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Reliance Jio Happy New Year 2018 Offer – More Data, More Validity

Reliance Jio is back with a bang on this new year 2018. Like always Reliance Jio is going to give couple of surprises this time by providing more data and more data in existing plans without charging anything extra.

As per the new Reliance Jio Happy New Year 2018 Offer, all existing 1 GB data packs will be enhanced with two additional options.

  • Get 50% more data on top of 1 GB per day
  • Get Rs 50 discount on your pricing plan

Besides that Reliance Jio’s most popular recharge plan Rs 399 plan will now give you 20% extra data with 2 weeks extra validity. Right now in this plan you are getting 1 GB per day which will be 1.2 GB and the validity will be increased from 70 days to 84 days.

Highlights of Reliance Jio Happy New Year 2018 Offer

In short if I have to summarise what is this Reliance Jio Happy New Year 2018 Offer, then here are the benefits you are going to get from next Tuesday.

  • Jio Rs. 499 and Rs. 459 plans will now cost Rs. 449 and Rs. 399
  • Plans priced at Rs. 199 and Rs. 399 will be at Rs. 149 and Rs. 349
  • New plans with 1.5GB data per day will be launched as well

Reliance Jio’s new plans will be valid from Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

Current priceNew priceValidityTotal data (1GB/day)
Rs. 199Rs. 14928 days28 GB
Rs. 399Rs. 34970 days70 GB
Rs. 459Rs. 39984 days84 GB
Rs. 499Rs. 44991 days91 GB

Here is the details of new Reliance Jio’s 1.5 GB data per day plan where you are going to get extra 50% data on top of the 1 GB per day plan, by paying the same price only.

PriceValidityTotal data (1.5GB/day)
Rs. 19828 days42GB
Rs. 39870 days105GB
Rs. 44884 days126GB
Rs. 49891 days136GB

How to avail Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer & get Rs 50 Off on Monthly plans or 50% more Data

First of all remember that Reliance Jio New year offer will be available from 9th January 2018. So if your next Reliance Jio recharge date is after 9th, you can easily enjoy this recharge offer.

Simply checkout the recharge amounts mentioned above and how much data or validity you are looking for and accordingly recharge your Reliance Jio mobile number.

Reliance Jio Happy New Year 2018 Offer – More Data, More Validity
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