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New ITR form with Aadhar Number – No need to send ITR – V to CPC Bangalore


Did you hear about the New ITR form with Aadhar Number providing facility?

Do you know that recently ITR1, ITR2 & ITR4S has been launched asking much detailed information by central board of direct taxes (CBDT).

new income tax e filing system with aadhar card number

But the journey has not yet so smooth for CBDT, as these new ITR forms received very negative review or criticism. Many expert feel that these ITR SAHAJ or SARAL forms will make taxpayer life more miserable as he/she has to provide many details which is not require at all while filing income tax refund.

In-fact FM Mr. Arun Jaitley, has recently asked for a review of these new ITR forms and if required further corrections will be taken care.

What is new in these new ITR forms?

If you compare this new ITR form with the old ITR form, you can easily find out that the new form is asking too much information related to your transactions outside salary. This will definitely make this ITR form filling process tedious for a tax payer as many will not be sure which information to share and what not.

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Besides all these the new cool feature added in these new ITR forms are the place to provide Aadhar card number. I have shared the part of new ITR form with highlighted the aadhar number column A27.

new itr form with aadhar number

I have shared an article earlier explaining why Aadhar could be mandatory for an Indian in future. And today I can see that this is one of the reason.

Benefit of Aadhar number in new ITR forms

Now if you provide the Aadhar number while filling ITR V form, you don’t have to send the print out to CPC Bangalore address by postal department.

This is a really good step, as sending by post is a very problematic process as many people not able to track their ITR V submission status properly or on time.

Now, if you have Aadhar number, your identity will be verified by sending an OTP password to your mobile phone and then you have to use this OTP number while filling your tax returns online.

I don’t have Aadhar card. Can I avail this facility?

No, this facility is availed so far only for Aadhar card holders only. Even if you have Aadhar card and you want to send to CPC Bangalore address you can do that. This is just an additional facility provided to tax payers who have aadhar card to file a income tax return without any hassle.

So, it is better to apply aadhar card as soon possible as in future more benefits will be provided to aadhar card holders only. For others they can still fill the ITR V form and send it to below CPC Bangalore addres by post office courier only.

CPC Bangalore address

Income Tax Department – CPC,
Post Bag – 1, Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore – 560 100, Karnataka.

Have a query or doubt regarding this new ITR for with aadhar card number? Then write a comment below and let me know your question. I can help you to get your query answered. 🙂

New ITR form with Aadhar Number – No need to send ITR – V to CPC Bangalore
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  1. Mangesh Mangesh

    I used for filling the ITR for easy upload.
    But somewhere in this process either did not ask or I forgot to mention, but I left Adhar card number blank.

    Now I have received the ITR-V, shall I handwrite the adhard number on this form while sending..
    Shall I re-submit and correct the ITR?

    Please suggest

    • I think as you ITR has been processed with Aadha number, there is no point to resubmit now. Better to send to CPC Bangalore this time.
      Anyway, I am not sure about this process.

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