning more than 25,000 – 30,000 per month will not get subsidy value from now on-wards. I don’t know what could be the criteria of earning for that, but something similar to that. Any sort of such privilege should not be given to a family who is earning well and manage his/her family properly. Initially monthly budget will be disturbed but it will be fine gradually.

I appreciate this “LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign” but it should come as a mandatory action in future. It’s not a fraud, but it can really help India to be a Developed nation from a Developing nation. I am able to buy a LPG gas with its market price (as I don’t have Aadhaar card) they why not my friends who are earning similar to me. What do you say about this LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign? Are you against this by thinking that again some politician will eat that amount? Share your views to make this topic a worth discussion here…

LPG Subsidy Surrender Campaign – A fraud or have a justified vision?
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