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One more Govt. initiative has been took off on this Independence Day 2015. Two new portals has been launched, Vidya Lakshmi portal ( & National Scholarships Portal ( One is for applying education loan and another is for finding suitable scholarships in India. In short a Single window for educational loan and scholarship has been opened for the benefit of students in India.

Vidya Lakshmi portal ( & National Scholarships Portal (

What is Vidya Lakshmi portal ( )

Vidya Lakshmi portal is an online platform, where students will get all information about their education loan and also apply & get quick education loan. Under Pradhan Mantri Vidya Lakshmi Karyakram (PMVLK), FM is trying to administer and monitor scholarships as well as educational loan schemes in India.

Couple of banks like State Bank of India (SBI), IDBI has already joined with this initiative to offer education loan via Vidya Lakshmi portal. Find out the key features of Vidya Lakshmi portal below.

  • This portal will be a huge resource of Educational Loan Schemes offered by the registered Banks.
  • Students can download Common Educational Loan Application Form (CELAF).
  • One can apply Educational Loans to any number or banks registered with Vidya Lakshmi portal.
  • Facility for Banks to download Students’ Loan Applications and upload loan processing status.
  • Students can send email grievances/queries relating to Educational Loans to Banks via this Vidya Lakshmi portal.
  • Dashboard facility for Students to view status of their loan application and also visit to to explore students scholarship opportunities.

What is National Scholarships Portal ( )

National Scholarships Portal is another initiative where students can explore various scholarships and fellowship programs. Not only that they can be able to apply and process particular scholarship they eligible or applied for. Check out few benefits of this National Scholarships Portal (

  • Students can register for One-time and get information for the life time till required.
  • One application form available online for applying any scholarship.
  • Students can explore criteria of scholarship application available online.
  • In case someone apply multiple application for the same scholarship, then duplicate entries will be automatically rejected.
  • Get your approved scholarship amount directly bank accounts of students through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).

So, these are 2 latest initiative taken by Govt of India recently. This year already so many Govt. schemes has been released that it is not easy for Govt to maintain them at a time. Although its too early to judge on their success right now, but these social security and student based initiatives are a clear indication of preparing a better India for tomorrow.

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