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Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs 2018 – Ultimate List of 75+ Websites


Are you looking for the best personal finance websites in India? In this article I will share a massive list of most popular personal finance blogs. If you are a DIY investor and looking for great websites to learn about personal finance & money management then this list of Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs 2018 will definitely help you.

Personal finance blogs/websites are doing a great job by spreading valuable information and making everything transparent about investment these days. Whomever is aware of internet, definitely will look for a quick review of that policy or investment scheme online before buying.

By doing this he/she can make sure others review and hidden myths of every financial product. Not only that people can easily plan their own financial planning.

Personal Finance Blogs in India

Top 10 Most Liked Personal Finance Blogs of 2017

If you ask me about my favorite 10 personal finance blogs, then they would be Jago Investor, Safal Niveshak, Scrip Box, SubraMoney, ReLakhs, Be money aware, My Investment Ideas, Money Life, FreeFinCal, Basunivesh, TFL Guide, Onemint. But here I am trying to build a massive list of all personal finance websites in India.

You can check out the list of Top Indian personal finance bloggers here. We have already taken interviews of couple of them and you can read about their experience about money management below. Follow our Bloggers interview series for all upcoming updates.

My target is to make this list 100, but so far I found only 78 blogs. So feel free to share any personal finance blog you know which is not updated in this list

Criteria of this Top Personal Finance Blogs

Frankly speaking I have not ranked these Personal finance blogs based on any criteria. My aim with this list is to put all personal finance, investment and money management websites at one place.

This list also includes the best personal finance bloggers to newbie blogger as well. I have selected Personal finance niche as main criteria, but besides that I have also included blogs who provide knowledge related to investment, stock market tips, Retirement Planning, Various useful calculators, Income tax saving tips, Financial product reviews and many more money management topic in India.

I tried to collect all key website stats parameters like Alexa rank, Domain authority, Page authority in this list. You can sort the table as per your need and prepare your own list of personal finance sites. You can search by personal finance blogs by domain authority or top finance blogs by alexa rank etc.

Ultimate list of Top Personal Finance Blogs in India

Personally I have communicated with couple of top bloggers like Manish Chauhan, Basavaraj Tonagatti, Chandrakant Mishra, M Pattabiraman regarding many of my queries. They always helped me to get proper guide or answer.

If you are also interested to learn personal finance or want to start a blog on personal finance niche in India then this list of personal finance blog will be very useful for you. Check out each link and subscribe them to get regular useful content and interact them via commenting on their articles. I hope you will enjoy this list of Top Personal Finance Blogs in India and bookmark this article for future reference.

Note: This list is sorted alphabetically for websites address column. So don’t judge them by the positioning in the table. PA, DA, Alexa ranking are just few website stats factors for SEO, they don’t reflect the credibility or the website content and author’s expertise. Please visit each website and then decide your favorite personal finance site in India.

Announcement: We have launched a new website, a personal finance blog and insurance advice portal where we are planning to share every single information about investment, insurance, budgeting, credit cards, retirement, make money etc at one place.

[table id=4 /]

I have not provided the direct links to each website to keep Google away from taking this article differently. I hope, I have not missed anyone here, but I know this is the end here.

Note: If you are genuinely looking for personal finance help or you have any query related to investment & income tax, no need to hire a certified financial planner in the beginning only. Simply visit the Asan Ideas of Wealth Facebook group where experts are waiting to answer your queries free of cost. They are very helpful.

Do you think your blog is also able to make an entry here? Then don’t wait, simply contact me or write a comment with your blog or website address to make this list further massive. In case you like my effort then share this article or like our FB page. Thanks for reading…

Want to include your blog or website in this list of top India personal finance blogs? Remember our target is to make this list to 100+ of such website.

Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs 2018 – Ultimate List of 75+ Websites
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    Amazing curation of website. Great work man!

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    You have built a comprehensive list.
    We run a very active personal finance blog for our startup ( I guess it will be a good addition to your list and your audience will find it definitely useful.

    -sarab ( co-founder,

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    Was looking to learn more about GST, & land up on this page. looks like all these blogs will help me out, Thanks for the list.

