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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC Butterfly S

As we are well into a new Smartphone season, a bunch of devices are already waiting in the wall shelves to get our hands on. As usual Samsung and HTC are in the pole positions with their flagship species. In this catty competition, battle among Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC Butterfly S is the one we are going to keep our eyes on. These two flagships are as similar as it can get in terms of specs as well as the OS. But if you are digging deep, there are some notable disparities. So, Is the GS4 a major overhaul of the HTC Butterfly S? Are the differences significant? Come! Let’s make some sense for this paradox.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC Butterfly S - comparison

The cameras of these two heartthrob Smartphones have contrasting camera specs. The Galaxy S4 flaunts a mammoth sized camera having 13 MP ( 4128 x 3096 pixels) featuring facilities like Dual Shot, image stabilization Simultaneous HD video and image recording, face and smile detection Geo-tagging, Touch focus and much more .In short we can say that the camera is top notch in the GS4.

Meanwhile HTC is once again gambling on their UltraPixels technology which we have already seen in the HTC One. The snapper is of 4 MP (2688 x 1520 pixels) with 1/3” sensor size, 2µm pixel size which HTC calls as the UltraPixels. This technology has a better say only if the photos are taken under low light. At brighter surroundings it begins to falter. For the HTC Butterfly price in India, the camera doesn’t do full justice to the cost.
Overall the Galaxy S4 is the worthy winner.

Again we can see a mismatch regarding the display. The Galaxy S4 sports a full HD display that measures 5 inches with Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen which is capable of reproducing colours quite brilliantly. The colours seem really popped out. It’s also bright enough to be used on sunny days. The AMOLED screens use lesser power also.
ON the contrary, the Butterfly S is packed with Super LCD3 capacitive touch screen having 1080 x 1920 pixels, which is just as brilliant at reproducing colours and photos. The screen size is the same in these two; 5 inches. But in these days of AMOLEDs and Super AMOLEDS, LCD screen may feel like a thing in the past. Sitting high on the Samsung mobile price list, the S4 provides much more than its competitors. Here Samsung edges past the opponent.

User Interface
Every manufacturer gives a touch of their own to the Android OS with their own UI. Samsung devices are skinned by the TouchWiz UI which has always got rave reviews.
On the other hand the Butterfly S is skinned with the   HTC Sense UI v5 launcher. Both of them are too good and guarantee a smoother Android experience.

Battery life
Battery life is a longstanding problem experienced by all Smartphone users. The Galaxy S4 is powered by Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery which may last a day or less depending upon the usage. You can expect a talk time duration up to 17 h on 3G Here the Butterfly S has got some real wings to race ahead of the Galaxy S4 and leaving the same to eat dust as it is shipped with a humungous battery that provides plenty of juice in the form of a Non-removable Li-Po 3200 mAh battery. On 3G, it has a talk time up to 25 h. The butterfly has a battery that has roughly 25 percent more capacity than the S4.

Other than the above mentioned specs, there a number of minor differences between these two. The Galaxy S4 has more internal storage with 16/32/64 GB variants whereas the Butterfly S has only 16GB. Depending upon the market, there are models that support wireless charging for the S4.Apart from these, there are some high end features for the same like Air gestures, Smart stay, Smart pause, Smart scroll and of course Samsung’s S-voice feature.

Wrap up
It’s a tricky business, comparing two Smartphones coming under a same umbrella named Android. Too often the findings disintegrate into finger pointing, gamesmanship, and sermons from the Church of the Holy Fan boy.
Remember that, we’re talking about two great Smartphones. Some folks will prefer one, some moves to the other. The only important question is which one is better for you?
I have done our best to help you answer that, pointing out the differences between these two Smartphone giants. So what’s your pick? It’s all up to you. But, if nothing else, this article should give you an idea of what each phone’s strengths and weaknesses are.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC Butterfly S
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