How to Start a Recipe Blog for Profit & Fun

Are you fed up of watching your friend making some passive income from his/her recipe blog? Do you think you can also prepare & present better food than others? Then why don’t you start a recipe blog for profit and fun?

We started our blogging journey with a cookery blog, Manidipa’s Kitchen (in my wife’s name) back in 2012. Although we are not making any money from that blog, as we simply kept that to share our recipes. In future we may think further and monetize that blog.

Anyway, recently one of this blog’s reader asked a question on one of my most searched post, “Best home business ideas for housewives in India”. You can have a look at the screen-shot of the same below.

how to start a cookery blog

Now, the question here is can we really make money online by starting recipe sharing blog? Let’s take this discussion further and try to understand how complex or easy that is in reality.

tips to start a recipe blog for make money online

Tips to start a recipe blog and make money

Starting a blog and sharing your everyday prepared recipes is not at all a big deal. If you search google with “recipe websites”, you will find total 2,24,00,000 results.

Then why don’t you start another Recipe sharing website? Even though you start, how will you beat this result to get people’s attention?

Does that mean, one should not start a recipe blog? No, one can get success in this area also, but you have to follow some quick tips. That’s why I kept the heading as tips to start a recipe blog, rather than steps to start a recipe website.

Find out what people are looking to eat

First of all, you should be aware about what people are looking online related to recipes or food. I don’t think anyone will be interested to read your how to make a roti or plain daal. But if you can write something like “How to prepare a healthy pizza in 5 minute at home”, then people will find it useful.

With more international food items coming in our country, the food market and taste of people has changed. So target such a category in which you can cook something out of the box and which is also popular among people.

Do you have any special cooking skill?

Did you check the blog She is putting her soul in this blog by contributing everything about baking, other recipes & her photography skill. This is one of the most acclaimed recipe blog in India.

Do you have such skills like baking, ice cream preparation, preparing tandoori items etc, where you can really do some experiment and create some awesome food items? Then go for it!

Add health value while preparing

When people can’t avoid fast food, if you share something with health value you will get a huge thumbs up for that. Almost everyone will give a try for recipe like “how to make healthy burger patty at home?” Can you prepare recipes with added health benefits?

How do I start a recipe blog and make passive income

Now I can talk about the steps to create a recipe blog and how to make money from that. I am sure that you have tested yourself with the above mentioned tips and found out in which area you will be able to write. Then the next steps will be common for any blog:

  • Buy a domain name keeping the main keyword or recipe category in that.
  • Better to start a free blog with blogger or platform initially. But be careful, if you use free WordPress then you may not be able to use your custom domain name.
  • Choose a good free theme related to food blog or recipe sharing website.
  • Capture beautiful pictures of your recipes and write the recipe. Try to provide step by step recipe preparation with as much details possible. Better to provide images for each preparation step.
  • Create account in Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and other social media. Start sharing your recipes there.
  • List out top 50 or top 100 recipe websites and start commenting on them providing your blog link. Write quality and detailed content, so that it will portray your image as an expert in this category.
  • Don’t bother about making money for the time being, at least till you reach some decent traffic. E.g. 1000+ page views daily.
  • Continue doing this for around 6 months – 1 year duration. You can attract some good traffic and build an authority.
  • Then you can use Google adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and many other advertising network to start making money. Don’t try all of the advertising sources together, use only one or two to keep the readability factor high.
  • You can specially target product and traffic from USA, Canada to get some good ad income.
  • To make profit, I think you can also look for cooking related stuffs like utensils, microwaves and other items and target their affiliate programs to make money.

These are the very basic steps to start any blog and make money from that. You can follow them and build your own recipe blog and make money. But if you want to start a recipe blog for fun and to show your skills, then you don’t have to feel any pressure. Contribute good work, with time your blog will grow gradually. Hope this is useful. 🙂


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