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Railway Budget 2015 highlights – 25 points Mr. Prabhu promised to deliver


Railway Budget 2015 highlightsIndian Railway network is the fourth largest in World. Every year huge expectations were there from Railway Budget. In fact there are many scope of improvement in our Railway network and services. Our Railway service is not at all good compared to other countries. This is the 2nd Railway Budget of Modi Sarkar or BJP Govt and that’s why much more expectations from this Railway Budget. In this article we will list out the top 25 highlights of Railway Budget 2015.

Top 25 highlights of Railway Budget 2015

Finally Railway Budget 2015 has taken off and everything is disclosed. Railways Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu has presented his maiden Railway Budget 2015. Let’s extract the entire Railway Budget and list out the major highlights declared by Mr. Suresh Prabhu’s 1st railway Budget 2015.

  1. Mr. Suresh Prabhu has repeatedly said that it is not possible to make the changes overnight and for the entire change in Indian railway we need to invest time. So the vision was set for 5 year term.
  2. The major highlight of Railway Budget 2015 is there will no fare hike and no new trains. From a common man point of view this is a huge relaxation point as he/she doesn’t have to pay anything extra.
  3. Govt will increase the Railway network by increasing tracks by 1 lakh 38 thousand kms.
  4. Planning for Investment of 8.5 lakh crore in Railway in next 5 years.
  5. Major concentration will be to improve 4 areas: Service, Security, Modernization and Income.
  6. Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat, the new agenda is going to be set for Railways to make the railways clean. A new department is going to set for that that will look after this activity.
  7. Total 17000 old toilets are going to be replaced, when 600 new toilets are going to set up.
  8. New helpline 182 launched for women security related query. And a 24X7 railway helpline no 138 is also launched from 1st march 2015.
  9. Food can be ordered via IRCTC while booking ticket. In fact I read somewhere that Jubilant Food is going to ties-up with Indian Railways to deliver Pizza on train.
  10. Book unreserved ticket from Smartphone, a new plan is going to set up soon.
  11. For pure water new machines are going to be installed.
  12. A new portal is going to launch to centrally manage railway services.
  13. CCTV Cameras to be deployed in selected trains in ladies compartment to improve security
  14. Mobile charging facility will be provided in every railway compartment.
  15. Wi-Fi connectivity to improve and deploy for all A1 category station (Targeting first 400 such stations).
  16. Facilities for self operated locker in selective stations are also going to implement.
  17. Online booking of wheel chair for Senior citizens by IRCTC portal will also be possible.
  18. E-catering introduced in 108 trains on an experimental basis. Working to integrate best food chains
  19. New types of folding ladder to climb on upper birth. Priority will give to women and senior citizen while booking a lower birth.
  20. Mumbai is going to get many AC local trains.
  21. Planning to launch paper-less ticketing system. New device will be launched for TTEs to handle that facility.
  22. SMS alert system is going to improve further by sending train schedule, departure and arrival of train
  23. Invitation to private sectors to work on the modernization and improvement of railway service
  24. Audio based warning system is going to implement to manage unmanned railway crossings.
  25. A new mobile application called ‘Kayakalp’ is going to launch to help in technology up gradation.

So, there are all major highlights Mr. Prabhu has declared during Railway Budget 2015. Do you think this is expected? Do you think Govt will try to work on real issues this time or like every Railway Budget this is also a declaration only? Share all your thoughts and feedback if any.

Railway Budget 2015 highlights – 25 points Mr. Prabhu promised to deliver
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