Top 10 Best Split Air Conditioner in India 2017 With Buying Guide


Are you looking for the best air conditioner in India to beat the summer of 2017? Do you know the tips to buy air conditioners? Buying an AC may not be that easy as there are many companies launching various types of air conditioners packed with many features. Confusion could be whether to buy an window AC or a split AC?

These days one can easily buy a split AC with the price of an window AC. Many new companies are offering huge discounts on split ACs as this is the beginning of summer in every parts of India. In this article we will list out the best split air conditioners in India with price, features and brand value.

Which Air Conditioner to Buy – Split AC or Window Ac

Frankly speaking, without any doubt split AC wins the race as per features, comfort. But generally the price is a factor when people go with window AC. Personally, I am using 1.5 Ton LG Inverter AC form last 3 years. My flat has a provision of window AC and most of them in my society are using window AC only.

But what I found is that, there is a constant sound when the AC is running. And also the room is not able to get enough cool. One more thing I want to add here is that, my bedroom is 100% exposed to sunlight and the room size is quite small 12X10 ft. Although a 1 ton AC wound been fine for the room, but I went for 1.5 TON AC due to the sunlight factor only. You won’t believe, even with this in pick summer in day time this 1.5 TON is not enough to cool the room. You know how the weather i in Kolkata during pick summer days.

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Anyway, another factor I found is that this window AC will simply block the entire window and you may find it little odd as as your one window will be in no use. At least my bedroom is not that much spacious and that’s why I have opetd for a split AC only.

Another factor which I have noticed these days is the pricing factor. Now a days you can buy a split Ac at a price almost similar to window AC only. You can find many new brands offering very cheap price for split ACs. You can consider them for comparison and after sales service and then go for the same.

Split AC Buyer’s Guide – How to Find The Best Air Conditioner in India?

So, like everyone when I have started my research to get the best split ac for home use, I have first used many online portals to compare the best selling ac in india, read many best split ac in india reviews online and finally understood few key points to settle down with the best inverter ac in India. I am not telling that you should buy the one what I bought, but the you can follow this research to get the best split AC as per your need.

Calculate Room Size: The power of any air conditioner is measured with the parameter called TON. You have to know what is the exact size of the room and accordingly you need to buy an AC. The AC which will perfectly suit for your bedroom, may not be enough for your hall area. So, first of all calculate your room size and then accordingly go for the power. In general for a typical room size in India, you must buy a 1.5 TON AC depending upon other factors also.

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The impact of Sunlight in your room: In the previous point I have mentioned about some other factors which also determine how much powerful AC one should buy. The impact of sunlight is also a very crucial factor. If your bedroom is facing direct sunlight, like I have explained my situation you have to go for a higher powerful AC for day time. At the same time, if your bedroom doesn’t get much sunlight and mostly stay cool then you may go with a less powerful AC also.

After sales service & AMC: In general every year you have to service your AC for 3-4 times. Now each service may cost you in general Rs 1000. So, while choosing an AC, you should also checkout the free services and also if possible choose the options to buy a longer duration annual maintenance by paying a nominal fee only. This kind of offer only exists when you buy a split Ac for the first time. Later on, you may get discount on AMC in case you for many years. In that case popular brands like LG, Samsung, Voltas are good at providing after sales service.

Difference between a normal AC and an inverter AC

This is a common question people ask or get confused. In simple terms, a normal AC runs the compressor to cool the room and when the room gets cool it’s get off and wait till the room get warm again to cool it down. This way it actually do a continuous on-off mechanism which consume more electricity and also provide less comfort while sleeping.

At the same time, an inverter AC simply execute this function by controlling the speed of the fans of compressor. This will simply help the Ac to save huge power which is around 40% compared to normal AC and also provide huge comfort by maintaining the expected temperature. You should buy an inverter AC only although if that costs little more.

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Best Air Conditioner Brands in India 2017

Here we have included air conditioners with max power 1.5 ton. All these split ACs listed above are 5 star energy rated. For most of our bedrooms, an AC with 1 -1.5 ton power is enough to cool. If you are impressed with any brand then you can buy an AC from their collections. Anyway I have included top 10 air condition brands in India one trust when we talk about split AC.

