Home Based Business An Indian Housewife

Days are gone, when women only looks after their baby & home only. Today’s women are multitasking. They can take care of their baby, home as well as earn money. Many girls got married and have to leave their well settled job most of the time due to family responsibility. But now women are more active and continue their work or business just from home only.

If you are a housewife and have passion and time to spend for your dream of earning, then you can always start a home business your own. Here you can find top 5 business option for any housewife in India.

1) Teaching or Tutoring:
If you were a good student in any subject in your school days or college days, then you can continue your passion by providing home based tuition. You might also be an expert in singing, dancing, drawing etc. You can also start your own class in off time. If you are residing in a colony, then the business opportunity will be huge. As many families stay together and your tuition class might provide relief to many parents, as they don’t have to search a class outside their colony. You can even conduct classes at student’s home at any time, as it’s in your colony only. Besides that, you can also provide training online, if you are very familiar with internet world. Online training is very popular in countries like USA. They used to hire teachers from India, who used to teach students of USA via some software.

2) Start a beauty parlor:
Every woman has their own budget for cosmetics. So starting a beauty parlour is the most profitable business these days. But for that you should have enough knowledge & hands on expertise. You can do a beauty course of 2-3 months and then start. In this business you need a good capital. But the business potential is huge. You can operate this form your home and also visit your clients home to provide your service. You can easily spread about your parlor or saloon in your colony. Gradually business will grow.

3) Stitching clothes:
Indian women are very much fond of customizing dresses. Though ready-made dresses are available in market, but most women prefer to wear a custom clothe made by a tailor. Many women done some design changes and many redesign the dress to have a perfect fit. So if you are well educated in this area, then there is a huge business opportunity. Just think about it, in your colony every housewife is looking for a tailor who can assist them in making, redesigning dress. In such scenario if you can provide this service from your home itself, then you can definitely grow faster.

4) Starting recruitment based consultancy:
If you are from an IT job background, then you will be definitely aware of the potential of this field. Every company is looking for many resources ever day. And in this scenario recruitment firms took that head ache and help that company to head hunting. You can easily start a recruitment firm if you have a good people networking. Check out the link below to see how you can start a recruitment firm from home

5) Cooking & Catering Service:
Recently we have seen how Sridevi in movie “English Vinglish” operate her laddu business from home. If you love cooking, you can easily star a small scale business from home itself. Might be you can start preparing office lunch box service, or make some special dish (like Sridevi) and sell them. You can also work with some catering service as a cook, as work with them monthly 4-5 times. Obviously if you have capital and plan you can grow your business beyond anyone can expect. You can start your own catering service; start a small Tiffin house etc. But from home you can find out some small scale business of your choice.

There might be more & more ways a housewife can start working and earn money from home itself. like content writing, blogging, web designing and many more.

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  1. shweta says

    hi shantanu ji, i want to start a property dealing business through the net , would u plz guide me for this fromwhere i can start

    • says

      Hi Sweta,

      Good to hear that you are interested to start your own business. Regarding property business I don’t have much experience, but one thing I can suggest you is start a blog or website with the kind of property you are planning to include in your business.

      E.g. You can start a blog with all gated communities in a city with 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat. This way you can build a readership, authority and later on utilize the same as a front face of your business. Online presence is a must in today’s business.

      Hope this will be helpful for your start-up. Share your upcoming experience during your investigation. Thanks for reading :)

    • says

      Hi Rashmi,

      I think blogging could be one of the best part-time income option if one is really serious.

      1) Choose a niche or topic you are expert. You should have dept knowledge on that topic so that you can write more.
      2) Start a blog with any platform Blogspot or WordPress.
      3) Read more and share your knowledge regular basis.
      4) Do the same for 4-5 months and try to create 25 – 30 or more quality contents.

      If you follow these steps, you can create a blog worth reading. Then you can find more traffic and visitors. Earning part may be skipped for the initial month, as the aim should be creating a blog with information worth reading. Later you can use adsense, bid-advertiser, yahoo ad or many other third party ad in your site to earn money.

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