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Top 10 Tips To Plan A Long International Motorcycle Trip

Looking for long distance motorcycle touring tips? If you want to see the world, then there is no better way to do it than on the back of your hog, with your motorcycle tires hitting the pavement. However, traveling internationally with your bike can be a difficult process, so follow these ten long motorcycle ride tips to make it happen.

Which one is the best motorcycle for long distance riding?

Well, you may think or infact many of your friends might have suggested that you should buy a new bike etc. But do you know what people are actually riding while on a long distance international road trip on their bikes? Here is the list of such 10 bikes which will make your road trip awesome.

Kawasaki Voyager, Yamaha FJR 1300, Triumph Trophy, Can-Am Spyder, Star Motorcycles 1300 Deluxe, Ducati Multistrada, Victory Cross Country Tour, Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, BMW K 1600, Honda Gold Wing.

Is your motorcycle road trip checklist ready?

So, are you ready to take on with your bike for a long holiday trip on the roads of the world? Then you should be ready with these 10 tips or you can basic check list to make your journey smooth and organised to handle various unseen problems,

#1 Plan Your Route

While it’s always great to see wherever the road takes you, it’s imperative that you plan what stops you will be making ahead of time so that you can make arrangements and know if you’re on schedule.

#2 Make Sure Your Documents Are Up to Date

We’re not just talking about your passport, but your vehicle documentation as well. Traveling through customs is bad enough, but doing it with a bike is even worse. Make sure to check with travel agencies about what exactly you’ll need.

#3 Inspect Your Bike

You will want to do this before you leave and after you arrive. If possible, bring some spare Yamaha bike accessories with you to perform any repairs that may be necessary. Your bike may come with some damage to it, so plan accordingly.

#4 Know How to Repair Your Bike

Not only do you want to know how to fix any damage that happens in transit, but you want to be able to fix things on the fly as you go. Other countries don’t have services like AAA, so don’t get left on the side of the road.

#5 Bring Enough Clothes

Make sure that you bring all of your regular motorcycle apparel. If you have not get them, then you can check out: get the best one for your trip. Riding all day is a sweaty and dirty process, so be sure that you can change into clean clothes on a daily basis.

#6 Learn the Language

Unless you’re traveling to a country that speaks English, be sure to learn a few key phrases before you go so that you can get around. Also, make sure that you know how to ask where a gas station and mechanic shop is, just in case.

#7 Keep Your Bike Secure

In some countries, theft is a common occurrence. Even if you leave your bike unattended for just a couple of minutes, you could wind up without a ride. Be sure to take extra precautions when traveling internationally, because you will have a harder time dealing with local police.

#8 Know Your Conversion Rates

America is one of the only two countries that uses the imperial system of measurement. So, you need to know how to measure in kilometers and fill up using liters instead of gallons. Don’t try to figure it out as you go, learn it beforehand.

#9 Change Money ASAP

While it may be tempting to change your cash ahead of time, it will usually be cheaper to do it in the country you’re visiting. Know your exchange rates and find the best deal (one where you don’t have to pay a fee) and you’ll be golden.

#10 Have a Backup Plan

Unless you are planning on staying in the same place the whole time, it’s important that you have alternative routes and options for lodging if something happens. Preparing for an emergency means that you can get out of it much easier than figuring things out as they happen.

Overall, the more time you spend thinking of every possible detail, the better off you will be. Also, don’t forget to deflate your motorcycle tires before you leave, as it will ensure that they don’t get too worn out on the journey.

Top 10 Tips To Plan A Long International Motorcycle Trip
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