  1. Samsung Air Conditioners
  2. LG Air Conditioner
  3. Voltas Air Conditioner
  4. Godrej Air Conditioners
  5. Whirlpool Air Conditioners
  6. Hitachi Air Conditioners
  7. Lloyd Air Conditioners
  8. Blue Star Air Conditioners
  9. Daikin Air Conditioners
  10. O general Air Conditioners

These days various types of features are added in air conditioners. Recently I bought an LG Himalaya Cool technology AC for my master bedroom. There are couple of new features you might want your split AC to have.

List of best air conditioner in India 2017 with price list from Amazon India

[amazon bestseller=”3474656031″]

There are many other features like Cooling and Heating, Dehumidification, Dust Filter etc. These features will mostly provide fresh and pollution free cool air which is good for health. So check for the various options before you buy your first split air conditioner in this summer. But first of all, do all your home work, look for the finance options and also target early bird offers to buy the best split air conditioner in India in 2017.


  1. I was looking for AC, as i ask for many persons so received many reviews for every company, someone suggest Voltas, or LG, Haier or bluestar……when i was searching air conditioner for home, so i got the result amazon, & whirlpool..mostly all was same still i was in confusion, which one to buy, then collect the reviews, and my decision was voltas……it was good to Buy..?

  2. Thanks for sharing this nice article. I read it completely and get some interesting knowledge from this. I again thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

  3. I want to buy a 1.5 ton inverter AC with least power consumption. Budget of around 60K. I was going for FTKM50 from Daikin as that was the one with least consumption that I could find. But the problem is that this model is not available with the dealers in Chennai from past 4 weeks. Can you please suggest some other model with less consumption?

  4. HI Santnu,

    My Name RAVI KUMAR,I am residing in Chandigarh India .In Summer days the temperature in Chandigarh between 43 to 44 in day time .power fluctuation are seen more over the time.
    prediction for next year from weather forecast is Between 44 to 47 degree.
    I am living on Top floor .height of roof is around 8.5 feet .

    please suggest me a 1.5 split ac brand,and model.


  5. Hi.. I am planning to buy 1.5 ton AC..I have done several research for the same. But I am confused which brand to opt for i.e. Voltas or Blue Star ..And Should I go for 3 Star or 5 Star. Moreover If I buy online than will they give me same service which Sales India People give me? Pls reply quick as I need to buy it latest by today evening.

  6. Hi santanu,
    My room size 23*9*9;but room shape like V.If am prefer 1.5ton AC which brand I can go for? (Lg,blue star,carrier and my budget is 40k,5*also required )or else any other view .kindly let me clearly .

  7. Dear Santanu

    I would like to buy 1 or 1.5 Ton Carriers AC, would like to know the performance and after sales service of Carriers company.
    And would appreciate if could tell what is the best AC’s available in the range of 30 to 35 k. in India
    My preference is on Only Split AC


  8. I like to buy ac , want to know career speria 1.5ton split ac with inverter,bluestar or Hitachi which one is the best ???

    Plz help me !!!

  9. Hai, i want to purchase 1.5 ton ac for my village.. in my village lot of voltage fluctuations are there and also some times low voltage occurred.. so pl z suggest what type of ac works perfectly in low voltage..plz send a mail to me..i am thankful to you..

  10. went to a showroom to buy window 1.5 ton ac and the showroom owner recommended Lloyd costing around Rs22,000/. Till then and even now do not have any experience with this brand. Your recommendations please. Thanks

  11. Dear Santanu , I want to buy split AC for my shop size 12’×37′(Feet) = 440 Sq feet, 9′ Height. I can go for only Split Type of AC also I am scared of electricity bill so plz Suggest me a low power consumption AC. Which Band ? Capacity ? My Budget 80K.

  12. hii Santanu….

    your blog comments have become very much helpful to me.
    Really very much.

