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SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO) Review ~ 10th to 24th March

SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO) is almost similar to recently launched JPMorgan NFO. This is an open ended dynamic asset allocation fund with focusing on long term wealth building by investing in equities and fixed income securities. Fund manager Mr. Dinesh has 11 years of experience in the industry primarily as research analyst and is the Head of research at SBI funds Management Private Limited since 2012. The last date for investing in this NFO is 24th March 2015. In this article we will check out the key highlights of this NFO.

SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO) Features

SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO) is a high risk mutual fund with risk factor color brown. The investment amount will be put in a portfolio of a mix of equity and equity-related securities and fixed-income instruments which will be managed dynamically so as to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation.

SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO) review

One can invest minimum amount of Rs 5000. And further multiples of rs 1. Exit load after 2 year is NIL, which is a very good thing compared to other mutual fund NFO schemes. Check out the asset allocation details and one can easily find that this is a high risk investment product.

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SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO) asset allocation

Should I buy SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO)?

When we talk about a mutual fund NFO, the simple thumb rule for the newbie investor is “NO”. As a new investor in mutual fund segment, you should choose the best mutual funds to start your investment. Learn gradually various factors and gain a good knowledge about these schemes. If you have money to invest and you want to do some experiment as per knowledge, then you may choose SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO). But remember that most of the stocks are at their highest level. And in future due to volatility of stock market they may come down sharply, in that case your investment value may be impacted if you consider short term term. But for a long term investor this NFO could be a good choice, but do your home work properly before investing. For more infromation and buy this NFO online visit page.

SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (NFO) Review ~ 10th to 24th March
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