  12. The list provided are very helpful it was worth reading it.Amazing work Thank you!!!!

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  14. Hi Shantanu. Great post. Great effort in clubbing and analyzing the list.
    I also have a financial blog: Would you mind checking it out?
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    Nice Round up! You have listed some of my favorite blogs as well. Though I have never landed on many blogs included in the last. I think I should check them out right away! 😀

    – Rohit

  18. Good list, it is really helpful.

  19. Hello Santanu! I am Dean!
    I really appreciate a nice initiative by you on collecting information on such wonderful and informative sites.
    And what is even great is you are inviting people to contribute to the list.
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    Either way you are doing a great job and I wish you all the best.

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    How much top financial blog make . is financial blog is profitable blog which has traffic dependant in india

  24. Hi Santanu, First of all wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. And many thanks for building this great list. There are millions of blogs and bloggers are active on world wide web but its hard to choose best for solutions. This list will help many of newbies who are looking for any financial help.
    I have more than 10 years experience in Credit Cards, Insurance, Savings, and recently I started my personal finance blog ( ) too. Hope this will also help readers in their credit solutions.

  25. Hello Santanu

    This a fantastic initiative by you.
    I have bookmarked your blog.

    Can you feature us as well?:

    Also I am writing a series on financial bloggers. Could I feature your interview in my blog?

    • Hi Sham, You are most welcome. I will be updating this list soon with your blog.
      Regarding interview, I would love to be a part of your initiative. 🙂
      You can mail me through contact us page.

      • Thanks a lot Santanu! I will mail you soon!

  26. Thanks for sharing Santanu! But isn’t this outdated? Please refresh the list

  27. Perfect List of finance blog. Was looking forward to read some good investment guide, found your blog, it helps a lot. I read around 5-6 finance blog, which are my favorite.

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  30. Very Nice List. For managing personal finance and better investment, i do follow some of them regular. Relakh and bemoneyaware are my personal favorite. I also do visit mydailylifetips dot com too. Have bookmarked all of them. Being professional blogger, i am aware of money management, i was not good personal finance, but thanks to these blogs, i have good portfolio now. Keep it up guys 🙂

    • Thanks Aarti for finding our efforts useful.

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    Anyways,you have done a great job in compiling such a massive list…

  32. Hi Santanu, I must congratulate you on your effort. I would like to add another blog to this list

    Also would like to point out that Alexa rank is not a reliable parameter for blogs especially when the blog is a sub domain. Hence you are actually comparing the rank of the domain when you need to compare which Alexa does not allow. Hence Moz tools are more reliable.

    • You are right rachna. I am just sorting the list with Alexa rank.

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    You’re really share a great info here with us. This blog is very informatics. Thanks for the sharing.

    Thanks & Regards
    HR Finance at SLA Consultants India

    • You are most welcome here. I will include this website also while updating this list of best personal finance blogs in India next time.

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    • Thanks for updating your blog here. We will definitely review this list in coming days and update your blog as well.

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    • Thanks for your comment man. My target is to collect all personal finance bloggers in India as one page. And now I am happy that people are finding this effort useful.

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    And you are doing a great job on this blog. Keep up the good work !!!

    • Thanks a Karan for your presence on my blog. And also I am happy that my work is useful for people. 🙂

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    Very Informative Article,Hey also are there any trading community as I am a beginner trader,I want to learn about persona finance and trading.Have some questions in mind , would love to hear from you .

    • Hi Reuben,

      You can visit Asan Ideas for Wealth – a Facebook page and ask your query about Stick market, Trading etc.

  44. Nice post. I hope this list will be useful for me for future. Keep posting great articles like this.

    • Thanks Swapnil for finding our efforts useful. 🙂

  45. Gourab & Kunal Gourab & Kunal

    Good to know there are several financial blogs in India. Recently we have also started a new financial blog named as ApnaFinGuide.
    Please have a look.

    • You are most welcome to this list of Personal Finance Blogs in India. 🙂

    • Thanks Jim for sharing your new blog. Your website is also welcome in this Personal Finance Blog list. 🙂

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    • Thanks Pankaj for all these positive words.
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    good work and blogging is increasing in India rapidly.

    • Yes, blogging is gradually becoming a full time career option for many people.

