Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs 2016 – Ultimate List of 75+ Websites

Are you looking for the best personal finance websites in India? In this article I will share a massive list of most popular personal finance blogs. If you are a DIY investor and looking for great websites to learn about personal finance & money management then this list of Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs 2016 will definitely help you.

Personal finance blogs/websites are doing a great job by spreading valuable information and making everything transparent about investment these days. Whomever is aware of internet, definitely will look for a quick review of that policy or investment scheme online before buying.

By doing this he/she can make sure others review and hidden myths of every financial product. Not only that people can easily plan their own financial planning.

Personal Finance Blogs in India

Top 10 Most Liked Personal Finance Blogs of 2016

If you ask me about my favorite 10 personal finance blogs, then they would be Jago Investor, Safal Niveshak, Scrip Box, SubraMoney, ReLakhs, Be money aware, My Investment Ideas, Money Life, FreeFinCal, Basunivesh, TFL Guide, Onemint. But here I am trying to build a massive list of all personal finance websites in India.

You can check out the list of Top Indian personal finance bloggers here. We have already taken interviews of couple of them and you can read about their experience about money management below. Follow our Bloggers interview series for all upcoming updates.

My target is to make this list 100, but so far I found only 78 blogs. So feel free to share any personal finance blog you know which is not updated in this list

Criteria of this Top Personal Finance Blogs

Frankly speaking I have not ranked these Personal finance blogs based on any criteria. My aim with this list is to put all personal finance, investment and money management websites at one place.

This list also includes the best personal finance bloggers to newbie blogger as well. I have selected Personal finance niche as main criteria, but besides that I have also included blogs who provide knowledge related to investment, stock market tips, Retirement Planning, Various useful calculators, Income tax saving tips, Financial product reviews and many more money management topic in India.

I tried to collect all key website stats parameters like Alexa rank, Domain authority, Page authority in this list. You can sort the table as per your need and prepare your own list of personal finance sites. You can search by personal finance blogs by domain authority or top finance blogs by alexa rank etc.

Ultimate list of Top Personal Finance Blogs in India

Personally I have communicated with couple of top bloggers like Manish Chauhan, Basavaraj Tonagatti, Chandrakant Mishra, M Pattabiraman regarding many of my queries. They always helped me to get proper guide or answer.

If you are also interested to learn personal finance or want to start a blog on personal finance niche in India then this list of personal finance blog will be very useful for you. Check out each link and subscribe them to get regular useful content and interact them via commenting on their articles. I hope you will enjoy this list of Top Personal Finance Blogs in India and bookmark this article for future reference.

Note: This list is sorted alphabetically for websites address column. So don’t judge them by the positioning in the table. PA, DA, Alexa ranking are just few website stats factors for SEO, they don’t reflect the credibility or the website content and author’s expertise. Please visit each website and then decide your favorite personal finance site in India.

Announcement: We have launched a new website, a personal finance blog and insurance advice portal where we are planning to share every single information about investment, insurance, budgeting, credit cards, retirement, make money etc at one place.

AuthorWebsite AddressDAPAAlexa India
Nitin Raoalphaideas.in927725,824
Anand Vijaykumaranandvijayakumar.blogspot.com6651NA
Amit Kumarapnaplan.com43479,986
Gopal Gidwanibachatkhata.com4348153,861
Basavaraj Tonagattibasunivesh.com40504,394
Kirti B Desaibemoneyaware.com40504,264
Prem Khatricafemutual.com384110,977
Deepak Shenoycapitalmind.in374414,594
Karan Batracharteredclub.com34421,302
Rahul Goelequitymaster.com33422,179
Vikas Agarwalfinaacle.com3344146,766
Srikanta Kundufinancedunia.com3243181,406
Avadhut Nigudkarfinancewalk.com324324,943
Paresh Patelfinancialengineer.in314180,511
Neetu Sehgalfingyan.com314156,935
M Pattabiramanfreefincal.com293712,186
Chockanath Chandrasekharfundsindia.com29371,899
Ankit Agarwalgettingmoneywise.com2932NA
Manikaran Singalgoodmoneying.com283446,354
Gopal Dodainvestmentkit.com272928,666
Dinesh, Ramrakhyaniinvestologic.com2637NA
Amit Agarwalinvestorzclub.com2633121,240
Manish Chauhanjagoinvestor.com26384,271,045,254
Rajandran Rmarketcalls.in25322,990
Ravi Chaturvedimomfinance.com25322,825,388
Pankaj Rahejamoneylife.in25356,358
Santanu Debnathmydailylifetips.com243313,278
Suresh K Pmyinvestmentideas.com24326,498
ravikumar namamyinvestmentspub.com2336148,405
Pradeep Sangatramaniniftytrader.in223510,517
Mayank Guptaninemilliondollars.com2233132,724
Nitin Bhatianitinbhatia.in22347,101
Pankaj Batrapankajbatra.com203065,026
Lad Hemantpersonalfn.com203137,442
Manish Misrapersonalmoney.in20304,157,799
Chandrakant Mishraplanmoneytax.com20313,261
Sunny Jainquickbima.com203113,342
Vishal Khandelwalsafalniveshak.com203033,996
Sanjiv SinghalScripbox.com19324,913
Yashodhan Kharesentimentsbubbles.com19283,428,519
Raj Kumarisimpletaxindia.net19313,579
Parani Dharansmartmoneygoal.in183017,654
Dev Ashishstableinvestor.com183043,210
Aniket Vaishnavstepupmoney.com182253,260
P V Subramanyamsubramoney.com182721,653
Sandeep Kanoitaxguru.in1722682
?TM Solutionstaxmantra.com162751,533
Hemant Beniwaltflguide.com152554,692
Sharad Singhthefundoo.com1528130,745
Radhey Sharmathewealthwisher.com152959,604
Krishna Srinivasanthinkplaninvest.com1419184,223
Rohit Chauhanvalueinvestorindia.blogspot.in1325131,306
Donald Francisvaluepickr.com13259,435
Kumar Dhirendravalueresearchonline.com12201,439
Vinaya H Svinayahs.com122458,725
Sanjay Mataiwealtharchitects.in112135,782
Wealthcare Securities (P) Ltd.wealthcareindia.com10232,275,756
keerthika singaravelwealthymatters.com102358,208
Dipak Jhawidefinance.com614,354,711

I have not provided the direct links to each website to keep Google away from taking this article differently. I hope, I have not missed anyone here, but I know this is the end here.

Note: If you are genuinely looking for personal finance help or you have any query related to investment & income tax, no need to hire a certified financial planner in the beginning only. Simply visit the Asan Ideas of Wealth Facebook group where experts are waiting to answer your queries free of cost. They are very helpful.

Do you think your blog is also able to make an entry here? Then don’t wait, simply contact me or write a comment with your blog or website address to make this list further massive. In case you like my effort then share this article or like our FB page. Thanks for reading…

Want to include your blog or website in this list of top India personal finance blogs? Remember our target is to make this list to 100+ of such website.


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