    But I am also confused for which inverter split ac I should go for ?
    LG, Daikin, Bluestar, O General ?

    Plz Plz suggest me …..
    my room size is 12*12…

    And I gonna depend on your reply…
    So plz reply soon….

    • Personally I opt for LG as their service is good and comparatively affordable also. Decide your budget and then look for the best after sales service provider to choose the best split Ac in India. 🙂

  13. Dear Santanu , I need to buy one split AC. Room suze 10’×12′ Please advice. Whirlpool 1ton , 3 star is OK ? I’m waiting for your reply please.

    • Yes, 1 ton could be fine in case your room is not facing to the sun directly. But I think try for 5 start rated, to save electricity. Hope this is helpful.

  14. Hi Santanu,

    Please provide details/selection criteria power consumption / price & electric bills ratio / manufacturers for 0.75 vs 1 ton A/C .

    Best Regards

  15. When is the best time to buy AC? Now in Feb or in Summer? I am planning 1.5 ton inverter AC. Location is Odisha, so temperature ranges around 40 degrees in summer and very humid because of coastal area. Also, if would be great if you can suggest a few.

  16. IS Croma 1.5 ton and 2 ton ac good to purchase? Is this valuable to purchase?
    actually I am looking for a 2 ton ac but in good afforadable price, could you please suggest

  17. I’m will apprentice your concern about people in order to help to buy best quality good with proper guidance…
    A very grateful thing ..a few can do with good efforts… I think this blog in few…..all the best santu…

  18. Hi, Santanu
    My room size is 10.5*10.5 and No Sun facing.
    Pls suggest me split AC ton capacity 1 or 1.5 ton ?
    Also my daily use will be 8 hrs. For 7 to 8 months per year. So which star rating should I go? And which brand ?

    • I think you should go for a 1.5 TON AC from any big brands like LG, Bluestar, Samsung etc. Try to get 4-5 star BE star rated AC only, although it will cost you.

  19. Hey
    Your information is straight, simple and short which is great.
    I am living in the USA and my mom in India is trying to buy a 1.5 split ac and lot of people confuse her. Which one will you personally recommend from LG, Samsung, voltas, blue star and hitachi? We are looking for a good after sales service and power consumption too

    One more question , what is this inverter fixed in the AC? Do all the ac’s has that?

    • Hi Subha,

      I think any brand is fine here. Besides the brands I would like to add one more thing here, try to buy the AC form Reliance Digital stores, as they take care of your product really well if you buy an extended AMC from them. So far I have purchased AC, TV and Refrigerator from them. And guys are really helpful. 🙂

  20. thanks for the article..great worked! now i deeply understand about air conditioner.i try to figure out lately until i find your blog.god bless u

  21. Hi, my room size is 16×12×9 . so split a.c how many tone can buy.single house top side no more floors ,1.5 tone or 2 tone.which is perfect to my room.

  22. hiiii santanu, I wanna to buy a 1.5 ton split ac for my room give me suggestion for it . no matter of money . give me the best suggestion. I saw the add on TV of ac with multifuntions with phone I forget that add tell me which AC was that

  23. Hi Santanu,

    I am looking to buy 2 ton AC, looking from brand Daikin, LG and Voltas. Please suggest me which is best among 3. …????

  24. i wana buy a split ac… My question is, will a 1.5 ton AC cool my 13×15 sq.ft room properly ? My preference was LG LSA5ST3D1 1.5 ton… are lg acs powerful like hitachi n bluestar ? My room is a middle floor and gets sunlight only in the evening… Plz reply soon

    • Hi Jay,

      I have not much experience about LLOYD, but yes they are also good. I will suggest you to compare the features within 3-4 top ac brands in India and the decide as per the after sales service.

  25. Sir,
    Pls suggest me which AC will be better in view of electricity consumption- a 5 star split AC or an inverter split AC?