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    I am visiting your blog for the first time and I am pleased to know about this great article and the list of niche related blogs in Finance. It is quite an informative post for the readers and helps them a lot to instantly create the list of finance blogs.

    Ovais Mirza

    • Hi Mirza,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and shared your view. I struggled a lot to find out what are the Indian blogs writing on personal finance? So I thought to list out all of them and make it useful for new bloggers. 🙂

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    Very well written article, thanks for the information and keep writing such amazing articles.
    I am great fan of your blog, thanks.

  52. Earning money is very easy but using (utilization) of money is very difficult.
    Thanks for adding huge list of finance blogs in India. 🙂

  53. Nice list. However Alexa ranking is not the criteria to judge about the ranking. If I install Alexa tool bar and visit my website several times in a day, alexa rank would automatically improve.

    • Hi Suresh,

      Thanks to have your comment on this list. You are right, Alexa is not at all the criteria and this list is not about ranking the blogs. It’s all about keeping them together, so that an invividual or a personal finance blogger can discover who are other people writing on this same niche. 🙂

  54. Hey Santanu,
    When it comes to managing my finances and accounts, I am very bad at it. I have no knowledge about it and it creates huge problems for me at times.
    However, being a blogger, I look forward to reading the leading finance blogs to stay updated with all the resources and other tricks that can help me manage my finance.

    And now that you have shared this amazing list of the finance blogs, I won’t have to spend time to search for the blogs.
    Thanks for the list, man! 🙂

    • Thanks Arbaz for finding this article useful. You got my exact intention of writing this article.
      As a beginner, I struggled lot to find out how many Indian blogs are writing on money, personal finance, stock market tips etc.
      Thus I have prepared this list, which will help bloggers & readers to find them at one place.
      I know there many more such websites, which I will update as soon as I discover.


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      Thanks for your words. 🙂

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    • Hi Pardeep,

      Thanks for sharing your blog to this article. I believe every website is worthy as behind them many efforts need to put.

  59. Thanks Santanu for including us on the list.

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  61. This is nice list for personal finance websites and quite helpful for everyone! And thanks for including my blog 🙂

  62. Wondering why my blog got listed under Personal Financial Blog. By the way Marketcalls talks more on trading strategies and analysis and very less on personal finance.

    And Even though my web traffic keeps going up. Alexa is keep on going up down. Not a trustable index anymore i guess. So ripped off alexa tracking code from my website.

    • Hi Rajnadran,

      Yes, This post mostly deal with Personal Finance Niche blogs in India, but I have considered good blogs who provide useful content related stock market or money management as well. I found your contents are very useful for a new comer who want to gain knowledge on stock market. So thought your blog deserve a place in this list. Hope you didn’t mind.
      My intention behind this list is to prepare a list of best finance blogs which can be useful for many people to get all them at one place.
      Regarding Alexa, I just sorted the list based on that ranking before posting here. I knew that Alexa can’t be considered for ranking any site 100%. And this case we know that few people like Subra Sir, Pattu Sir, Manish, Hemant, Vishal are legend in Personal Finance niche in India. No one can give them ranking as they are teaching us every day.

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    Blogging is Incredible….

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    But, not entirely happy to see my blog missing in the list.
    I may not be regularly posting, say every week or fortnight, but my posts have always elicited immense interest and my blog had even been ranked as INDIA’S BEST BLOG some time back.
    I have started writing to various websites and slightly ignored my blog and hence was less regular.
    But, now, your rejection has made me think twice………..though I would normally ignore such rejection

    • Hi Srikanth,
      Thanks for adding your blog here in comment. As I mentioned in the article itself that I have listed those which I found as per my search criteria. Don’t take it in other way. That’s why I have requested to add people to add their blogs related to Personal finance niche by a simple comment as I believe its not possible to track all the blogs. Human error…:). But you are most welcome in this list.
      Just one thing want to ask you : why you don’t go for a top level domain instead of free blog? I think your blog is having very useful content. Don’t mind my words.

  66. Dear Santanu ,

    Looks like a very comprehensive list. Blogging is a great way to learn about new topics. Everyday is a new experience.

    • Thanks Sreekant for your comments. Whatever we learn daily, we can share by blogging. This is really awesome as this can help someone else.

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