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5 Must Know Facts of Vivo X9s – Unbiased Review


With the increasing demand of smart phones, there are many new companies with many attractive features. Vivo is also one of these smart phone companies that can offer you good and advanced features in quite an affordable price range.

Vivo flagship has always been a feature packed and Vivo X9s Smartphone is the most impressive smart phone of the company. After launching smart phone in china, it was estimated that this smart phone has everything that a young generation expects from a perfect smart phone.

There are so many rumors about specifications and looks of this smart phone, but nothing is fixed right now. There can be some changes in the actual launching of this smart phone in India due to the general market and customer requirements that might be different in India from China.

It can be said that this smart phone is perfect in measures of specification and looks. You don’t necessarily need any covers or cases to make it look unique or good because it has a design that makes it look attractive.

Most importantly, it comes with comfortable grip so that you don’t have to worry about your smart phone’s handling all the time. There are many advanced smart phone security and protection features integrated in this smart phone so that it can become suitable for daily requirements.

5 Must Know Facts of Vivo X9s

Reasonably Priced Smart Phone

This smart phone comes in really very affordable price range. In china, Vivo X9S was priced approximately RMB 2,698 which is Rs 25,600. It’s another version Vivo X9S Plus was priced approximately RMB 2,998 which is Rs 28,500.

When we see the fact that this is a feature packed smart phone that comes with many advanced technology based feature integrated in it, this price becomes quite reasonable choice for smart phone users. If you like to try new features, then you should consider buying it.

You can pre-book this smart phone on the official China based Vivo store right now. However, it is yet to come in India. In china, you will get three color varieties in this smart phone which is Matte black, Rose gold and Gold.

People are definitely waiting for this smart phone to arrive in locations other than China but there are no definite words that can assure you that this smart phone will soon enter Indian or any other smart phone market.

Vivo X9s Variants

This smart phone comes in two variants which are Vivo X9S and Vivo X9S Plus. These both variants are different in specifications and they slightly differ in appearances as well. They have different feature to fulfill requirements of different users.

X9S Plus is bigger in size and it has more advanced features in it. However, USP of Vivo X9S and Vivo X9S Plus is their dual front camera. Both smart phone variants can satisfy your camera requirement of all kinds quite easily.

If we talk about design and style of this smart phone then they definitely look similar but they differ in the screen size a bit. On the top of this device, you will find LED flash with its dual front camera and rear camera for better pictures.

Apart from that, you will find them similar from almost all angles and that is also another highlight point of this smart phone. This device is quite impressive when it comes to the design because it comes with graceful and comfortable design.

It comes with 2.5D glass on its display for better display protection and visuals. Its capsule-shaped home button is located below the display and it also works as a fingerprint scanner that is useful in various features of this smart phone.

Competitive Performance

You can be assured about its performance because there is no possibility that you will be disappointed with this smart phone when it comes to the performance. With its advanced features, this smart phone also has smart and advanced capabilities.

Vivo X9s comes with 5.5-inch display that can offer you display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. You will get Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 octa-core SoC processor which will ensure that you get the best performance in every task and activity of your smart phone.

It comes with 4GB of RAM that will allow you to run your applications smoothly and its 64GB of internal storage will give you sufficient space for storage. These capabilities make it suitable for everyday requirement.

In Vivo X9s Plus, you will get 1920×1080 pixels resolution of display with 5.85-inches display size. It is also powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 octa-core SoC which means that you can expect the best performance.

Also, you will get 4GB RAM for smooth performance and 64 GB of internal storage for problem free storage capability so that you can install various applications and use internal space in several activities without worrying about running out of space.

Android 7.1 Nougat Support

With Android 7.1 Nougat, it is definite that there will be no OS issues and it will give you improved performance advantage as well. It comes with dual-SIM support and 4G VoLTE support as well.

Basically, this smart phone has perfectly stable operating system that will get time to time update so that you can always stay protected and you can always use advanced features of operating system without any problem.

Big Battery

Vivo X9S and Vivo X9S Plus both are different in battery capabilities. Their battery capabilities are provided according to their feature requirements. In Vivo X9s, you will get 3,320mAh battery capacity and Vivo X9s Plus will give you the battery capacity of 4,015mAh battery.

Having big battery life in Vivo X9s Smartphone is the biggest advantage because it will allow you to use its feature without any limitation. You don’t need to worry about running out of battery all the time because it has a big battery that will work longer than you think.

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5 Must Know Facts of Vivo X9s – Unbiased Review
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