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What is kyc form for LPG gas connection and How to apply?

kyc form for LPG gas connection

In specific terms KYC means Know Your Customer. This means you are authorizing or providing all your necessary personal details to the company, so that company can be sure that they are completely aware about their customers. Actually this is not for the benefit of company, rather it’s for the consumers only. As per new rule by LPG Control Orders, you can have only 1 connection per family. In case you have multiple connections, then you have to surrender all the other connections. You can read the order here itself. Now in India there are many such people were found who have multiple connections. But for LPG Control Team, it will be a tough task to verify them one by one and take action. For that reason Govt has declared to fill up a KYC form with necessary address proof, identity proof to respective local gas dealers so that any unauthorized gas connectivity can be stopped.

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Now if you have such connections in your name or multiple family members name, then you have to visit the local gas distribution office and collect the KYC form and submit with all necessary information. You can also download that form from respective gas company’s website itself. E.g. if you have a HP gas connection then simply visit the link and download the KYC form. Company might already tracked your data and send a notice to your house. Otherwise you can visit yourself and submit the form.

If you don’t have such problem or multiple gas connection, then there is no issue. In case company provide you a notice or nothing, you can submit the KYC form just update your details accurately. There is no harm and it will further help your family only.

Now only one connection in one person’n name does not mean that you can not have multiple cylinders at home. Generally you can have a backup cylinder at your home in your name, so that you can use that one as a back up till you refill the other one. This is absolutely fine as Govt can track the cylinder usage after one person’s name only.

This is just an overall information, for accurate and more specific information about your area gas service, kindly visit the local gas distribution office, check for the KYC fill up last date and submit the form.

What is kyc form for LPG gas connection and How to apply?
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  2. Rashmiranjan Behera Rashmiranjan Behera

    can i change my mobile no without visiting branch

    • Hi Behera, Yes you can do that by visiting your LIC policy online website. Check for Update Profile and SMS alert. You can provide and change your mobile number there. Hope this is useful.

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