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5 Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting Providers 2018


Looking for the best month to month web hosting plan in India? Do you know which companies provide wordpress hosting plans billed monthly basis? What is Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting? Generally in case of web hosting, companies share minimum annual plans or 36 month hosting plans, which is quite expensive for a beginner.

But as a beginner we mostly search for monthly hosting plans. Personally I have also bought my first web hosting plan from an Indian company called Loopbyte using their pay monthly wordpress hosting plan and then later on shifted to hostgator monthly billing plan. Although overall it looks costly, but mentally it is affordable.

So, in this article I will be sharing the list of 5 web hosting companies in India who provide monthly billing hosting plans and you can also trust them and happily start your first self-hosted WordPress blog in 2018.

What is WordPress Hosting?

There is a little different between a web hosting vs WordPress hosting. Generally with web hosting, we understand shared hosting plans which are very cheap and mainly offer only the hosting space.

But when we say, WordPress hosting, it is nothing but the managed hosting plan. Means, you will get many other things with the hosting plan to run your website without worrying about any of the technical staffs of a hosting plan.

This kind of hosting plans are good for them who are not that tech savvy and don’t understand various technical set-up of WordPress. You can simply concentrate on your blogging, content writing and the back end things will be easily managed by your hosting provider.

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in India with Best Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting Plan

Hostgator Monthly Billing Plan @ Rs 459/mo

Without any doubt Hostgator is the best web hosting company in India to start a blog. I am using hostgator for one of my niche website and getting very good result in last few years. If you are beginner and planning to buy a hosting plan from Indian companies, then checkout the Hostgator India plans and grab their monthly billing option to save money. You can also visit to get similar plans.

Godaddy monthly billing plan @ Rs 449/mo

Well, I Godaddy provides a good web hosting plans at very cheap price which attracts beginners. As a beginner you can easily host your first blog on GODADDY in case you don’t have much budget. Just see that Rs 449/mo only. So, it’s not a bad idea to get their hosting plan and enter into the world of blogging.

Visit Godaddy website.

A2 Hosting monthly billing plan @ Rs 640/mo

A2 hosting has gained very good reputation over the period of time and that is because of the good support and fast web hosting plans they are providing to their customers. You can now buy A2 hosting plans on monthly basis from Indian servers as well. Just check out their websites for India You can also find similar plans @, in case you are looking for US based hosting plans.

TMDhosting monthly billing hosting plan @ $8.95/mo

TMDhosting may not be a renowned name in the world of web hosting. But they are growing company who are providing very good hosting plans at affordable prices. As here I am preparing a list of hosting plans who provide monthly payment option, I found their name a good option. They provide hosting plans comparatively little high, but you can choose for the monthly payment option.

Visit Their website now

Studiopress Sites @ $27/mo

I have included Studiopress Sites in this list because, if you are looking for a managed WordPress provider with a monthly billing plan, then I am sure they are the best to consider. They are backed up by the Copyblogger media one of the most popular name in the blogging world.

Although it is expensive, but you will get awesome list of Genesis child themes and many more pro-plugins free of cost. They also provide a free website migration service. Checkout Studiopress Sites now.

Best & Cheap alternative of WordPress Hosting Plans?

So, if you are finding these plans really costly then I would say that you can look for the most reliable hosting plan where you will also get a FREE domain name. Checkout the Bluehost shared hosting plan and buy a hosting plan @ $2.65/month in case you go for 36 month plan. Blushot doesn’t offer monthly billing plan.

So, as a beginner if you really need a WordPress hosting plan with monthly billing plan, then you can check out the list and choose the best one. I would recommend you to go with Studiopress Sites, in case you have some good budget. Otherwise, you can start with cheapest hosting plan on earth offered by Bluehost and may be later on upgrade to Bluehost managed hosting or cloud hosting later.

5 Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting Providers 2018
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