  26. Hi Santanu,
    I am planning to buy a split AC…can u plz suggest some best cheap AC which is really good as per u,and also suggest what are the things I have to check befour buying it .thanku 🙂

    • Hi Shilpee,

      I don’t know why you are stressing too much on cheap split AC. But the thing is that if you buy an electronic product like AC or Fridge, you have to go with trusted brand only. As one can’t change them in at least within 6-7 years span, if no unlucky. 🙂
      I will recommend you to choose form LG, Samsung, Hitachi, BlueStar and then find out the cheapest among them when features are same.
      Hope this is useful.

  27. Hi,
    I am from Kolkata.I want to buy a AC for my house. Based on the following criterias can someone please advice me which Brand (Hitachi, Samsung etc), Star (5 , 3) and Volume (Ton) should i buy considering electric economical, worth of money,consumption,quality and offcourse service etc ?

    1>Area of room: 3.2*3.8 (Meters) – Top floor (1st)
    2>Usage probability: 5 months (Max) and 5.5 hours (Max) in a day — In a year.

    It will be a great help if i get comments as i am not much aware of the calculation of electric consumption and overall idea on Ac.

  28. hi santanu,thanks for this useful information.
    will you please suggest the best AC in terms of after sale service?

    • As per my knowledge all leading brands are good at after sales service, like LG, Samsung, Blue Star etc. Ask for the charges for the services, how many free charges they will provide etc etc.

  29. All the replay/advice are worthy but energy consumption &service should be considered first rather than few ks

  30. Do most of these air conditioners do a pretty good job of filtering the air? Some of the rooms in my house always seem to be pretty dusty. I agree with your list of brands, these are all pretty reliable. It’s also good to pay attention to the available warranty. You don’t want to be stuck with a defective air conditioner after just a few months of use. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think for any electronic product, one should try to stick with a reliable brand who provide good after sales service. That is the key point one should always keep in mind. 🙂

  31. plz suggest me which brand is good like daikin hitachi.voltas, bluestar or lg .i want 2 buy a ac of 1.5 ton of 3 or 5 star budget 35 k to 40k

    • Hi Subrat,

      I think all of them are good brand only. Try to find out which brand is able to give you the best split AC considering features, price and warranty.

  32. Hi,

    i want to purchase a split ac for my room (10*12) with best features along with energy efficient as well as after sell service. please suggest me which one (brand name, capacity) i should go for. if possible suggest any model number.

  33. Hi,

    I want to purchase a 1.5 ton split ac for my beauty parlor. my parlor space is 10*18. height 9 feet. Sunlight comes from west side roof exposed direct sunlight. Am living there are 80 km from distt Bargarh, Odisha Rural area. In here all vendors forced to buy Godrej Ac, because only godrej sales service are best here. no other company’s serve. So I choose Godrej GSC 18 FG 5 WNG model. So humbly request to you Kindly suggest me Is this best for me ? what is the review of this model. etc… My budget is 35K

    Your quick revert is highly appreciable. Thanks

    • Hi Smruti,

      If you have already purchased the Air conditioner, then what is the point of further reviews? Anyway it will be fine only. In case you are yet to buy, I think you can look for LG Himalaya Cool AC. This one will simply cool your room like winter.

      • Hi Smruti,

        Seems like you have a preference on Godrej. 🙂

        Anyway any brand is good if it satisfies your requirement after discussing with the representative. Better to visit the nearest shop and get your query clarified regarding the split air conditioner.

  34. You can go for Hitachi i-Clean RAU518ITDA . Hitachi offer new split air conditioner of 1.5 ton, having 5 star rating at a very reasonable price. It can be consider as best and latest ac in present time.

    • Thanks Binu for your comments. But if we consider a cheap split air conditioner with proper quality then Hitachi may not be an option. Generally Hitachi ACs are little costly compared to other ACs.

    • Hi Santanu,

      I am looking to buy 1.5 ton AC, looking from brand Daikin, LG and Voltas. Please suggest me which is best among 3. Also let me know is online buying is safe from Flipkart or Snapdeal. Because when I checked price in shop and online there is much difference. Online prices are much cheaper than store for same model.

      Harshad M.